Take amazing party pictures

Capture the holiday spirit and get the most out of your newfangled digital camera with these 16 Digital Photography Tips for Christmas from Darren at Digital Photography School.

There are some practical photography tips (11. Fill your frame), great advice (9. Fresh group photos), and creative ideas like setting up a do-it-yourself photo booth!

I photographed everyone as they came in and then left the camera (a point and shoot) set up on a tripod and set to a short self timer time so people could photograph themselves during the rest of the party. I set it up in a well lit position with a fairly plain background with a few Christmasy decorations around the edges. The shots were great — people went back to it throughout the day and the photos got crazier and crazier as time went on.

Some other great tips for a quick DIY photobooth? Hang up a decorative sheet, fabric remnants, balloons, streamers, or even holiday wallpaper to use as a festive and colorful backdrop. Throw in a basket of Dollar Store props (think silly glasses, garland or boas, play jewelry, party hats), and a couple of cheap picture frames. Look up some templates online for things like mustaches and fake lips to cut out, glue to cardstock, and attach to a skewer for and instant goofy disguise kit. You're sure to create some fun memories that will last long after the party ends!

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