Stay Healthy, Live Longer, Spend Wisely: Making Intelligent Choices in America's Healthcare System

Photo: Dr. Davis Liu

Wise Bread blogger Julie Rains explored the 50 ways consumers can squeeze more from their healthcare dollar without killing yourself, a list of top tips that was inspired by Dr. Davis Liu’s authoritative and smart book entitled Stay Healthy, Live Longer, Spend Wisely.  Many of us may not have been ready to hear it at the time, but many of the ways you can keep costs low and care levels high is to do some of the footwork yourself!   

As part of tonight’s Blog Talk Radio live show, I recently enjoyed interviewing Dr. Liu for two very important reasons: 

  1. He’s a doctor.
  2. He’s a business man. 

Davis gives us the straight talk on how to get the most from your doctor’s visit.  He admits that it’s OK to Google your symptoms and come prepared with an “interesting story” that a doctor is inclined to listen to.  (Similar to a sales pitch?)  He also gives consumers credit as being intelligent people who can make informed decisions about their healthcare, and he lets us in on some of the ways you can tell if you really even need to see the doctor in the first place. 

We chat insurance and some of the “not-so-sexy” ways you can get healthy, and I guarantee that you’ll be left feeling like your healthcare choices are yours – all yours.  Ready to learn more?  Listen in tonight to our Living Large on a Small Budget show at 8pm CST on Blog Talk Radio.  You can chat live or just hang out and learn.  See you there! 

To learn more about Dr. Liu, visit his website at

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Fred Lee's picture

Are you rock star now, or what? That is so cool that you've got a radio gig.

And thanks for touching on this important subject. One of the biggest issues that most people face, at least that's the impression I get, is how, with the economy struggling, are we going to maintain our health coverage. It's a drag to have to think about, but for many of us, a primary impetus to keep the jobs we don't love.

Linsey Knerl's picture

LOL I'm definitely no rock star (but I play one on TV....) Actually, what makes the show so great, in my opinion, is the high caliber of the people I get to interview.  Dr. Davis, for example, is person who has become successful because he empowers others.  If  you ask me, that's what this country really needs in a health care system.

Linsey Knerl