The 5 Best Kitchen Dish Towels

Every cook needs a durable dish towel that they can reach for in the kitchen. While Williams-Sonoma kitchen dish towels may be all the rage, they aren’t easy on the budget. Instead, you can purchase some sturdy, absorbent towels for far less, and they will last you just as long. We’ve found some of the best kitchen towels at the best prices, so you can get more towels and still have money in your pocket.

What Is a Kitchen Dish Towel?

Kitchen dish towels can serve a number of purposes in both a home kitchen and a professional setting. They can be used for a range of jobs, such as drying spills and dishes, handling hot pots, and even handling food. Dish towels are available in all different materials, such as cotton, linen, bamboo, and microfiber. They also come in limitless styles and designs so that you can find the perfect towels to suit your kitchen decor.

Kitchen towels can be machine washed and used again and again. Before using your dish towels for the first time, The Washington Post and Apartment Therapy recommend washing them first so that they are as clean and soft as possible before the first use.

Top 5 Kitchen Dish Towels

Now Designs Ripple Towels

Now Designs Ripple Towels are a versatile option for your home or commercial kitchen. The two oversized soft white kitchen towels are ultra absorbent and tough enough to handle any job in the kitchen. The towels are made of 100% Turkish cotton, which is the top recommendation by Williams Sonoma. That’s because Turkish cotton is softer and more durable than any other material. Each towel measures 18” x 28,” which can cover a large surface area. It offers streak-free drying and features raised ridges throughout for better absorbency. The towels come in 20 different vibrant colors to match your kitchen and you can also find matching dish cloths from the brand.

Selected by America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Illustrated as the best kitchen towels available, you’re bound to be happy with these towels. They offer unsurpassed quality and workmanship, and reviewers found that they can hold up to rigorous use and repeated washings, so they should last you for years. However, the higher price point makes them more expensive than the other options on our list.

Currently $17.98 on Amazon

Aunt Martha's Flour Sack Dish Towels

Aunt Martha's Flour Sack Dish Towels are ultra absorbent and will last for years without pilling or fraying. The premium 130 thread count towels are hemmed on all sides, so they work well and will look great in your kitchen. The set of seven white cotton towels offer streak-free drying without leaving any lint behind. They are washed and pre-bleached, so they are soft and ready to use from the moment they arrive. The large, thick towels are also ideal for projects like embroidery, silk screening, and more.

Recommended by Cook’s Illustrated, these are also some of Amazon’s bestselling dish towels, so you can count on them to meet your needs. If these aren’t the right size for your kitchen, there are other award-winning kitchen dish towels available from Aunt Martha’s, such as the 18" x 28" Package of three Vintage Dish Towels.

Currently $21.00 on Amazon

Keeble Outlets One Dozen Kitchen Dish Towels

Keeble Outlets One Dozen Kitchen Dish Towels offer high quality at a reasonable price point. You’ll receive a dozen professional-grade, soft, white cotton towels, so you always have a sturdy kitchen towel on hand when you need it. The herringbone design allows for better absorbency, which makes them ideal for drying. They are bleach-safe and will stay vibrant even after hundreds of washes. You will need to wash the towels before the first use and the all-natural fibers will shrink during that first washing, but this is completely normal. The thin, low lint towels are available in a range of colors to suit your kitchen.

These towels are the preferred choice by professional chefs around the world and are also some of Amazon’s bestselling dish towels. They can be washed hundreds of times, but some reviewers found that they do not hold up as well as some of the more expensive dish towels on our list.

Currently $18.07 on Amazon

DII Soft Everyday Kitchen Basic Waffle Terry Towels

The set of four DII Soft Everyday Kitchen Basic Waffle Terry Towels have a large 15” x 26” surface area. The thick, soft cotton towels are very absorbent and ideal for drying. In fact, the Washington Post and Apartment Therapy both recommend looking for waffle or basket weave cotton towels because they are some of the most absorbent towels available. Their textured surface and pockets will capture more water, making them more effective in wiping up spills. The imported towels are available in a range of colors to suit your kitchen.

As some of Amazon’s bestselling dish towels, they are designed to last through many washings for years of dependable use. DII Offers a number of dependable kitchen essentials, so if you are also in need of kitchen dish cloths, consider the DII Everyday Kitchen Basic Windowpane Combo Dish Cloth Set of six.

Currently $14.99 on Amazon

Liliane Collection Kitchen Dish Towels

This set of 13 Liliane Collection Kitchen Dish Towels, 25" x 14", are weaved with a two-ply natural cotton yarn, which makes them heavier and sturdier than other towels. They are also two inches longer than most towels to allow for some shrinking in the wash. The towels feature a herringbone design, which makes them more absorbent and ideal for drying. The low lint towels are also finished with four hemmed sides for better results. The bleach-safe towels are commercial quality and expected to last through repeated washings. The lightweight towels are available in five colors to ideally suit your kitchen.

These imported towels have stellar reviews online and are some of Amazon’s bestselling dish towels. They are also backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Currently $14.99 on Amazon

And those are our recommendations for the best kitchen dish towels. As always, be sure to check Wise Bread's Buying Calendar to learn when and how to buy just about anything!

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The 5 Best Kitchen Dish Towels

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