The 6 Best Financial News Sites for Investors in a Hurry


Good investment decisions start with industry knowledge, information, and research. And as an investor, you probably already understand that news moves markets. But being the busy person you are, you're probably already inundated with tasks, making sifting through the plethora of information feel like a job in itself.

Not sure where to get your investing news and information in a pinch? For our most time-conscious investors, here are the six best investments sites. (See also: Find the Investing Style That's Right for You)

1. Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance aggregates the latest financial news stories and market data onto a single platform, including the latest in international news and markets. Users can create a watchlist to follow their favorite stocks, and when they login, they can view all market updates and news for stocks they follow. I particularly like how this site also pulls the latest news stories pertaining to stocks that may have a positive or negative correlation to those you follow.


The CNBC TV network delivers real-time financial market data and updates, all day. That same news, information, and more is also available at your fingertips online over at I recommend that busy investors find time to tune-in to CNBC's programming and watch shows like Fast Money, Jim Cramer's Mad Money, Power Lunch, and others. These shows offer some of the most up-to-date coverage available and will help improve your analysis of markets. But if time's short, you can get video clips, articles, and other updates from those same shows' experts on the website.

3. Bloomberg

Bloomberg L.P. is where seasoned investors turn for some of the most trusted financial information. Bloomberg Markets keeps you informed by broadcasting news and analysis all day. For investors on the go, try any of Bloomberg's mobile apps, like Bloomberg TV, Bloomberg Business, Bloomberg Businessweek, and more. For professional investors whose employers are footing the bill, Bloomberg also offers Bloomberg Professional, a subscription service featuring Bloomberg Terminal.

4. TheStreet

Created by CNBC's Mad Money host Jim Cramer (and Marty Peretz), TheStreet is a leading financial news site. But the real attraction to the site is founder Jim Cramer and his expert investment knowledge, from the Cramer Stock Picks Newsletter and blog to his investment portfolio and insights. I've watched him since 2007 and have been successful with many stock picks adapted from his show (your performance may vary, of course). The site's Action Alert PLUS is a subscription service that grants subscribers access to research provided by TheStreet's team of analysts for $349.95 per year.

5. Zacks

Founded in 1977, Zacks Investment Research is another leading financial news and research site committed to helping investors reach their investment goals. Some of the site features include Zacks Ranks, a list of the company's top stock picks, Zacks Education, a series of readings and video, and Portfolio Tracker, a service that lets you add holdings to your portfolio and receive free broker recommendations, company updates, email alerts, and more. And one of the main features of the site is its extensive Earning Per Share (EPS) data and analysis.

6. The Motley Fool

Like all of our best investment sites, The Motley Fool offers news, insights, and analysis. The site also offers virtual advisor services for an annual premiums of $149 to $2,000. Another feature of the site is its forum of individual investors sharing insights and tips through its various discussion boards.

The Wall Street Journal Digital Network (WSJDN) is also worth mentioning. The network includes the WSJ, of course, Barron's (which has been around as a leading financial news service since 1921), and MarketWatch, which offers several subscription-based financial newsletters such as Hulbert Financial Digest, Options Trader, Retirement Weekly, and ETF Trader.

Note: The sites suggested in this article were recommended in consideration of equity investors. Where you turn for market news and information should depend on your investment strategies.

Where do you go for investing news and resources?

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