The 5 Best Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are an important part of any home exercise program. This versatile tool in your fitness arsenal can help you achieve a number of strength training routines from any area of your home. The affordable, easily-accessible bands of latex can help build muscle, increase flexibility, and allow you to focus tension on targeted muscles and body parts, without taking up any space.

With the right high quality resistance bands, you won’t need to worry about bulky free weights or gym equipment ever again. This will allow you to achieve a better workout - anywhere, anytime.

What Is a Resistance Band?

A resistance band, also commonly referred to as an exercise band or resistance cord, is an effective tool in your strength training routine. They offer a great alternative to free weights and traditional workout machines, providing an excellent option for your home gym and traveling needs. Resistance bands can help you achieve any number of training exercises by simply changing your body position in order to change the tension on your muscles. This makes them ideal for any type of strength training routines, including home exercise programs such as P90X. Bands take up little space, are easy to transport, and can be used by anyone from beginners to fitness experts.

Along with assisting with fat loss, keeping you toned, and building muscle, they can also assist with rehabilitative exercises, and are commonly recommended by doctors and physical therapists. If you’re ready to get your fitness on, then the right resistance bands can get you to where you want to be in no time. Once your strength improves, you can simply switch to one of the higher resistance bands for increased resistance.

Top 5 Resistance Bands

Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set 

As Amazon’s #1 best seller in exercise bands, the Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set is a great buy. Black Mountain Products is a trusted brand and offers some of the most popular resistance band sets. This set was featured on many independent review sites as the best resistance band set thanks to its comprehensive offerings. The set includes five stackable resistance bands of varying resistance: Yellow (2-4 lbs), Blue (4-6 lbs), Green (10-12 lbs), Black (15-20 lbs) and Red (25-30 lbs). You are able to achieve the highest levels of resistance possible by using any combination of bands at once, without having to worry about multiple handles on each band. This increase in range makes it ideal for anyone from beginners and experts. These ultra durable resistance bands are made from the highest quality rubber and are each 48 inches in length.

The set features a metal clipping system on the bands for attachment to soft-grip handles or ankle straps and includes two cushion foam handles, a door anchor, exercise chart, ankle strap, and starter guide. It also comes with a sturdy carrying bag, so you can easily take your set with you on your travels. All Black Mountain Products also come with a manufacturer's lifetime warranty.

Currently $33.28 on Amazon

Best Exercise Resistance Loop Bands

As Amazon’s #1 best seller in physical therapy arm exercisers, the Best Exercise Resistance Loop Bands are ideal for your physical therapy needs and can increase your flexibility, balance, and strength quickly. This affordable set of 4 durable bands with varying resistance (Light-Green, Medium-Blue, Heavy-Red and XX-Heavy-Black) can help strengthen and tone your shoulders, hips, arms, and legs. The multifunctional loop bands can be used for ankle resistance, knee resistance, leg resistance, and on the thighs and wrists.

These physical therapy bands offer a complete body toning workout, so you can tone and strengthen any affected areas. They are ideal for physical therapy rehabilitation, weight loss, Pilates, yoga, and stretching. They can also be effective in recovery from torn MCL, torn ACL, knee replacement, and patella and meniscus rehab.

This 10"x2" set is ideal for all fitness levels because the bands can be used separately, or together to create more levels of resistance. The bands are tough and elastic, made of high quality 100% eco-friendly latex. They take up virtually no space and the set also comes with a sturdy carrying case, so you can easily transport the bands. You are guaranteed to be satisfied thanks to the lifetime money back guarantee.

Currently $12.99 on Amazon

Bodylastics Anti-Snap Resistance Exercise Bands Set 

If you’re looking for a quality product from a trusted brand, then Bodylastics Anti-Snap Resistance Exercise Bands Set has you covered. Bodylastics is one of the top manufacturers of resistance bands, with various offerings, depending on how many bands you need and what type of resistance you are looking for. If this max tension set is not right for you, Bodylastics likely has the perfect set for your fitness level. Bodylastics’ sets were featured on many independent review sites for the best resistance bands because they offer some of the most comprehensive sets on the market.

This Max Tension Resistance Bands Set is a great mid level system, with up to 142 lbs of resistance, which will challenge most athletes in the most demanding fitness programs, such as P90X and Insanity. This set comes with 14 pieces, 6 Anti-Snap bands (Yellow: 3 lbs, Green: 5 lbs, Red: 8 lbs, Blue: 13 lbs, Black: 19 lbs, and Purple: 23 lbs), 2 heavy duty Handles, 2 heavy duty Ankle Straps, 1 heavy duty Door Anchor, 1 heavy duty small anywhere anchor, and an Instructional Resource. It also comes with a sturdy storage/travel bag, so you can easily transport the entire set. The stackable resistance clip bands enable you to adjust resistance (from 3 to 142 lbs) to create the perfect challenge for every muscle group.

The professional quality bands incorporate continuous dipped Malaysian natural latex, woven nylon inner cord, solid iron clips, and dense neoprene. Every ultra durable band incorporates their patented Snap Guard inner safety cord, which prevents damage to the bands from over stretching. While the Snap Guard is extremely effective, according to customer reviews, in the rare case that a band does snap, your face and body will stay protected. Bodylastics sets have outstanding customer reviews and this set is also backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee for your peace of mind.

Currently $39.95 on Amazon

Resistance Bands Loop Set 

As Amazon’s #1 best seller in hip replacement recovery kits, this quality Resistance Bands Loop Set is ideal for both your physical therapy and fitness needs. With five brightly colored, extra strong 10"x2" exercise bands, you can choose from various resistance levels: Yellow - Light (2-4 lbs), Red - Medium (4-6 lbs), Green - Heavy (10-12 lbs), Blue - X-Heavy (15-20 lbs), and Black - XX-Heavy (25-30 lbs). You can also combine multiple bands to get different levels of resistance. Each band is made of quality natural latex for ultra durability.

The set also comes with a free workout e-book with 33 exercises and a mesh carrying bag, so you can easily transport the set. These are the only laboratory tested Pilates resistance bands on the market and built to last. The StretchMe loop bands are ideal for explosive endurance and strength exercise programs, such as P90X, Insanity, Crossfit, Beachbody, yoga, Pilates, and general fitness exercises. They can also be highly beneficial as part of recovery after Knee Replacement, Torn MCL, Torn ACL, Ankle Injury, Rotator Cuff Injury, and Wrist Injury. You can also take comfort in the 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

Currently $15.56 on Amazon

Top Rated Exercise Bands Set

As Amazon’s #1 best seller in Pilates flexbands, these Top Rated Exercise Bands are ideal for all types of fitness, stretching, endurance, and physical therapy exercises. The set includes five custom size 12" resistance loop bands, made of 100% natural latex. They are available in different resistance levels: 1 Green (Light) Band, 1 Blue (Medium) Band, 1 Yellow (Heavy) Band, 1 Red (X-Heavy) Band, and 1 Black (XX-Heavy) Band.

The set also includes a mesh carrying bag, so you can easily transport the bands, as well as a quick start exercise guide and access to the online workout videos, so you can get the most of your exercise routine. The mini loop bands can be used separately or together at one time to create multiple levels of resistance. They are great for home fitness programs like P90x, Insanity, Crossfit, yoga, Pilates, Beachbody, and more.

They are also ideal for recovery after Torn MCL, Torn ACL, Knee replacement, and more. All Flex Active Sports Products come with a 100% Money Back Lifetime Guarantee for your peace of mind.

Currently $17.97 on Amazon

And those are our recommendations for the best resistance bands. As always, be sure to check Wise Bread's Buying Calendar to learn when and how to buy just about anything!

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The 5 Best Resistance Bands

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