The 13 Craziest Cruises Ever to Sail the High Seas


What better way to eat, dance, enjoy the great blue sea, and spend time with those you love than a cruise? Don't answer that! At least not until you've checked out our list of some of the craziest cruises ever, all of which offer far more than shuffleboard on the main deck.

1. The Groove Cruise

Known as "The world's largest floating music festival," The Groove Cruise is 72–96 hours of non-stop music, beach and pool parties, dancing, and themed extravaganzas. The various cruise options set sail from Miami to Jamaica or from L.A. to Catalina Island and Mexico.

2. A Water Slide Cruise

MSC Cruises offers one of the best water slides of any cruise. The 390-foot-long Vertigo slide picks up speeds at 13 miles per hour and takes riders over the edge of the ship for an up-close glimpse of the sea. Best of all, the slide is equipped with bands that change color in the sun and create a strobe effect for riders. MSC Cruises also offers free passage to children 11 years and under, and reduced rates for 12–17-year-old passengers. But not to worry: they also focus on adults with amenities like the adult-only MSC Divina area with an infinity-style Garden Pool.

3. North Pole Voyages

The 13-night Arctic adventure goes round trip from Helsinki, Finland. Along with navigating through ice fields, you will also enjoy Arctic-themed lectures, helicopter rides, and activities designed to help you spot polar bears, Arctic birds, walruses, and other North Pole inhabitants. Rest assured there is also an indoor pool, sauna, and gym to keep you warm onboard.

4. Star Trek: The Cruise

Setting sail again in January 2017, this six day/six night event is the first official Star Trek Cruise from CBS. It sets sail from Miami to Mexico and the Bahamas. You'll get to speak with Star Trek actors, leading scientists, and other influencers on your once-in-a-lifetime experience. Onboard, you can enjoy performances, concerts, comedy shows, themed parties, interactive games, and so much more.

5. Quilting Cruise

Quilting seminars at sea will help you hone in on your craft while visiting some of the most memorable destinations around the world. You'll master your craft, meet with other quilters, and have an unforgettable trip.

6. Music Themed Cruises

If you love hard rock, visit ShipRocked, which is the ultimate rock music cruise vacation. If you love heavy metal, visit 70,000 Tons of Metal, which is the world's biggest heavy metal cruise, featuring 40 heavy metal bands. On music themed cruises, you can enjoy your favorite music non-stop and meet other people who like the same kind of music as you. You'll enjoy performances, parties, and may even be able to meet some of your favorite artists.

7. Movie Themed Cruises

Movie buffs can take to the seas in celebration of their favorite films or TV shows. In 2012, for example, the Carnival Glory invited SAW enthusiasts to travel from New York to the most beautiful points in Canada, all while incorporating SAW stars, tattoo contests, and more. You could even catch sight of the infamous SAW puppet onboard. Royal Caribbean has an upcoming Back to the Future Cruise in honor of the film's 30th anniversary, complete with behind the scenes presentations and a recreation of the Hill Valley High School Prom. You can even attend the Cannes Film Festival in style via Celebrity Cruises, where you can mingle with other movie fanatics and enjoy a true VIP experience.

8. Whodunit Cruise

If you love murder mysteries, this high seas cruise is for you. Sailing out of Galveston to the Western Caribbean, you will enjoy a great vacation, along with an unforgettable experience onboard. You can let your imagination take hold while you enjoy an all-inclusive experience at sea.

9. Titanic Lovers' Cruise

If you've always dreamed of voyaging on the Titanic (minus the whole iceberg thing, obviously), you just may be able to at some point in the near future. Australian billionaire Clive Palmer has reportedly been hard at work on the Titanic II, which plans to replicate the original ship's iconic style, 1920s flair, and overseas voyage from Southampton to New York City. They aren't looking to replicate the same disastrous fate, however, and Palmer has assured "It will be the most safe cruise ship in the world when it launches."

10. Vampire Lovers' Cruise

Explore the land of all things vampire with Viking River Cruise's extended Passage to Eastern Europe. Include a voyage to Romania's mysterious Transylvania region, where you'll see stunning cathedrals and castles — including that which belonged to Drac himself.

11. Dancing With the Stars: At Sea

This cruise features your favorite television personalities, like Carson Kressley and Florence Henderson, as well as professional dancers and previous winners of the show. The seven-day voyages set sail for the Caribbean, while you watch professional dancers perform routines from the ABC hit television show. You can also take advantage of dance lessons, a special fashion show, a dance competition, photo ops with the stars, and more.

12. Elvis Lovers' Cruise

There are so many cruises set up to honor the king that it may be hard to choose just one. You can choose from the TCB-Cruise with special guests like Priscilla Presley, Royal Caribbean cruises with a "full king experience," American Queen Steamboat Company cruises, and many more.

13. Cat Lovers' Cruise

This annual Carnival Paradise cruise can help you meet other cat-minded people. Departing from Tampa, FL, the destination is the Caribbean, visiting Cozumel. You can enjoy activities like a scavenger hunt, karaoke, gambling, and more onboard. T-shirts and gift bags are also available onboard to help you commemorate the experience. The only downside to the Meow Meow Cruise is that cats aren't actually allowed on the ship.

Saving Money on Your Cruise

Each activity onboard will cost you money, so choosing a unique, crazy cruise will ensure you can enjoy every part of the experience, without a large investment.

1. Book During Wave Season

If you can book your trip between January and March, you will enjoy lower fares and better upgrades.

2. Find a Trusted Cruise-Specialized Travel Agent

The right agent can save you money on your cruise and make great recommendations for getting more out of your trip.

3. Sign Up for Beverage Packages

Packages usually range from $5–$55 per day and will allow you to enjoy unlimited beverages. If you are planning on drinking a lot on the cruise, you can save big money with these packages.

4. Take Your Own Photos

Don't spend $20–$30 for official cruise line photos. Instead, take your own photos or appoint someone in your party to be the photographer.

5. Make Your Own Itinerary

It may be convenient to follow the cruise's recommended itinerary, but you can save a lot of money by checking up on shore excursions yourself. Research the ports of call to figure out which attractions are worth the money.

Do you know of any other crazy cruises? What are your favorite ways to save money on a cruise? Let us know in the comments!

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