The 5 Best Checkpoint-Friendly Laptop Bags

Going through airport security is already an arduous enough process without having to remove your laptop from your bag to scan separately, especially if you make frequent business trips. But aside from simply being an additional annoyance in the process of getting to your plane, it can also be quite dangerous to leave your laptop "naked." According to a study done by Dell, an estimated 12,000 laptops are lost in U.S. airports every week. Luckily, the Transportation Security Administration has developed criteria for checkpoint-friendly laptop bags that do not require you to remove the laptop when passing through security.

What Is a Checkpoint-Friendly Laptop Bag?

A checkpoint-friendly laptop bag is a laptop bag that can be passed through airport security without having to remove the laptop from the bag itself. The TSA lists five official criteria for a checkpoint-friendly bag. The first is that the bag must have a designated laptop-only section. The laptop section must completely unfold to lay flat on the x-ray belt. The laptop section cannot have any metal snaps, zippers, or buckles; nor can it have any pockets on the inside or outside. Finally, nothing can be packed in the laptop section aside from the laptop itself.

Best 5 Checkpoint-Friendly Laptop Bags

CODi CT3 Phantom Laptop Case

The CODi CT3 Phantom laptop case is designed to eliminate hassle at the airport by featuring two distinct compartments that is hinged by military grade ballistic nylon. This allows the case to lie flat on the x-ray scanner. Additional features of this bag include 3 stylus/pen pockets, 4 elasticized pockets, card pockets and a key fob for security. This laptop bag can accommodate a laptop that is up to 15.4 inches in size.

Currently $92.69 on Amazon

Mobile Edge Alienware Orion M18x ScanFast Backpack

The Mobile Edge Alienware Orion M18x ScanFast backpack is a great checkpoint-friendly bag that can fit laptops up to 18.4 inches. It also has a lot of room for additional computer components, perfect for those that need to take their computing on-the-go. Pockets and compartments can hold anything from a mouse, to headphones, to other accessories and a ventilated back panel allows you to stay cool while carrying all of it. Additionally, Mobile Edge manufactures this line of backpacks in smaller, more affordable sizes as well.

Currently $83.46 on Amazon

Case Logic 17-inch Security-Friendly Laptop Case

Well-reviewed by users, this Case Logic security-friendly laptop case is capable of fitting laptops up to 17 inches in size, and is great for professionals that frequently travel. Aside from the separate laptop compartment that is TSA-compliant, the bag also features a number of dedicated sleeves and pockets for tablets and other devices. Additionally, the back of the case includes a luggage strap that allows it to securely attach to most rolling luggage.

Currently $48.58 on Amazon

Targus Checkpoint-Friendly 15.6" Air Traveler Laptop Case

The Targus Air Traveler is designed to quickly get you through securely by unfolding flat on the x-ray conveyer belt at airport security. Aside from the dedicated laptop section, this bag also includes a section for files and an additional section with card holders, pen loops, key clip and multiple accessory compartments to help keep all of your things organized. Users appreciate the light, but sturdy build as well as the luggage strap on the back of the case.

Currently $62.08 on Amazon

Everki Atlas Checkpoint-Friendly Laptop Backpack

This Everki Atlas laptop backpack is designed to meet the highest expectations of even the most serious traveling professional. The adjustable laptop slot is capable of fitting a 13 inch ultrabook to a 17 inch gaming laptop with equal comfort. This backpack also includes other features such as a tablet pocket, numerous accessory pockets and high-contrast orange lining to make searching for your items easy in any light. Users love the durable and high-quality construction on top of the overall design of the bag.

Currently $141.99 on Amazon

And those are our recommendations for the best checkpoint-friendly laptop bags. As always, be sure to check out the Wise Bread Buying Calendar to learn when and how to buy just about anything!

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