The 8 Things That Are Always Cheaper at Target


There is no arguing the fact that Target has a very loyal following among many shoppers. While they might not always have the lowest prices, they certainly attract consumers who'll happily pay a little extra to avoid the crowded aisles of other discounters.

But there are certain items which are almost always cheaper at Target compared to other retailers. Here are eight such items that'll save you money on your next Target shopping trip. (See also: The Best Store Credit Card: Target REDcard)

(Note: Prices below as of October, 2015.)

1. "Green" Cleaning Products

Not only has Target led the natural cleaning trend over the past few years, but they often do it at a price lower than the competition. For example, Target sells the 28oz bottle of Method All-Surface Cleaner for an affordable $2.99, while Walmart sells the same product for $5.49 and Amazon sells it for $8.00.

Another great example is Green Works laundry detergent in the 90oz size; at Target you'll pay $11.99, while you'll pay $23.27 at Walmart, and $19.21 at Amazon. You'll also find similar savings at Target on other popular natural cleaning brands, like J.R. Watkins, Honest, and Seventh Generation.

2. Kids' Bedding and Decor

When buying bedding for your child's room, your wallet will likely benefit greatly from shopping at Target. You'll find steep savings on sheet and comforter sets, throw blankets, and even decorative pillows. This is especially true when buying "character" bedding from Star Wars, Disney, and Sesame Street. For example, you can purchase the popular Star Wars Classic Twin Sheet Set from Target for $19.79, while you'll have to pay $26.07 on Amazon. If you're shopping for a girl, you'll also save at Target, as you can buy the four-piece Disney Frozen bed set for $31.49 where you'll have to pay $36.97 at Walmart.

3. Photo Frames

When compared to the competition, Target is a great place to shop for picture frames and save money. While they easily beat the price at specialty stores like Michaels and Jo-Ann Fabric, they surprisingly also undercut the likes of Walmart and Amazon. For example, at Target you can buy 8x10 inch frames (set of two for $13.99, while you'll have to pay $19.97 at Walmart and $18.99 at Amazon.

The savings you'll find at Target aren't limited to the popular 8x10 size — it's seen across all picture frame sizes and designs. Plus, they often have coupons available via their Cartwheel app on home items and décor that will bring the price down even further.

4. Beauty Items

Target is where you'll get the most bang for your buck when buying cosmetics and makeup. While prices are generally better at Target when compared to Amazon, Walmart, and Macy's, the real savings comes in the gift card deals they offer. A current example is a free $5 Target gift card when you buy three L'Oreal products. When the gift card is factored into the price, Target easily beats the competition.

Other examples include a free $5 Target gift card with the purchase of three Aveeno items, and buy one, get one for 50% off with all fragrances. Also, be sure to always check for printable Target coupons before you visit to ensure you get the lowest price on beauty items.

5. Name-Brand Baby Gear

Brands like Graco, Britax, and Evenflo are often cheapest at Target. For example, Target currently sells the Graco Pack 'N Play Playard for $59.99 (color: Pasadena), while the cheapest color currently on Amazon is $69.97. The same can be said for the Evenflo High-Back Booster seat; you'll find it for $33.99 at Target and have to pay $39.98 at Amazon$35.98 at Walmart, and $39.99 at Babies R Us. It's always a smart idea to check pricing at Target before buying baby products, as you'll often find the lowest price.

6. Men's Deodorant

Target is a great place to save money on deodorant and anti-perspirant for men. For example, Target sells the two-pack of men's Old Spice High Endurance Deodorant for $3.97, while Walmart sells the same product for $5.97. Also, you can find a two-pack of Axe Phoenix Anti-Perspirant at Target for $6.29, compared to $7.37 at Walmart. I found similar savings on other popular brands like Gillette, Degree, and Dove Men's Care as well.

For whatever reason, women's deodorant is cheaper across the board at Walmart and Amazon. But if you're a guy, or buying for one, purchase from Target and take advantage of the lower prices.

7. Tall Kitchen Bags

This one might seem a bit random, but kitchen trash bags — the tall variety — are 25% cheaper at Target compared to Walmart. Specifically, I'm talking about the store brand at each store. At Target, you can get the Up & Up brand in a 110 count box for $9.99, while you'll pay $12.52 for a box of only 100 bags of the Walmart brand. Both bags received strong customer reviews, making the Target brand a solid buy.

8. Wedding Registry Gifts

Because of the exclusive discounts they offer, wedding registry gifts are simply cheaper at Target. If the wedding couple registered at several stores, and Target is one of them, always choose to shop with them and you'll save. For example, they currently have a discount code (WEDDING20) that is good for 20% off your $100 or more regular-priced wedding registry gift. So if you're buying the couple the KitchenAid Mixer they registered for, you'll only pay $200 instead of $250 — a price that beats all of the major competition.

By the way, having been married for 15 years, I can honestly say that this mixer is the only gift we received that we still use today. It clearly falls under the category of quality items worth the price.

By knowing the items at Target that provide the most savings, you can plan your next trip accordingly and save money. Also, it's worth noting that most of the products listed above provide the same savings in-store as they do online. Happy savings.

What items, if any, do you usually find cheaper at Target compared to other major retailers?

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Guest's picture

20 Mule Team Borax is nearly half the price of any other stores, even when on sale.

Guest's picture

You forgot condoms on this list! Their prices are amazing and so affordable compared to everywhere else.

Kyle James's picture

Even cheaper than Costco?

Guest's picture

CVS is reasonable and even Family Dollar. Even if half of the ones from FD are open, still a great deal.

Guest's picture

The larger Target picture frames are pretty low quality, the wood ones are made from compressed sawdust instead of actual wood. I've had them fall apart and smash to the floor. This may be an instance of you get what you pay for.

Guest's picture

Their up & up brand of diapers is always the cheapest. Plus they often give you gift cards for purchasing diapers in bulk.

Guest's picture

Women, we don't need to pay more for pink packaging and flowery scent. Buy unscented men's deodorant and save. If men's deodorant is cheaper at Target, that's where I'll buy mine in the future.

Guest's picture

My boss claims breakfast cereal is cheaper at Target

Guest's picture

True. Not all of it, all of the time but maybe 1/3 of it comes in under $3 at any given time. They also have a few extra brands that are tough to find elsewhere (Corn Bran for example).

Guest's picture

Also very cheap greeting cards $0.99 for many of them

Guest's picture

Much to my surprise, last time I was in I picked up a few groceries and realized they were cheaper than our local reputed to have the cheapest prices large grocer.

Guest's picture

We were stunned that our IAMs cat food (dry original) is significantly cheaper at our local Target than our local Walmart--like almost $5.00 a bag for the big bag--around $17 (and change)compared to $22 & change. We have 4 cats, so that savings really adds up!

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