The 6 Craziest Things People Have Done to Land a Job


As the job market continues to disappoint with fewer and fewer available jobs, we have to work harder at impressing potential employers.

There are thousands of tutorials out there about how to impress interviewers and job gatekeepers. And just like you, everybody else is reading those same tutorials. That's why you need a secret weapon, a special edge, or just something plain crazy to stand out from the competition. (See also: 6 Unconventional Ways to Find Your Next Job)

So think about getting your foot in the door by imitating these six creative applicants that landed a job with a crazy stunt.

1. The Google Job Experiment

Fact: about 56% of people search their own name on Google.

Unless you share the same name with a major celebrity, you will experience search results without the interruption of any Google ads. That's when the lightbulb went off for Alec Brownstein, and he created the Google Job Experiment.

He created Google ads for the top advertising creative directors, so that the next time they happened to search their own names, they would see a message from Alec asking for an interview. The stunt worked and Ian Reichenthal, creative director at Young and Rubicam, an ad agency in New York City, hired him after an interview. Ian was so impressed that he even went on TV interviews with Alec about the Google Job Experiment. For just $6, Alec got wide media attention and landed a job.

2. Interactive Video Resume

If a picture is worth a thousand words, why are we still using only words to describe our resumes?

That's exactly what PR executive Graeme Anthony must have been thinking when he created and uploaded his interactive video resume to YouTube.

Through a clever script, good soundtrack, and great video production, Graeme was able to gather about 2,000 views within the first hour that the video went live. He believed that the video would better show off his personality and creative skills. The stunt worked and London's Frank PR agency quickly invited for an interview and offered him a job. He continues to work there, and his video resume has gathered over 300,000 views.

3. Chocolate Bar Resume

Nicholas was looking for a position as a marketing professional. Instead of sending the standard paper resume, he opted for a chocolate bar resume with "credentials that would satisfy any organization's appetite."

With 100% of the recommended servings for leadership, creativity, and business acumen, and a 110% for work ethic, this delicious business treat got him the job. This proves that chocolate makes anything look irresistible.

4. "Will You Fit In?"

Here is a great strategy for the next time that a potential employer asks you the usual: "Things get a little crazy around here, how do I know you'll fit in?"

Richard Waddington had been working for the same company for over a decade and was ready for a change. Since he hadn't had a job interview in a long time, he was a bit stressed. As he was going out the door, his four-year-old daughter handed him a small plastic cow from a barnyard set and said, "Daddy, take this for good luck!"

Fast forward several hours of interviews and Richard was sitting in front of the VP of HR. She gave him the usual "little crazy around here, will you fit in?" question. Richard immediately responded, "I have a cow in my pocket!" and sat the little plastic cow on the table. The VP burst into laughter and Richard got the job.

5. The Resume That Took 2,000 Hours

It is estimated that it takes a person about 10,000 hours to become an expert in anything.

A high school graduate took this rule to heart and with time on his side, he embarked on a mission to create an enormous project in hopes of impressing potential employers at Bethesda Softworks.

Alexander Velicky spent a total of 2,000 hours over a one-year period to develop a modification (or "mod") for one of Bethesda's hit titles, Skyrim. Except this is no run-of-the-mill mod. Alexander's "Falskaar" uses the talents of 29 voice actors, provides about 25 hours of gameplay, has an original soundtrack, and is the joint effort of over 100 people with Alexander at the helm.

Take a look at the impressive preview video of Falskaar.

With close to 4 million total views, Alexander caught the attention of Bethesda's rival, Bungie, which offered him a job as an Associate Designer.

6. Attempt to Destroy Own Property

David Germanico was in the middle of a interview for a sales job. The interviewer asked if he had a phone and David produced his very old Nokia "brick." "Sell it to me," requested the interviewer.

David started to panic as his mind raced to find a reason that anybody would want such an old phone over a slick and powerful smartphone. No Internet access, no cool apps, no camera.

Then a light bulb went off. "It's tough as nails! I challenge you to do this with any other phone!" said David as he threw the phone against the wall.

The phone survived. The drywall got a small dent. David got the sales job.

What is the craziest thing that you have done to land a job? Please share in comments.

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