Stuff We Love: A Mimijumi Baby Bottle, Because It's More Like Mom


While I have breastfed four of my five children (and plan on doing so with my next), bottles have played a very important role in giving them the nutrition they need while still providing me flexibility in my personal life and career. A good bottle can be the difference between seamlessly transitioning between breast and bottle and giving up on one option completely. My favorite bottle, the Mimijumi, has given me an amazing amount of freedom to feed my child as I see fit.

How I Chose the Mimijumi

With so many bottles on the market, I was not completely convinced that any one of them was particularly better than any other. When I was gifted a small 4 oz. Mimijumi, however, it was immediately apparent that this bottle was like no other. The look and feel of the bottle nipple was strikingly similar to "mom," and so I gave it a try right away. My positive experience led me to abandon all other bottles in lieu of this simple yet unique design.

What's Great About It

Looking at the bottle, it's pretty apparent that the designers went all out to make this as much like a mother's real breast as possible. Not only does this make it great for moms who choose to breastfeed their infant while occasionally using the bottle, but it has all the features of a good bottle for full-time formula fed babies, too.

It's Durable

The bottle is made of BPA-free, food grade silicone and plastic, so there are no worries about it breaking. As a recent convert from glass bottles, I've dropped the Mimijumi a few times with no issues, and the nipples seem to last many months without cracking or tearing. (Babies with teeth will obviously go through one more quickly.)

It's Easy to Keep Clean

I love the top that comes with each bottle. It snaps on tightly, keeping out dust and dirt. It also keeps the bottle from leaking in a diaper bag or on your clothing. Since the bottle is very wide, you can easily stick your hand in it to clean, even without a bottle brush.

It's Very Natural Feeling

I've always wondered why traditional bottles were skinny, long, and made of hard plastic parts, when mothers obviously do not resemble this design. The Mimijumi nipple is made of very soft silicone, rounded to feel more like a mother's breast, and you'll never find red "rings" left around your infant's mouth after using the comfy bottle.

What It Compares To

Since I first started using the Mimijumi with my fifth child, I have seen a few bottles come onto the market with a similar design. Tommee Tippee makes a Closer to Nature Bottle that is shaped much like the Mimijumi, but is made from a clear, more rigid silicone. I still prefer the Mimijumi, even with its higher price tag, as the nipples seem more realistic, and the bottles are less narrow and have a rubber grip bottom — meaning they are less likely to tip over when filling.

Who It Is Best For

Nursing moms who don't mind spending more for a good bottle that will last a long time are the target market for this product. If you lose bottles daily, you may not find the $14 per bottle price tag to be reasonable. If you work out of the home, pump milk for later, or supplement with formula, however, this bottle has, in my experience, caused the least nipple confusion of all bottles we've tried over the years. If you formula-feed only, it may just be an extravagance you find unnecessary to pay for.

How It Could Be Better

The only negatives to this product are the price (which I feel is justified) and the availability. It's not a product you can pick up at your local drugstore, and ordering a few in advance to keep on hand is the only way to keep consistently using them in the face of having something happen to yours.

Bottom Line Recommendation

If the next best thing to breast is what you're after with your next bottle, the Mimijumi is the simplest solution. While the striking look of the product may garner a few stares from those who haven't seen a bottle like this before (it really does look like a breast), the benefit of having a soothing feeding experience for your infant is likely enough to squash any insecurities moms or dads would have in using it.

Where to Get Yours

This bottle is available, when in stock, from the Mimijumi website for $13.99 and $14.99 for the "Not So Hungry" (4 oz.) and "Very Hungry" (8 oz.) sizes, respectively. You can also order it from

Get a Mimijumi for Your Baby Today!

What's your favorite baby bottle?

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