The 5 Best Camping Coffee Makers


Whether you're planning a camping, glamping, backpacking, or hiking trip, you need a coffee maker that is suited to your location and available materials. With the travel-friendly options below, you can still enjoy the comforts of home, with very little time or effort.

What is a camping coffee maker?

Coffee pots are available in all shapes and sizes, with some being particularly well-suited for camp sites and RVs. Camping coffee makers are typically a bit slower than your traditional coffee maker, but they'll still allow you to enjoy coffee just the way you like it, even when you're in remote, unfamiliar locations. They can also be used at home or when you're traveling, allowing you to get a better value out of your purchase.

Top 5 camping coffee makers

Farberware Classic Stainless Steel Yosemite Coffee Percolator

Amazon’s #1 best-seller in coffee percolators, the Farberware Classic Stainless Steel Yosemite Coffee Percolator allows you to brew four to eight cups of coffee on the stovetop. The stovetop percolator uses traditional brewing methods for a richer flavor. It features a polished stainless steel exterior, comfortable handle, tightfitting lid, permanent filter basket, pump tube, and a nonreactive interior that prevents water from absorbing any odors or flavors. It's also fully immersible and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

This is recommended by The Wirecutter and Engadget. It is also backed by a quality assurance guarantee and more than 4,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

Currently $25.99 on Amazon

Coleman Camping Coffee Maker

Amazon’s Choice for camping coffee makers, the Coleman Camping Coffee Maker brews a full pot of coffee in about 10 minutes, and can also be used for making tea or hot chocolate. The drip coffee maker filters out all grounds and can make up to 10 cups of coffee without an electrical outlet. That's because it can sit over most camp stove burners and draw the heat it needs to brew the coffee. It features an easy-fill reservoir, swing-out filter basket, solid steel base, and an easy-pour decanter. The Pause ‘N Serve feature allows you to pause the brewing so you can pour the first cup as soon as it has brewed.

This comes from the trusted Coleman brand and has hundreds of five-star reviews on Amazon. It is also frequently recommended online.

Currently $34.99 on Amazon

Primula Single Serve Coffee Brew Buddy

Amazon’s #1 best-seller in camping coffee and tea pots, the Primula Single Serve Coffee Brew Buddy is particularly ideal for travel thanks to its compact size, which allows it to be stored anywhere. It features an eco-friendly reusable fine mesh filter, which filters out even the finest coffee grounds. It allows you to brew a single cup of coffee or tea at any strength. It has a nearly universal fit, so you simply place it on the rim of your mug, add coffee and hot water, and brew to your desired strength.

This is dishwasher safe, durable, and easy to use. It’s recommended by OutdoorGearLab and is one of the "Most Wished For" and top gift ideas on Amazon.

Currently $6.04 on Amazon

GSI Outdoors JavaDrip

The GSI Outdoors JavaDrip only takes up the size of a carafe, but can make enough for two cups of coffee, while keeping the next two cups hot while you drink. The silicone drip cone includes a fine mesh reusable filter, shatter-resistant BPA-free carafe with double walled insulated lid, and insulating sleeve. The drip coffee maker folds easily inside itself to stay compact and clean.

This is available in two sizes. It's recommended by The Wirecutter, Engadget, and OutdoorGearLab. The GSI Outdoors Collapsible Java Drip and GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip Coffee Maker are other best-selling options from the trusted brand.

Currently $34.83 on Amazon

Jetboil Coffee Press

If you prefer a French press and have a Jetboil stove, then the Jetboil Coffee Press is perfect for your next camping trip. It filters out coffee grounds well, takes up no space, and is easy to use. The stem detaches from the basket so you can stow the press inside of a cup to make it even more travel-friendly. It comes with a basket, rod, and knob. It’s an Amazon best-seller and recommended by OutdoorGearLab.

Currently $10.95 on Amazon

And those are our recommendations for the best camping coffee makers. As always, be sure to check Wise Bread's Buying Calendar to learn when and how to buy just about anything!


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