Supermarket Savings Guide

Food: We all need it. There are various quick and easy ways to get a meal these days: eating out, taking out, ordering in — but the financial, environmental, and health costs add up over time. Most people still prefer to cook their own meals, but even then, the cost of groceries can run high, especially for those who have to feed a family. This is where the writers of Wise Bread can help. Check out these articles for tips on supermarket savings.

5 Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill
If you're going to spend the time (and gas) to go to a grocery store, make it worth it — the frugal way. Here's how to make the most of your trip without going over budget.

10 Things I've Learned From Grocery Shopping on a Budget
Though everyone's grocery savings strategies vary, it helps to get suggestions (and support!) from fellow frugal shoppers. Here are tips and insights on grocery shopping on a budget.

5 Foods I Grew Tired of Buying, and How I Quit
The cost of household essentials add up over time, if only because you always have to restock — but don't think that you have to restock from the grocery store. Here are five common food items that can be produced right at home.

Grocery Shopping for the Cheap and Lazy
If you don't have to cook for anyone else, it doesn't make sense to shop (or cook) like you do. Here are eleven grocery shopping tips for the busy, lazy, and single.

7 Tips for Streamlining Your Shopping List
Shopping from a list is a great way to make sure that you know what you need (and know what you don't need). Here are 7 tips to making the perfect money-saving shopping list for maximum grocery savings.

Behold: The Secrets of the Grocery Store
Know your enemy. Find out what tactics your grocer uses to make you thwart your own goal of grocery savings.

6 Ways to Avoid the Tricky Traps of Supermarkets
It takes discipline and strategy, but it can be done! Learn how to avoid the traps that supermarkets set to make you spend more.

6 C's to Keep You Frugal While Shopping
To ward against the lure of an impulse buy, be sure to arm yourself with these 6 C's: cash, concise shopping list, coupons, calculator, candy, and...?

5 Sleek Marketing Ploys Aimed at Getting More of Your Grocery Money
To learn how to save money on groceries, you need to know how food marketers get you to spend. Five food myths unveiled here!

Bulk Buying Basics
A good way to save money on groceries without running out of food is to buy in bulk...but where to store it? And what to buy? And how does bulk-buying contribute to grocery savings, anyway, if you're spending more on a single purchase? Get the answers here!

Make Grocery Budgeting A Game, The Price Is Right Style
Make grocery shopping fun! Here's a game you can play with your family to budget while you shop.

Ethnic Markets: Feel Wordly for Cheap
You probably already know that they're great for hard-to-find ingredients, but did you know that ethnic markets also stock foods that you would see in national supermarket chains, and at much lower prices? Here's a brief guide to what you can expect to find at different ethnic markets.

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watch out for getting overcharged if you don't have a member card. I've experienced this in quite a few major cities traveling internationally now. I spend an hour picking out my cart full of stuff, stand in line for 20 minutes and then get up to the stand and they ask if I have a member card (this is for just a regular store and no mention was made of this card on the sale signs). Then, I notice I get charged more than I was expecting.

Maybe this is their way of making sure tourists pay more, or maybe this is just a habit countries are adopting all over the world ( I know they do this in the U.S but I don't shop anywhere you have to have a card to get the price on the shelf)

In any case, watch out for using (and counting on) the prices on the signs in front of items, if you are in a store with a member card.