TACO TOWN and the gut-busting tributes.


Have you guys ever seen Taco Town? C'mon, the parody of supersizing that is way too funny and agonizingly close to reality? Well, I've embedded it below for you all to catch up on, but the real reason for this post are the tribute videos that followed.

Taco Town, famous for its "taco wrapped in a taco, wrapped in a pizza, wrapped in a pancake and deep fried" was insanely funny. But to my surprise, many frugal fans out there have tried to copy this cheap and nasty meal. Who am I to say anything about clogging arteries and cholesterol levels?

First, the original...I laugh every time.

And now, the tributes...oh dear.

I wonder, are there any other tributes out there? Let us know. This is all worthy of Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods fame.

Photo courtesy of Blythe_d

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Yep, I think this is very funny :-)
This may sound simple - like people are attracted to like
Is this an example of the same with food? Is this for a family? I bet people actually eat one of these things themselves!
Like minds are attracted to like
Like thoughts are attracted to like
If you are interested, there is more at: NigelPendrigh. Com/Interview
You have to be what you want to attract and that is why there is lots of food and tributes here!

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The Taco Town stuff was pretty damn funny. What's sad is that it's not the only example of 'extreme food'.

Search YouTube for "The Luther". I first heard about it on the animated series Boondocks, but it apparently existed long before that.

Let's just say using Krispy Kreme donuts as a bun for a burger is just the beginning (or end?)