The 5 Best Pillows


Having the right pillow can mean the difference between waking up in the morning well-rested and ready for the day, or groggy and with a sore neck. When purchasing a pillow to sleep on, there are a number of different factors to consider. The most important of these factors include the pillow's ability to support your head and its ability to conform to the gaps between your head and your neck, both of which ensure that your head stays aligned and comfortable.

What Is a Pillow?

A pillow is a cushioned support, most typically used for the head while sleeping on a bed. Pillows are made up of a fabric envelope and stuffed with down feathers or synthetic foam. Because a pillow's job is to keep your head aligned, a large factor in deciding what pillow you should get is how you like to sleep. Side sleepers need something plump to fill the space between your neck and shoulders. Stomach sleepers are the opposite, they should use something thinner that doesn't push their head too far backward. Finally, back sleepers are best served with something in the middle.

Best 5 Pillows

Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow

Well-reviewed by users, the Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam pillow provides a ton of comfort and support for your head. Most users have noted that the pillow contours well to the shape of their head and neck and the Outlast Adaptive Comfort material does a good job of adjusting to the body's temperature, keeping you cool when you get too warm and warming you up when you get too cool.

Currently $29.99 on Amazon

Pacific Coast Double Down-Around Pillow

Recommended by Good Housekeeping, the Pacific Coast Double Down-Around pillow is a great combination of comfort and value. The Double Down-Around pillow is actually two pillows in one, with a core filled with feathers tucked within a down-stuffed envelope. Users typically find that the firm core provides great support while still being soft and comfortable. The pillow is also durable, holding up to daily use and machine washing.

Currently $54.00 on Amazon

Serta iComfort Contour Pillow

The Serta iComfort Contour pillow is a memory-foam that is specially designed to contour to the shape of your head and support the neck. Its design makes it especially comfortable for back and side sleepers, but is not very suitable for stomach sleepers. This Serta pillow is built well and is able to withstand regular use, and also comes with a five year warranty.

Currently $73.11 on Amazon

Classic Brands Conforma Memory Foam Pillow

Another user favorite, the Conforma Memory Foam pillow is lauded for its great support and comfort. The structure of the foam responds to one's body temperature and pressure in order to mold to the right shape to support your head, neck and shoulders. A few users cite taking about a week to get used to the feeling of the pillow, but then also vouch for its comfort after the initial adjustment period.

Currently $32.28 on Amazon

Aller-Ease Washable Allergy Pillow

The Aller-Ease Washable Allergy pillow offers the best value of all of the pillows on this list, as well as being the most allergy-friendly. The pillow features hypoallergenic filling as well as an allergan-blocking cover. The pillow is capable of keeping out dust mites, pet dander and pollen and is also comfortable as well. Most users find the pillow just firm enough, with a select few considering it a little too soft.

Currently $20.94 on Amazon

And those are our recommendations for the best pillows. As always, be sure to check out the Wise Bread Buying Calendar to learn when and how to buy just about anything!

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I really like the 100% wool (stuffing) pillow with organic cotton cover from White Lotus Home in New Jersey. It's comfortable, conforms to my head, stays cool and dry during night sweats, fluffs/reshapes nicely too. The ones with the zipper make adding or removing stuffing for adjustable loft and cleaning much easier too. The only downside (in my mind) is the price. I found this when I was looking for an easy-clean, chemical free (because of sensitivities), water proof or resistant pillow that can be used for all types of sleepers. In terms of price per use, it's a lot less expensive than buying a pillow that only lasts about a year or two even with washing.

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