The 5 Best Office Highlighters

Highlighters are an essential item in any book bag or desk drawer. Highlighting important passages in notes, documents, and books will draw attention to these sections, making them easier to find later. This will help save you time and effort in your studies or workday.

What Is an Office Highlighter?

An office highlighter is a colored pen or marker that can overlay transparent color over important text to bring emphasis to these passages. It’s always a good idea to let the ink dry before highlighting to prevent any smearing or smudging.

There is a wide range of highlighters available for you to choose from, including chisel-tip, blade-style tip, and liquid pen-style highlighters. Highlighters come in a variety of tip sizes and shapes. They are also available in nearly every color of the rainbow, which will allow you to color code important passages.

Top 5 Office Highlighters

Sharpie Accent Retractable Highlighters

As Amazon’s #1 best seller in liquid highlighters, you can count on the Sharpie Accent Retractable Highlighters to meet all of your highlighting needs. With the retractable highlighter design, you can just click it on to highlight. The easy push button also allows for one-handed highlighting. The capless design means that there is no cap for you to worry about keeping track of. It also has a pocket clip on the side to make it even more convenient to use and carry around.

The narrow easy-glide chisel tip allows you to highlight, underline, or write notes easily. It features quick-drying Smearguard ink, so you won’t have to worry about smearing or smudging. It also won’t bleed through most paper and won’t fade or dry out anytime soon, thanks to the Safety Seal Valve.

This eight-pack of highlighters has more than 700 five-star reviews on Amazon and offers a great value at an affordable price. The set offers eight bright fluorescent assorted colors to meet all of your needs. Sharpie offers a huge selection of highlighters, so you are sure to find the right one for your personal preferences. If you prefer gel highlighters, try the Sharpie Accent Gel Highlighters. If you prefer a liquid pen-style highlighter, try the Sanford Sharpie Accent Liquid Pen Style Highlighter. If you prefer the clear see-through tip, try the Sanford Sharpie Clear View Highlighter, Chisel Tip or Sharpie Clear View Highlighter Stick.

Currently $7.36 on Amazon

Uni Highlighter Propus Window

The Uni Highlighter Propus Window Set is truly unique because it features a transparent window on its tip that allows you to clearly see what you're highlighting. It has a medium tip for highlighting and a fine tip for underlining. The highlighter tends to hold its shape well and won’t dry out anytime soon. It features a five-second dry time and doesn’t tend to smear or bleed through.

The affordable set features five soft colors: aqua blue, cherry blossom pink, golden yellow, lavender purple, and lime green. The set is recommended by and reviewers love it most for highlighting textbooks. If these don’t work for you, try the Uni Highlighter Erasable Five-Color Set, which can be erased once dry.

Currently $5.88 on Amazon

Zebra Eco Zebrite Double-Ended Highlighters

The Zebra Eco Zebrite Double-Ended Highlighter features both chisel and fine point ends so you can highlight everything with ease. It is also ideal for highlighting a Bible, or similarly thin pages, because the fluorescent ink won’t bleed through or dry out at all. In fact, it is one of the most commonly recommended highlighters for Bible study. Best of all, it is eco-friendly and made from 74% post-consumer waste materials.

This five-pack of dual-ended highlighters in assorted vibrant colors offers a great deal.

Currently $4.99 on Amazon

Post-it Flag+ Ballpoint Pen and Highlighter

The Post-it Flag+ Ballpoint Pen and Highlighter Combo is the ultimate study companion. It features black ink with 50 flags and a chisel tip highlighter on one end, with a medium ballpoint pen on the other. This handy tool allows you to write, highlight, and mark passages with a flag, all at once. This means that you can highlight important items and temporarily flag upcoming events in your calendar.

Each pen is color coordinated so that the highlighter matches the flags. This three-pack features blue, pink, and yellow flags and highlighting functionality. The flags are refillable, so you can keep using this all year round. Reviewers love it for their students and find that it can actually make studying fun.

Currently $7.96 on Amazon

Kuretake Zig Brush Hilite

The Kuretake Zig Brush Hilite has a flexible brush tip, so you can easily create very thin or thick lines with precision. The Japanese highlighters are popular in a number of different countries and reviewers tend to agree that once you’ve tried these, you can’t go back to conventional highlighters. It has a three-second dry time, so it sets in no time.

The set of five highlighters is recommended by and has a strong, loyal following. Reviewers tend to love that it doesn’t bleed through and that it works best for paperback.

Currently $6.16 on Amazon

And those are our recommendations for the best office highlighters. As always, be sure to check Wise Bread's Buying Calendar to learn when and how to buy just about anything!

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Mildliners are also great! They come in more pastel tones, leaving what you highlight easier on the eyes and ergo easier to read.