The 5 Best UPS Backup Batteries


Anyone who’s ever experienced a power outage knows how important it is to keep batteries and battery-powered tools around the house. You might have been in the middle of something important or need access to pertinent information after the power has been cut off, but without a computer or wifi, your information sources are very limited.

Power outages are not only a huge inconvenience, but have the potential to hurt your electronics in the case of surges. In these instances, having something to keep your electronics going for a short amount of time, or at least safely shut them down is crucial.

What Is UPS Backup Battery?

UPS stands for “uninterruptible power supply”, meaning if your power goes out, you’ve still got some reserves before your devices are completely useless. UPS backup batteries are essential for keeping your electronics from being completely fried by wayward currents or voltages coming through the outlets. Without the protection, there is a chance that your laptop, console, or anything else that plugs into the wall could be rendered useless by a random surge. When buying a backup battery, make sure you know which devices you’ll be plugging into it and how many watts they each use. After finding the sum of the watts, make sure the battery you’re getting can support that amount of energy.

There are three different kinds of UPS units: standby (a unit that is charged and then takes over if main power shuts off), line-interactive (similar to standby, but works better in brownouts) and online (constantly filters electricity through the system and has devices isolated from wall power).

Top 5 UPS Backup Batteries

APC Back UPS 650VA

This APC Back UPS model is perfect for someone with one main workstation that needs protecting. This UPS backup comes with eight outlets, four that have surge protection, and four that have surge protection plus battery backup. It comes with software installed to safely shut down your computer and other devices when the main power supply cuts out. It comes with enough power that some people can work through shorter outages until the main power returns.

This model is also Energy Star approved, meaning that as it retains power for you, it has also been officially recognized as helping you sustain lower energy costs. It comes with a three-year warranty, $75,000 in connected equipment guarantee, as well as 390 watts/650 volts of output power capacity.

Currently $73.95 on Amazon

CyberPower Intelligent LCD Series UPS 1350VA 810W AVR Mini-Tower

The CyberPower mini tower has the ability to run up to 1500 VA/ 810 watts, which can include two desktop computers and monitors. On the front of the tower there is an LCD screen that relays important information like battery runtime, load status, and even if there are problems on your current line. It comes with four surge protected outlets and four surge protected and battery backup outlets, for eight outlets in total.

Though it packs hefty amounts of energy, the CyberPower 1350 can fit comfortably under a desk or in a corner to keep from intruding into the decor of your room. Be aware that if you are running a Power Factor Correction PSU power supply, this device will not work and you’ll have to look into UPS backup options that are compatible with the kinds of waves made by that. If you live in an area that experiences regular power fluctuations, the CyberPower 1350 has a built in AVR (automatic voltage regulation) to keep this from harming your devices.

Currently $129.95 on Amazon

APC Smart-UPS 750VA 120V LCD UPS System

If you’re looking for a UPS that can backup your server or point-of-sale equipment, then the APC Smart-UPS 750VA LCD UPS System might be what you need. All six of the outlets attached to this UPS are both battery backed up and surge protected, giving any device that has been plugged in the best defense against sudden fluctuations in electricity. It has a pure sinewave output and comes with AVR technology. An automatic green mode is engaged during usage to make sure your energy is being used in the most efficient way.

There is an included predicted month and year estimate to when the battery will need to be replaced so you can keep track of its health. The bright LCD screen displays alphanumeric characters and can be changed to different languages for optimal convenience, making it a great addition to any home office space.

Currently $259.95 on Amazon

APC Back-UPS Pro 1500VA 10-outlet Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

The APC BR1500VA 10-outlet packs a hefty punch of energy that might be the perfect option for you. It comes with 10 outlets, five surge protected and five with that plus battery backup. To guarantee consistent protection, it comes with Automatic Voltage Regulation without using the battery. This UPS also comes with PowerChute software which not only safely shuts down your devices to prevent data corruption, but also monitors and displays energy usage while helping you manage energy cost by giving you efficient energy plans. It also comes with a basic LCD screen to conveniently display information about the battery.

Telephone and coaxial cables can also be protected by this UPS. The battery is replaceable as well as expandable with additional purchases if necessary, and the one it comes with can output 865 watts / 1500 volts ampere.

Currently $162.50 on Amazon

CyberPower Standby UPS 425VA 255W Compact

People without too many devices to back up might find a great match with the CyberPower Standby UPS. This UPS comes with a three-year warranty, eight surge protected outlets, and a protection outlet for telephone cords. Its protection is provided by a simulated sine wave (a square wave) to keep your personal computer and other kinds of devices safe.

Be aware that this UPS puts out 225 watts / 425 volt ampere, which is lower than most on this list, but is more than sufficient for anyone who needs less than that amount of power. The Cyberpower 425VA Standby UPS is a GreenPower UPS, meaning it can reduce energy consumption up to 75%. With a USB port to help you install the PowerPanel Personal software to help you keep track of your battery’s status, this UPS is a great addition to any room in need of protection.

Currently $84.95 on Amazon

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