The Best Benefits Each Credit Card Bank Offers

By Jason Steele. Last updated 5 January 2021. 0 comments

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Does it matter who your credit card issuer is? Many people look strictly at the rates and rewards offered by a particular credit card, but the issuing bank should be considered, too. Some banks offer exclusive benefits that can be quite valuable and are worth considering when applying for a new card.

Here are the top credit card issuers and the suite of benefits each offers cardholders.

American Express

American Express is highly regarded for offering cardholders myriad benefits and outstanding customer service. With many Amex cards, cardholders enjoy lots of familiar benefits: car rental insurance, extended warranty, return protection, and purchase protection. (See also: The Best Premium Credit Cards Worth the Annual Fee)

Bank of America

There are two unique benefits Bank of America credit cards offer. The first is the free museum pass for the first full weekend of each month at over 200 museums in the country. Additionally, Bank of America customers get bonus rewards. 


Barclays is offering cards that are compatible with the chip and PIN implementation of the EMV smart chip standard. This compatibility can be vital when traveling to Europe and other parts of the world that use it for unmanned transactions such as those at gas stations, toll booths, and at machines that sell train tickets. Like a debit card, credit cards that are compatible with the chip and PIN implementation may require the input of a four-digit personal identification number. This might not seem like a big deal, but it can be huge when you are trying to buy a subway ticket in Paris, or refuel your rental car in Germany, and it won't work unless your card has a PIN number. (See also: The Best Credit Cards to Use While on Vacation)

Capital One

Capital One is known for their quirky and star-studded commercials asking the question, What's in your wallet? Besides offering some of our favorite rewards cards, they've created the exclusive CreditWise app which gives cardholders access to their monthly credit score, a credit simulator that shows how actions can affect that credit score, and other tools and services that help monitor and provide information about credit. Additionally, cardholders get extended warranty, travel accident insurance, auto rental insurance, and zero foreign transaction fees. (See also: The Best Credit Cards That Offer Free Credit Scores)


Chase's Blueprint program may not be widely known, but it's an incredible feature with many of Chase's most popular cards. Blueprint is a benefit available to you at no additional cost that allows you to save money on interest charges in several different ways. Its Full Pay feature lets you avoid interest charges on some purchases by paying them off in full, while carrying a balance on others. You can also use its Split Pay feature to pay off large purchases on a timeframe that you specify. The Finish It feature will calculate the size of your monthly payment based on how quickly you want to pay off your balance. Or you can set the size of the payment that you are able to pay, and see how long it will take to pay it off with that payment. Then, Chase will remind you of your Blueprint payment each month. Finally, Blueprint offers the Track It feature to show your spending trends and help you to create a budget.


Citi credit cards may be lesser known, but they are surprisingly chock full of benefits and services. Citi’s unique benefit is the Price Rewind service, which allows cardholders to receive a refund automatically when a covered item experiences a price drop. To use this feature, simply register your products online, and then Citi will scan advertisements for a lower price that appears within 60 days of purchase. Price differences are automatically applied to your account. If you find a lower price yourself, you can also file a claim. Additionally, Citi cards include purchase protection, return guarantee, extended warranty, car rental insurance, trip cancellation protection, travel accident insurance, roadside assistance, access to cardholder FICO scores, and entertainment services like concierge and exclusive access to events and dining. (See also: The Best Cash Back Credit Cards)


Beside Discover’s award winning customer service, Discover cards have no annual fees, no foreign transaction fees, and no penalty APRs for late payments. In addition to access to your FICO score, cardholders can use the Freeze It feature to turn off their card accounts to prevent purchases. Like Citi, Discover offers a price protection feature that allows you to get a refund of the difference if the price of an item lowers within 90 days. That’s 30 days more than Citi (though Citi’s program is automated after you register your purchase, but you’d have to file a claim with Discover). Discover also offers a return guarantee program that is as good as any other. When you are unhappy with a purchase, and the merchant won't accept the return, you can seek a full refund from Discover, so long as it is a covered item within 90 days of purchase. Extended warranty, auto rental insurance, and flight accident insurance are also included.


USAA Bank is one of the most well-known financial institutions for military servicemembers and their families. Although you do have to be a USAA member to qualify, card benefits include savings and perks specifically for those in the military. These benefits include a rebate for finance charges accrued while serving in a qualified military campaign. USAA credit cards also include access to USAA MemberShop, a free shopping portal where you can earn extra rewards and the availability of qualified experts when you have questions or need assistance preparing for, during, or after deployment. (See also: Best Credit Cards for Military Personnel and Family)

US Bank

US Bank offers a large number of credit cards from low-interest options to cash back and travel rewards credit cards. Some of the extra credit card benefits include emergency assistance when you travel more than 100 miles from home and need medical, legal, or financial help, and entertainment access to tickets for concerts, Broadway shows, and sporting events. US Bank also offers best value guarantee which reimburses you for the price difference if a lower price is found within 30 days of purchasing it with your card. Extended warranty, return protection, car rental loss and damage insurance, and travel accident insurance are all card benefits available with certain US Bank credit cards. Further, US Bank has one of the largest lines of secured cards available for people who are building or rebuilding credit. (See also: 5 Best Secured Credit Cards)

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo offers a broad range of credit cards. Some card benefits include cell phone protection, auto rental collision damage waiver, retail protection, extended warranty, and roadside assistance. For its rewards cards, Wells Fargo offers its GoFar™ Rewards program. Plus, there is a relationship bonus of at least 10% if you bank with Wells Fargo or own a PMA Package with the bank. (See also: Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards)

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