The Cheapest Way to Get Fit and Strong in 30 Days or Less


Whether you're looking to get fit or just need a change of pace, scoping out gyms can be fun. And if you plan carefully, you could get up to a month (or more!) of gym memberships for free. Below is a list of nationwide gyms that offer low-cost (or even free!) passes up to 30 days in length. Simply start at one club and work your way around the rest to maximize your sweat sessions — and your savings. (See also: Legit Ways to Use the Gym for Free)

If all the gyms on this list are in your area, take full advantage! Just be sure to chat with staff about any terms or conditions that might be site specific. If you live somewhere off the beaten path, don't miss our last tip about sussing out free options in your hometown.

Snap Fitness

Though it's not free, the 24-hour club Snap Fitness offer is too good to pass on. They offer a month (30-day) pass for a small $8.95 admin charge, earning you a "smart card" with access to over 1,500 gyms worldwide. That's just 30 cents a day.

Gold's Gym

A solid week of zero dollars training? Sign me up! Gold's Gym offers a totally free seven-day VIP membership at many of its locations across the country. Terms vary by gym, so be sure to call your local spot before you go.

24-Hour Fitness

No hassle! Sign up online to download a free pass to try 24-Hour Fitness. With 400 locations across the country, you'll likely find one near you.

Bally's Total Fitness

"It only takes seven days to fall in love" with Bally's Total Fitness, or so professes the club's website. Regardless, that's a free week of access for you — complete with exercise instructors, state-of-the-art equipment, and lots of fun classes to try.

LA Fitness

If you'd rather not go it alone, take advantage of LA Fitness and its free three-day pass for you and a buddy. You can even check out this virtual tour of a typical facility before you go.

Anytime Fitness

With 1,981 clubs in North America and 516 across the globe, there's a good chance there's an Anytime Fitness club near you. Best of all: There's "absolutely no obligation" to join if you take advantage of the free seven-day gym pass.


I've been a member of several Ys throughout my region, as their fitness centers feature competitive rates and pool access. And membership to one club gains access to them all. Though passes vary from location to location (for example, Boston offers a free three-day pass and Los Angeles offers a free seven-day pass), it's worth calling your local Y to see what's available in your area.

Your Local Gym

Don't see your gym on this list? Your local options may very well offer you a chance to try their facility for free. All you need to do is ask. Either stop in for a tour or just call ahead to negotiate your perks — just be sure to watch for any hidden fees or strings attached. I once earned a whole week of workouts this way.

Have you taken advantage of the local gym's free trial offer to get in a workout — or seven?

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You could also become fit without going to the gym. Going out jogging and using your body weight for strength exercises will also get you into shape. Going to the gym is not a prerequisite to getting fit.

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Well, certainly. As an avid runner and body weight exercise fanatic, I know this to be true. Though many people wish to have equipment or classes at their disposal for that extra motivation.

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