The 5 Best Water Flossers

If you want a healthier smile, you need to floss at least once a day. However, flossing can become a chore, especially when you have to do it on a daily basis, so many people just skip it altogether. Unfortunately, not flossing can lead to bad breath, gingivitis, and periodontal infection, which can then lead to heart disease, stroke, and more.

If you don’t floss regularly, then a water flosser is right for you. For your smile (and your general health), a water flosser can thoroughly clean your teeth and gums, allowing you to maintain good oral health. Flossing with water is fun, easy, convenient, effective, and rewarding, so you won’t have any excuses to skip flossing again.

What Is a Water Flosser?

A water flosser is an oral health appliance that aims a steady stream of water into the mouth to flush out food particles, bacteria, and plaque from hard-to-reach places, like between the teeth and under the gumline. It is ideal for use around braces, crowns, veneers, bridges, implants, and other orthodontic appliances. It is easier to use and more effective than string floss. It can also reach places that floss just can’t reach for healthier teeth and gums.

The mouth is the gateway to your overall health, so it’s imperative that you keep your gums clean and healthy. According to the American Dental Association, it doesn’t matter whether you floss before or after brushing, just as long as you actually do it every day. (See also: The 5 Best Flosses)

Top 5 Water Flossers

Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser

An Amazon best-seller, the Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser offers the convenience of brushing and water flossing at the same time. It uses a unique combination of water pressure and pulsations to deep clean between teeth and below the gumline, removing harmful bacteria, debris, and food particles that string floss usually leaves behind. You can clean your teeth and gums at once and get a gum stimulating massage with the hydro pulse massage mode.

There are seven water flossing tips included: three classic jet tips, a plaque seeker tip, an orthodontic tip, a Pik pocket tip, and a toothbrush tip. The hygienic storage holds two extra tips. There are 10 customizable pressure settings, so it’s ideal even for sensitive gums. The sleek ergonomic design is smaller and quieter than previous models and has superior technology, an LED information panel, fingertip easy pressure control, and a one-minute timer and 30-second pacer. The dentist-recommended flosser is clinically proven to remove 99.9% of plaque, leaving you with healthier gums and brighter teeth. It is up to two times as effective for improving gum health and up to three times as effective for removing plaque, compared to string floss. It helps remove stains and clean tough-to-reach spots. It has two modes: a Floss Mode, which uses pulse-modulation technology for maximum plaque removal and a Hydro-Pulse Massage Mode for enhanced gum stimulation and improved circulation. The high volume reservoir allows for 90 seconds of usage.

This is ideal to use with braces, implants, crowns, bridges, periodontal pockets, furcations, and other dental work. Consumer Search selected this as the best electric flosser and it is recommended by the Tribune-Review. It has outstanding online reviews, including more than 3,600 five-star reviews on Amazon. It is also backed by a three-year warranty and comes from the #1 recommended water flosser brand, Waterpik. They also guarantee that you’ll see healthier gums in just 14 days.

Currently $66.49 on Amazon

Panasonic Portable Dental Water Flosser

The Panasonic Portable Dental Water Flosser offers quick, easy cleaning and a portable, collapsible design. The cordless, battery-operated waterproof flosser has a multidirectional nozzle and easy-fill water reservoir. The discrete oral irrigator has two-speed pulsing: a high-speed for normal, everyday cleaning and a gentler, lower-speed pulse for children and those with sensitive teeth and gums. On the higher setting, the powerful water jets operate at 1,400 water pulses per minute to penetrate deep between teeth to gently, effectively wash away tough food particles, plaque, and bacteria. The rapid, targeted jets of water and cleansing pulses also reach just below the gumline to remove trapped food debris, stimulate the gums, and increase circulation to keep your teeth strong and resilient.

This is recommended by Consumer Search and has outstanding online reviews, including more than 1,400 five-star reviews on Amazon. It is also backed by a two-year limited manufacturer’s warranty for your added peace of mind.

Currently $33.00 on Amazon

Philips Sonicare Airfloss Ultra

The dentist-recommended Philips Sonicare Airfloss Ultra uses micro-droplets of air and liquid, which shoot between the teeth to quickly, gently remove tough food particles and plaque from places that brushing can’t reach. The TripleBurst technology offers three times better cleaning. With customizable bursts, you can choose between single, double, or triple bursts, and either continuous automatic bursts or manual bursts. It is small, easy to use, and lasts up to two weeks between charges. The high-performance nozzle is redesigned with more power to remove up to 99.9% of plaque and improve gum health. The improved reservoir has an increased capacity for whole mouth cleaning. It is clinically proven as effective as floss for gum health. Over time, this can help prevent cavities and improve long-term gum health. The interdental cleaner includes a trial-size BreathRx mouthwash, so you can use this with water or with mouthwash for a better clean.

The rechargeable electric flosser is gentle and safe for use with implants, veneers, and orthodontics. This is available in two colors. It is commonly recommended online and has outstanding reviews. They also guarantee that you will have healthier gums in just two weeks.

Currently $59.95 on Amazon

Conair Interplak All-in-One Sonic Water Jet

The Conair Interplak All-in-One Sonic Water Jet combines 12,000 sonic movements with 4,500 water pulsations for noticeable results. It provides sonic technology while brushing, jet flossing, and massaging for a complete all-in-one system. It can gently and effectively clean between the teeth and below the gumline to flush food and debris from hard-to-reach places. It also provides valuable gum massage and effective brushing action with every use.

The water jet system includes six tips: a water-jet tip, a subgingival tip, two full-size brush heads, a soft gum massager, and a tongue cleaner. It features a seven-setting pressure control, large capacity tank, and a sonic button on the handle that controls the sonic vibration. The sonic brushing and massaging can be used with and without water. The integrated system is proven to prevent gingivitis and gum disease by clearing away bacteria.

This is ideal for use by those with orthodontic appliances, fixed and removable bridgework, crowns, splints, and implants. It is frequently recommended online and is backed by great reviews.

Currently $37.97 on Amazon

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser

The dentist-recommended Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser is proven to remove up to 99.9% of plaque from treated areas in three seconds. It is clinically proven up to 50% more effective than traditional dental floss for improving gum health and up to three times as effective for cleaning around braces with the orthodontic tip. It has 10 adjustable water pressure settings, so you can choose anything from gentle water pressure to deep cleansing. It has 1,400 pulses per minute to keep your gums healthy. The improved ergonomic design is smaller, quieter, and features a high-volume, covered reservoir, which offers 90 seconds of usage. There is also a pause button on the handle, fingertip easy pressure control, and a covered tip storage in the unit. The premium dental water jet cleans deep between teeth and below the gumline to remove tough debris and bacteria, while gently massaging and stimulating the gums. It can be used with water or your favorite mouthwash.

There are six color-coded tips included: two classic jet tips, a Pik pocket tip, a plaque seeker tip, an orthodontic tip, and a toothbrush tip. The tips rotate 360 degrees to reach every area of the mouth. This is ideal for anyone with braces, implants, crowns, bridges, furcations, or periodontal pockets. It is also safe for people who suffer from diabetes and gum disease.

This has outstanding online reviews, including nearly 5,700 five-star reviews on Amazon. It is also backed by a three-year warranty and comes from the #1 recommended water flosser brand, Waterpik. They also guarantee that you’ll see healthier gums in just 14 days. It is commonly compared to other popular water flossers on the market and always comes out on top. For something smaller and no-frills, consider the affordable WaterPik Power Flosser, Battery Powered. If you’re interested in a bundle set, consider the Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush, or the Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser Combo.

Currently $57.50 on Amazon

And those are our recommendations for the best water flossers. As always, be sure to check Wise Bread's Buying Calendar to learn when and how to buy just about anything!

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The 5 Best Water Flossers

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