The 5 Best Oil Absorbing Sheets


If you’ve ever been embarrassed by excess oil, sweat, or shine on your face, then affordable oil absorbing sheets can provide the solution you’ve been looking for. Best of all, they are affordable, portable, and disposable, so they can be used anytime, anywhere to remove excess oil and shine. They are effective in any season and can be used during, after, and in between makeup applications. They have been a long-standing makeup artist secret, but are now sacred must-haves for beauty mavens everywhere.

What Is an Oil Absorbing Sheet?

Oil absorbing sheets, or blotting papers, are thin, silky sheets that can be dabbed on any oily area of the face to instantly remove shine without smudging your makeup. They are easy to use and very portable, so you can stash them in your pocket, purse, desk, car, and travel bag. While they can be used on the entire face, they are most effective on oily areas, like around the nose, forehead, cheeks, and T-zone. They will mattify your face without leaving any powdery substance behind. They offer noticeable results instantly, and can be used whenever you need them throughout the day.

The affordable papers can help make your makeup last longer, saving you money over the long run. In fact, many women are actually able to substitute their normal powder for blotting papers, and many men have found this is the answer to their occasionally oily skin. They also won’t remove any of your makeup or natural skin moisture. Blotting papers can also be used for lipstick blotting, makeup setting, as a dry shampoo, or even to degrease your phone screen.

Top 5 Oil Absorbing Sheets

Clean & Clear Oil-Absorbing Sheets

The Clean & Clear Oil-Absorbing Sheets are a cult classic for a reason. These are the blotting papers that all others are compared to, and are some of the first of its kind. The silky blue sheets are softer than paper and can remove excess oil and shine with a quick dab. The 50 oil-free papers won’t leave any powder behind, and will never smudge your makeup.

The Clean & Clear line of products have been proven effective for anyone with oily, acne-prone skin and these blotting papers are no exception. After an exhaustive test of all the most popular blotting papers on the market, New York Magazine selected the Clean & Clear ones as the all-around winner. Many reviewers across the board tend to agree with the NY Mag findings. These oil absorbing sheets are also an Allure Best of Beauty Winner, Allure Editors’ Pick, and recommended by PopSugar, InStyle, AllWomenStalk, and StyleCraze.

Currently $6.83 on Amazon

Tatcha Original Aburatorigami

The wildly popular Tatcha Original Aburatorigami sheets have an impressive following and are the common choice among professional makeup artists because they leave the skin camera-ready. The traditional Japanese-style sheets are soft, absorbent, and made of natural Abaca leaf. The powder-free, fragrance-free, pulp-free sheets will leave your skin with a glowing, matte finish, perfect for taking photos. The 30 elegant blotting papers contain 23 karat gold flecks, so they are a step above the average oil absorbing sheets. The all-natural, gold-flecked sheets are handmade and housed in a beautiful Japanese booklet.

These are an Amazon best seller, a PopSugar Must Have item, and recommended by Vogue, InStyle, AllWomenStalk, StyleCraze, Into the Gloss, and New York Magazine. They also have stellar reviews online.

Currently $12.00 on Amazon

Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens

The all-natural Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens are made of 100% natural Abaca leaf fiber and infused with one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, green tea. The finely-woven linen sheets can absorb excess oil, while soothing and protecting your skin. The speckled green sheets resemble wax paper and have a light green tea scent. The 100-count set of oil absorbing sheets are housed in a slim package that you can easily fit anywhere.

These are an Amazon best seller and some of the bestselling blotting papers on the market. After an exhaustive test, xoVain found that Boscia blotting papers beat all of the most popular ones on the market. They are also recommended by Allure, PopSugar, Vogue, InStyle, AllWomenStalk, StyleCraze, and New York Magazine.

Currently $16.55 on Amazon

NYX Matte Blotting Paper

The NYX Matte Blotting Papers can eliminate excess oil, minimize pores, and even help prevent future breakouts and shine. The matte blotting papers are made of 100% pure pulse paper. They can refresh the skin and even help fight humidity to keep your skin dry and matte all day. The 50 sheets have a five-year shelf life, so they will last in your purse or beauty bag.

There are a variety of bestselling NYX blotting paper options, such as the tea tree, fresh face, and green tea varieties. You can’t go wrong with NYX. They offer products that work as well, or better, than the most expensive brands on the market, all at a price that will fit nearly any budget. These oil absorbing sheets are no exception. They are also an Amazon best seller and some of the bestselling blotting papers on the market. They are also recommended by PopSugar, Vogue, InStyle, AllWomenStalk, and StyleCraze.

Currently $4.00 on Amazon

LiveFresh Oil Absorbing Sheets

As Amazon’s #1 best seller in makeup blotting paper, the LiveFresh Natural Oil Absorbing Sheets offer a great value and noticeable results without breaking the bank. The eco-friendly organic sheets are made of 100% natural Abaca leaf fiber and one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, green tea. The super absorbing sheets are large enough to blot the entire face and remove excess oil and shine with just one dab. They will soothe, freshen, and protect the skin from further damage. The soft, gentle, finely-woven linen sheets are odor-less, powder-free, and won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin. The 100 premium quality sheets are housed in a slim fit package that will fit anywhere.

These offer a great value and also come with a bonus e-book, 27 Natural Skin Care Secrets, which will be emailed to you after purchase. They are backed by outstanding online reviews and a 100% 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee, so you are bound to be happy.

Currently $11.99 on Amazon

And those are our recommendations for the best oil absorbing sheets. As always, be sure to check Wise Bread's Buying Calendar to learn when and how to buy just about anything!

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