The 1-Cent Cell Phone Protector, and Other Hacks.


When you're forking out several hundred dollars for a cell phone, the thought of spending even more money to keep it scratch-free seems a no-brainer. But I'm cheap. And I don't like spending a few bucks on a piece of clear tape when, well, a free piece of clear tape will do. Or in this case, almost free.

The DIY screen protector is great for so many frugal folks like myself. First, it's (almost) free. Most of us have a roll of clear packing tape lying around, and you usually get about 55 yards for around $5. And that equates to less than one cent for a piece of tape big enough to cover your average smart phone. But hold on, don't just go sticking it to your phone and calling it a day. There's a method to this, which you will see in the

Howcast video below.


Great stuff, and way cheaper than those screen protectors you'll find in your local cell phone store. But why stop there? I did some hunting around for other great cell phone hacks, tips, and tricks to save you some money that you can put towards your enormous phone bill. In no particular order, here are five more excellent phone hacks worth checking out.

1. The Duct Tape Cell Phone/iPod Case

It's a bit rough and ready, but hey, it's almost free as well. Maybe it will catch on and become cool to have, at which point you'll be able to buy a pre-made Duct Tape case at Target for $19.99.

2. The Plastic Bottle Cell Phone Outlet Mount

If you're tired of having your cell phone just lying around taking up space on the counter, or worse, the floor, this is a handy little gadget made from an old shampoo bottle. Can you say free? Nice.

3. Make A Car Cell Phone Holder From an Old CD

The video is without sound (it's not needed by the way) and it shows you in about 30 seconds how to turn an old CD into a nifty holder for your car. Another super cheap option.

4. USB Charger From an Old Cassette Tape Box

You'll need a $2 part from a local Radio Shack, and some soldering experience. But it does create a handy and portable charger for very little money.

5. Use Your Cell Phone as a Wireless Mouse!

No kidding. If you have a bluetooth-enabled cell phone, this is possible. But only useful if you've lost track of your mouse, or have a laptop and don't have your mouse with you.

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I tried out the packing tape as a screen protector hack. It worked! I'm so pleased.

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You have to make sure you get thick enough tape and not tape that's too strong otherwise you wont be able to protect your screen/ wont be able to use touch screen and could end up damaging the screen when trying to peel off the tape.