The 5 Best Blushes

Blush is an essential item in any makeup kit. It will add color and a healthy glow to your cheeks, even with a light application. It can also make your skin look more youthful and rejuvenated, even in the coldest winter months. Every blush is different and each one is suited to a particular skin type, tone, and texture. They are available in all different shades, from the lightest rose to coral and all the way to deep, dark maroon.

What Is Blush?

Blush is a cosmetic that can be applied to the cheeks, forehead, chin, nose, and any part of the face to add color. It can also be used to make the face look wider or longer with precise application. Whether you prefer a more natural appearance or are looking for something that will stand out, the perfect blush is out there for you. You’ll want to look for something that will last all day, has good color payoff, and won’t break your budget.

Blush is available in solid, cream, liquid, loose powder, and soufflé form. You can also experiment with cheek tints, which leave a lasting cheek stain all day and can be applied with your fingers. Blush should be applied after foundation, concealer, and powder. It can be applied with a blush brush or your fingers. Start slow with application because you can always build up the color. If you apply too much from the start, you risk creating a clown effect. Start at the apples of the cheeks and then lightly sweep it across the hairline, nose, and chin.

Top 5 Blushes

NARS Blush

If you aren’t sure which blush shade is right for you, NARS Blush will be your perfect match, no matter what your skin color is. This blush is not only the best high-end blush, but it is also the one that every other blush is compared against. It is commonly featured on makeup tutorials and is one of the most commonly researched blushes for affordable dupes. The micronized powder blush has a silky texture and is easily blendable. It is buildable, has a rich pigmentation, and will last all day, with unbeatable staying power. This cult classic blush is made with transparent pigments to avoid heaviness and leave a sheer hint of color for a natural appearance.

InStyle, Shape, AllWomenStalk, TotalBeauty, Shape Magazine, and The Today Show selected this as one of the best blushes for your money. It was also the 2012 Neiman Marcus Beauty Award Finalist, was inducted into Allure’s “Beauty Hall of Fame” in 2011, and is the 2015 TotalBeauty Readers’ Choice Award Winner. It is a bestseller anywhere it is sold and has some of the highest ratings of any blush online. It comes in 23 beautiful shades (both matte and shimmering), but the vast majority of beauty mavens recommend the color, “Orgasm,” because it can match all skin tones. In fact, the color is said to have its own cult following. This blush is a favorite with celebrities, professional makeup artists, and beauty bloggers alike.

Currently $30.00 on Amazon

Milani Baked Blush

Milani Baked Blush is a cult classic for a reason. It is easy to blend, highly pigmented, and will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. It can be used to shape, contour, highlight, and warm the face. You can achieve a sheer finish, or build it up for vibrant color. The color is designed to stay put all day and reviewers agree that it really does last all day. The blush is sunbaked on Italian terracotta tiles and many reviewers also commented on how beautiful the packaging is.

This surprisingly affordable blush offers professional results at a fraction of the cost. In fact, it is commonly compared to the famed NARS blush and other high-end blushes, and still comes out on top. It can provide a similar color payoff and shade, at a fraction of the cost. If you aren’t comfortable using highlighter, then this affordable drugstore find might just serve as your blush and highlighter in one, so you can still enjoy a healthy glow and save even more money in the process.

There are a number of beautiful glowing shades, but “Luminoso” is the most popular color from the brand. It adds the perfect amount of color and glow, without getting too sparkly or streaky. It is also the right shade for most skin tones. Real Simple selected this as the blush with the best value, TotalBeauty selected it as the best blush, and it is frequently recommended by makeup artists and beauty bloggers. This comes in nine shades, some shimmery and some matte. It is ideal for most skin types and won’t dry your skin out, like some powder blushes can.

Currently $10.99 on Amazon

Tarte 12-Hour Amazonian Clay Blush

Tarte 12-Hour Amazonian Clay Blush is made from all-natural ingredients that are actually good for your skin, so you can feel good about using it. In fact, your skin will feel softer and more hydrated after every use. The fade-resistant formula is naturally baked by the sun and made with Amazonian clay, which can absorb oil without drying out the skin. It can also help hide pores and nourish your skin in the process. It also contains vitamins A, C, and E, which can brighten the skin and protect against free radical damage.

It is easy to blend, glides on smoothly, and can maintain its results even in the hottest and most humid conditions. It will help you achieve a natural look, with just the right amount of color. It has great pigmentation, so you won’t need to use much, meaning this will last longer and provide you with a better value.

This long-lasting 12-hour blush has lasting power and the color will stay put all day. In fact, Real Simple voted it as the longest wearing blush. InStyle also chose this as the best eco-friendly blush in 2014. It is the 2015 Allure Readers’ Choice Award Winner and was selected as one of the best blushes by The Today Show, NewBeauty, PopSugar, and TotalBeauty. It is ideal for all skin types, even sensitive skin, and is available in 16 shades, so you can find just the right color for your skin tone.

Currently $32.52 on Amazon

Bare Minerals Blush Highlighters

If you want something that looks like a natural flush, then Bare Minerals Blush is the blush for you. This blush is an all-natural formula that gives skin a natural-looking, lit-from-within glow. It is easily blendable and will leave you with a flawless finish. Available in 23 colors, this product will last a long time because it is a loose powder consistency, which goes a lot further than any other type of blush. It leaves a large color payoff with just a small sweep of color, so a little goes a long way. The multipurpose blush can also be used on the lips and eyes, so it can provide a great value. AllWomenStalk selected this as one of the best blushes available because it is safe for all skin types, even acne-prone, sensitive, and dry skin.

Currently $18.80 on Amazon

theBalm Shadow/Blush

theBalm “FratBoy” Shadow/Blush is a great value because it doubles over as an eyeshadow as well, making it the perfect item for your purse or travel makeup bag. The talc-free, finely ground formula offers great color payoff that will last all day. It will also help provide an even and smooth texture to the skin. It also has light-reflecting particles so that you have that glowing-from-within effect. It is frequently recommended by celebrity makeup artists and YouTube beauty bloggers, and has outstanding reviews online.

Currently $18.90 on Amazon

And those are our recommendations for the best blushes. As always, be sure to check Wise Bread's Buying Calendar to learn when and how to buy just about anything!

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The 5 Best Blushes

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