Successful Men Carry These 7 Things Around With Them — Do You?

To succeed in this world, it takes smarts, confidence, likability — and a handful of portable items to help you stay organized, current, fit, and performing at the top of your game. (See also: Successful Women Have These 7 Things in Their Bags — Do You?)

Read on for our roundup of the things every man should keep within reach if he hopes to share a seat among the best.

1. Mobile Devices — Complete With On-the-Go Juice

You've got to stay connected, even when you're on the run. Smartphones, tablets, and whatever other gadgets help you keep up with email, news, and your loved ones' birthdays are essential. But what good are they when they're out of juice?

A successful man needs to be powered up — at home, at the office, and in places where wall outlets don't exist (like the backseat of a taxi). That's why portable chargers are every successful man's must-have device.

We recommend IOGEAR's GearPower portable battery line. (Pros: Allows for multi-device charging. Cons: Too big for your back pocket.)

Or try the Jackery Giant (Pros: Cheaper than most competing brands. Cons: It's a bit heavy.)

2. A Slim Wallet

The successful man is too sophisticated to be shoving crumpled up bills and receipts in his pockets. A slim, sleek wallet with room for cash, credit cards, and business cards is a necessity for any man to be taken seriously.

We recommend this timeless bi-fold design available at Target. (Pros: It's inexpensive and fits as many cards as will fit in your pocket. Cons: It doesn't allow much room for anything beyond the basics — cash and about a dozen cards if you double-up.)

Or carry this English-made travel wallet by Corter. (Pros: Fits your passport, boarding passes, and a small notebook. Cons: Good luck fitting it in your pocket.)

Whatever you choose: keep it light, and store your receipts elsewhere. George Constanza is not a wallet role-model.

3. A Memorable Business Card

The successful man knows his business card isn't merely an old-school status symbol to pass around at board meetings. It's his trademark — a snack-size version of his personality and business merits smartly packaged on a well-designed rectangle. Trumping even the Twitter feed, the business card is the most influential marketing tool he has. It's something he offers every new friend, acquaintance, and business connection. That's because the successful man knows everyone has something to offer. You can never tell whether it's the guy in the corner office or the bell boy down the street who will lead to that next big client, sale, or promotion.

4. A Nice Watch

It doesn't need to break the bank. But the successful man knows a good-looking wrist watch is more than a vanity piece. It's a symbol of maturity, reliability, and taste. It puts him on the same plane as as Tony Blair, who reportedly owns dozens of them, and President Barack Obama, who sports a Jorg Gray 6500 Chronometer designed specifically for the Secret Service.

"Watches are one of the few items that a man can wear that he believes display true character, signal that he is a member of a particular club — whether it's an Audemars Piguet or a Swatch — and indulge in a little dose of extravagance without, generally, drawing criticism," writes Jeremy Langmead of the Guardian.

5. A Healthy Snack

The successful man needs fuel to perform his best. And he knows it makes all the difference whether that fuel consists of processed sugars or healthful, natural ingredients like protein and vitamins.

The natural fiber in apples and bananas can help keep focus between meals. Nuts like almonds and dried fruit like raisins are high in protein, which prevent energy levels from dropping during that mid-morning slump.

6. A Goal List

The successful man knows that dreams remain dreams until he sets them as goals. One way to forge the transition is to create a big, bold, unfiltered list of them. Once he has identified all the things he wants to accomplish, he's better poised to script a roadmap detailing what he needs to do to get there. Then all he's got to do it stick to it.

Don't be afraid to declare your goals aloud to friends and family. Michael Phelps asserted to the news media his goal to win the gold in the 2012 London Olympic Games — something he accomplished twice, making him the most decorated Olympian in history.

7. A Gym Membership Card

Exercise is a staple of the successful man's regular routine. And not because he's trying to get chiseled abs. A good workout boosts energy, relieves stress, and releases those feel-good endorphins that make him feel like he can most certainly conquer the world — and smile while doing it.

What's in your wallet? (Or pocket, or satchel, or briefcase?) Please share in comments!

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Guest's picture
Rob O.

You forgot pocketknife on this list. That's more functional than either the watch or business card.

Guest's picture

I don't like this post. It promotes consumerism and classism...

Guest's picture

Works for Patrick Bateman. :)

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Mike Hardin

Expensive watches? Business cards? I don't think so. I carry cards, but they are simple, they give contact information. My watch is a Timex. Exercise is important, but I would think most, or at least many WiseBread users could exercise w/o the benefit of an expensive gym membership.

I agree with the commenter above who said you left out pocket knife. I also carry a flashlight, and a handgun and pepper spray for personal protection. I carry a small notebook and pen, and a handkerchief. Being successful is about being prepared, not projecting an illusion of success.