The Big Kahuna of Coupon Books

Have you ever said no to saving money? Probably not since you’re a Wisebread reader! Being able to find the best deals seems to be a hallmark of the American population. Whether it’s saving money on clothing, travel, food, or electronics, Americans are always looking for ways to maximize their consumption. And that’s where Entertainment Books come in...

What is an Entertainment Book?
It's a book chockfull of coupons to local restaurants, stores, and attractions. According to their website, each book has over $15,000 worth of coupons specific to the area of your choice.

What Kind of Coupons are in the Entertainment Book?
Most of the coupons for restaurants and stores are for national brands located in your area, but there is always a delicious assortment of truly local restaurants and stores.

In the restaurant section, you can find coupons for fine dining, casual dining, and fast-food restaurants. Coupons for oil changes, dry cleaning, movies, groceries, and retail are just a few of the discounts that can be found in shopping section of the Entertainment Book.

Entertainment Books also offer a section of coupons for use at national hotel chains, car rental companies, and airlines.

Do the Coupons Expire?
Yes, the book is produced annually, so the coupons in each annual edition are good for the stated calendar year.

How much are Entertainment books?
Entertainment Books retail for $25 - $45 depending on which local book you buy.

However, they are having a huge sale right now! All 2007 books have been discounted to $9.99! One nice dinner or visit to a museum and you’ve paid for the book! If you plan on purchasing the 2008 edition, you can receive a free copy of the 2007 Entertainment Book.

What if I don’t Want or Use All of the Coupons?
Chances are that you will not be interested in every coupon in the Entertainment Book. But, if you have friends who also have Entertainment Book, this is when you engage in a little schoolyard haggling. “I’ll trade you a ‘Buy one, get one admission free at the Children’s Museum’ for a ‘Buy one, get one entrée free at Olive Garden’.”

Can I Purchase an Entertainment Book for More than One Location?
Yes! Whenever I travel, I always purchase an Entertainment Book before I leave. On my last trip to New Mexico, I saved $100 on airfare, $75 on the hotel, and $40 on the rental car. I also saved a total of $83 on local restaurants, attractions, and souvenirs. I paid $42 for the book, but I saved almost $300!

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Guest's picture

Trading entertainment book coupons will definitely help you maximize your savings.

I've used craigslist to do this, and there's also this site: although it isn't very active.

Jessica Harp's picture

I hadn't thought of using Craigslist to trade the coupons...what channel would this be under?

Andrea Karim's picture

Probably under For Sale>Barter.

Guest's picture

I bought an Entertainment book last year. It was during a blow out sale so I took the chance on spending $10 thinking I would easily re-coup the money. Sadly, I have not. The reason is because there are many coupons that I have absolutely no interest in. The ones that I do, have restrictions on them. For example, I saw a Dairy Queen coupon. I thought great, i can save $0.50 on my blizzard, but the savings was a free blizzard for buying a cake. I have no need for a cake, so there goes that coupon.

I never heard of/thought about trading coupons. I'm not sure it would work for me because as I pointed out, there aren't many coupons I would be interested in receiving for a trade.