The 5 Best Cutting Boards


Having the right cutting board in your kitchen arsenal can help reduce health risks, keep your counter clean, and provide you with a safe, sturdy place to chop. To get the most from this handy kitchen tool, you’ll want to find a valuable investment that is durable, doesn’t dull your knives, and is easy to clean and store.

Fortunately, there are a range of quality plastic, wood, glass, bamboo, and cork cutting boards available, designed to best suit your kitchen and personal preferences. You can also choose from features like hand grips, flexible construction, pouring spouts, juice grooves, and more to get even more from your new cutting board.

What Is a Cutting Board?

A cutting board is a necessary food prep item that every kitchen should have. Using them to cut, dice, mince, and chop will help preserve your knives, protect your countertops from nicks and cuts, and provide a solid cutting surface. Once you’ve chosen the right cutting board, it’s important to keep it clean between uses. When handling raw meat, it is especially important to wash your cutting board before handing any other items. You may also want to purchase a reversible cutting board, which will allow you to use one side for raw meat and one side for produce to reduce the chances of cross-contamination.

Top 5 Cutting Boards

CounterArt Flexible Cutting Mat 

As Amazon’s #1 best seller in cutting boards, the CounterArt Flexible Cutting Mat is an affordable set of brightly colored cutting mats (11.5" x 15") and offers the perfect cutting board for each application. With food icons in the corners of each cutting mat, you can easily determine which one to use for each type of raw food. The flexible material allows you to easily transfer your items to the pan, and makes cleanup and storage a breeze.

Each mat is protected by Micro ban anti-microbial protection to inhibit the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew. The cutting boards are durable enough to be put through the dishwasher, but are still only 1mm thick for easy storage. At around $2 per mat, this cutting board set is the perfect addition to any small, large, or dorm kitchen.

Currently $10.28 on Amazon

Foodie's Kitchen Premium Silicone Cutting Board

The Foodie's Kitchen Premium Silicone Cutting Board is an Amazon best seller and has outstanding reviews from foodies and chefs alike. With a non-slip backing and large surfaces to cut and chop (14.5" x 9.8"), the board will stay still while you are cutting for a safer experience. The durable surface is ultra thick to resist scratches and nicks from your knives. The silicone surface can also withstand freezing temperatures and temperatures up to 480 degrees, so it can double over as a hot pad.

The premium cutting board also includes a juice groove indentation around the edges to catch any liquid or small food items that would normally spill onto the counter. The edge also includes a practical ruler, so you can easily take measurements while you chop or roll out dough. The easy clean mat is also dishwasher safe and has handles for easy transport. It is also very flexible, so it can be folded, allowing you to effortlessly transfer the ingredients to the pan. The flexibility also makes storage a breeze. The eco-friendly natural product is also backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Currently $21.95 on Amazon

OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board

The OXO Good Grips cutting boards topped the list for a number of review sites, including Good Housekeeping,, and Apartment Therapy. The durable utility cutting board (10.5" x 15") is a favorite with both home cooks and professional chefs alike. The double-sided cutting board has non-slip edges so it will stay put on your counter. The thick, non-porous, odor-resistant polypropylene surface can resist deep scratches and inhibit the growth of germs. The juice groove indentation around the edges of the board will catch any liquid or small food items that would normally spill onto the counter. It is also easy to lift and carry thanks to the soft tapered handles and sloped edges.

You can even use your best knives on this high-quality cutting board, since it will never dull your knives. Available in black or red, the durable board can be placed directly in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Currently $14.95 on Amazon

Totally Bamboo Cutting Board Set

The Totally Bamboo quality sustainable cutting boards are a top-rated choice on and a favorite item for home chefs and professional cooks alike. The set includes three boards, (6" x 8"), (8.5" x 11"), (9.5" x 13"), so you can pick the correct size for the job. They are made of durable Moso bamboo, which is 16% harder than maple wood. They are also only 3/8" thick each, making them lightweight and easy to maneuver. The natural antimicrobial properties of the bamboo enhance the safety and hygiene of your kitchen. There are handles built into the boards, so you can easily transport and store them. You can even use your best knives on this high-quality cutting board, since it will never damage or dull your knives.

These are easy to clean and can be enhanced by using a bamboo revitalizing oil every once in awhile. Totally Bamboo also takes efforts to be environmentally conscious, even sourcing bamboo from a place that is not a habitat for pandas.

Currently $19.95 on Amazon

Enviroboard 100% Microwavable Sterilization Antibacterial Cutting Board 

The Enviroboard set comes with three colorful BPA Free & FDA Approved cutting boards (15" x 10.6"), which are 99.9% antimicrobial to prevent bacteria growth. Each non-slip, scratch-resistant, odor-resistant cutting board is 100% microwavable for easy sterilization in only 60 seconds. Each board is also flexible, so you can easily fold it, lock in the tab, and transfer items to the pan or place the board directly in the microwave.

The boards are made from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), which helps prevent blade scars and knife damage. With icon and color coding, you can easily find the right board for the job to avoid cross contamination. The juice groove around the edge also helps reduces leakage. Cleanup is a breeze and you can even throw them in the dishwasher or microwave for easy sanitation. The embedded holes also make hanging or storage a breeze. They are also backed by a 30-day money back guarantee for your added peace of mind.

Currently $26.99 on Amazon

And those are our recommendations for the best cutting boards. As always, be sure to check Wise Bread's Buying Calendar to learn when and how to buy just about anything!

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