Wise Bread Spotlight: List of Top Personal Finance Blogs by Women

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I was recently invited by BlogHer to speak on the Blog Monetization Panel at their San Francisco conference.  With over a thousand women bloggers attending the conference, I expected to run into quite a few personal finance bloggers.  The conference planners had the same idea and had set aside a room for a personal finance meet-up.

The meet-up was packed with industry players like BlogHer's business editor Elana Centor (who was a terrific host), Allese Thomson from Wesabe, and PR folks from Edelman. However, other than a couple of Wise Bread writers, no personal finance bloggers attended the shindig.

Why we need to be heard Elana Centor

Many people walked away from that meet-up thinking that women do not care about personal finance.  That is unfortunate because I know there are a lot of great women personal finance bloggers out there.  OK, maybe we're not as visible as our male counterparts.  But the talent level is definitely there.  All we need is to start doing what we do best -- talk to and support each other.

queercents nina

Wise Bread's Spotlight on the Women of Personal Finance

To help women bloggers network with each other, we are starting a series of discussions in our Bloggers Forum focusing on female personal finance bloggers and special blogging challenges faced by women.  I invite everyone to come by and share your thoughts on:

We are also inviting top women bloggers to stop by and share their secrets.  Our very first guest will be the fabulous SVB from The Digerati Life. She'll be answering your blogging and personal finance questions in our forums from 8/11 to 8/17.

Above all this is a chance to network with your fellow women bloggers and let your voice be heard. Visit our forum now and join the conversation! 

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First guest: SVB of Digerati Life

Complete list of personal finance blogs by womenconsuming interest

Readers and journalists often ask me about where they can find more great personal finance blogs written by women.  Over the last two years I have gathered an impressive list of great bloggers.  By sharing it here I hope it will make it easier for women bloggers to find each other and reach a wider audience.

There is no way I can compile a "complete" list (I'm sorry if I accidentally left anyone out).  But I promise to revisit this post once every two weeks to update it with new entries.  If you would like to add a name to the list, please make your nomination in this thread.

Please visit your fellow sister bloggers and subscribe to their feeds!

alpha consumer




barbara stanny





being frugal





blogging away debt





broke ass student





budgeting babe






cakes and ale





chief family officer





debt defier






dollar and sense






everyday goddess






frugal duchess






The frugal girl





kingdom first mom





gluten free frugal





girls just wanna have funds





greener pastures












Mary Webber






millionaire mommy next door






money illusions











smart spending donna





heather green business week





frugal upstate





give me back five bucks





stacking pennies










20 year challenge




 all business




 breaking even




sense to save


Women of Wise Bread

We have a wonderful group of women writers right here on Wise Bread.  Drop by any time to talk finance or blogging with AndreaJulieLinsey, Margaret, Myscha, Thursday, Xin, Carrie and, of course, our always helpful Wise Bread readers.


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I'm sure we didn't get every female personal finance blogger out there.  Tell us about a great blogger (or nominate yourself) and we'll add the links here!

remodeling this life     erica     little space to fill     mom advice


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Where is Jenn of Frugal Upstate? She is one of the first female PF bloggers I found in the blogosphere who inspired me to have my very own blog about Frugality.

Me? Well, I do not qualify because my blog is in my native language Turkish...

Anyway, I congratulate all of the above bloggers for their wise choices in life and being such great inspirations.


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Lynn: Thanks for this post and list of women personal finance bloggers. I wasn't able to make it to the BlogHer conference this year, but attended the last two and found that the money blogs are trumped by the mommy blogs. There's something telling in that statistic. Great idea to start the list and forum! I intend to attend BlogHer 09 -- we should start now to get as many on this list there next year.

Guest's picture

I'll be interested to read all the other blogs on the list!

Guest's picture

Thanks for posting my blog, and for starting this forum. It will be interesting to see what motivates other women to PF blog - or not to PF blog.


There's definitely many blogging women out there, but most seem to focus on family activities, and maybe frugal topics such as coupon cutting or more efficient shopping.


I would have thought that more women do the family finances, but perhaps not.


Best, Lisa

Guest's picture

Hmmm. I commented before but now it seems to have disappeared.

I think the fact that women write about personal finance (mostly) from a personal perspective causes a lot of PF blogs to get classified as other sorts of blogs- family or mommy or giveaways etc- in the minds of the authors. Almost as if there were the attitude that I'm a mom, so it's a mommy blogger talking just a bot about money.

I haven't attended Blogger yet, as it's too far away (I live in France). But I dream about going next year!

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I had no idea there were so many women personal finance bloggers. There are a lot of blogs on the list that I've heard of, but there are a lot I haven't heard of, too.

I think Kelly hit the nail on the head about how women personal finance bloggers sometimes classify themselves as something else. I know I consider my own site a hybrid between personal finance and mom-blogging, even though I almost exclusively write about finance and frugality.

Thanks for including me in your list!

Guest's picture

I agree this is a great list.

Guest's picture

Wow, what an extensive list! Thanks for including me, and I can't wait to start perusing all of these blogs. What a great feature!

Xin Lu's picture
Xin Lu

Oh I always thought Squawkfox was a man. :O

Guest's picture

Even though I know my blog isn't 100% pf-related, it's about 20% full of personal finance posts, it's nice to be included :)

I can't wait to add these other ladies to my reader.

Guest's picture

Thanks for including me on the list.

I'm always thrilled when I find another personal finance blog written by a woman to add to my list. I think the perspective that women bring to personal finance is definitely different than men.

Guest's picture

Thanks for including me... I think there are a few more you might like to add:

Weight Down, Money Up
Give me back my 5 bucks
One Big Mortar Board

Guest's picture

Thanks for including me in the list of female bloggers. It is nice to have this list so I can quickly find other bloggers like myself!!!

Guest's picture

What an amazing list! Many of these ladies have been an inspiration to me as a blogger and many are new to me! I look forward to now perusing everyone's blogs and seeing what else I can learn!

Guest's picture

Thanks for including me ... it totally brightened my afternoon!

Guest's picture

Thanks for including me! It's made my day ten times better and brighter.

I'd like to add some other PF blogs by females:

savingforhome.blogspot.com (SavingDiva)
http://therebutforthegraceofgodblog.blogspot.com/ (she hasn't updated in a few months but her older posts are definitely good to read)
beancounter.blogsome.com (not strictly PF but some aspects of pf, more on the green living side which is sort of frugal/pf right?)

Guest's picture

@Xin Lu I am a woman! :D

I thank you so much for including me.

This is a brilliant idea! The list you provide is filled with amazing, talented, smart, and exceptional women bloggers.

Guest's picture

I forgot to add that Banker Girl should be included.

Guest's picture

Thanks for the mention! Im off to check out the rest of the list!

Guest's picture

Thank you so much for mentioning my blog. I personally consider my blog a money management blog. I approach personal finance as it impacts our household. Our approach to investment is passive, so you won't see me talking about that very much because we are confident on where we are investing our money. My talk about debt is minimal because we don't have any credit card debt. So that leaves me with out household expenses. At the beginning of the year I committed myself to using coupons and tracking how much I save this year by using coupons along. So, yes my website talks about that. I also like to share money saving offers with my readers. but in general I would say my blog is about how our family incorporates living frugally and shopping smart TO THRIVE on one income.

I have noticed that personal finance websites by man get tons of readers. I guess we are still a very conservative culture in that aspect. however it has been shown many times that household finances are controlled most of the time by women.

Guest's picture

Hey, just wanted to thank you for including me in your listing!

Also, you could perhaps consider creating a finwikian page for the listing of female pf bloggers...
or to find more, check out the full compiled list at http://finwikian.com/index.php?title=Personal_Finance_Bloggers
(Mrs. Micah started it!)

Guest's picture

This is a great article and a great list of fantastic women bloggers!

I am honored that my blog is listed among all these great women personal finance blogger.

I can't wait to read the forum as well as read the guest posts!

Guest's picture

Thank you so much for adding me to the list! I think it is wonderful to have so many other women blogging about personal finance. It's great to have a support group of women with the same ultimate goal.

Thanks again!

Guest's picture

What a great list - I had no idea there were so many other women out there writing about personal finance.

And an extra-big thank-you to Kelly at Almost Frugal for mentioning my blog!

Guest's picture

Wow, I'm very honored to be included on this list of financial sites. Thanks so much for the mention, Lynn!

Personal finance has been a passion of mine for over a year now and it's really inspiring to discover so many other female writers out there.

Guest's picture

i think its interesting what one commenter said about womens financial blogs being written from a personal perspective giving the impression that they are mommy blogs or whatever. i find it interesting because trent from the simple dollar writes from a personal perspective but people just accept it as is, without putting him the same camp of 'personal blogs'.

Guest's picture
Al Pal

Great list. I'm encouraged to start reading right away.

I'm glad you included Squakfox - I've started soaking my own beans and am enjoying every minute of it.

Guest's picture

I would definitely add MoneySavingMom.com to your list. Though Crystal is one of the most humble bloggers I know, she must have the highest traffic of any female blogger writing about money.

While some of Money Saving Mom's posts are deal-alerts and coupon strategies, you'll also find meaty, real-world advice in the philosophy of Dave Ramsey.

I've always found it more inspiring to read how other families are actually living below their means than just another bullet-pointed list of tips on personal finance.

Guest's picture

Thanks for including Don't Mess With Taxes. It's an impressive list of which I am very proud to be part. I know we all hate paying taxes, but they are indeed a critical component of financial planning.

As for women and financial blogging, this is a topic that's been knocked about for a while. Almost a year ago, it was discussed on BlogHer, as referenced in my post on Women, men and money.

And I guess we're all still struggling with it.

I'm sorry I missed BlogHer's conference and your panel, but I just couldn't make time for it. I'm hopeful I can make the next one.

And I'll definitely stop by the forum and add my blogging experiences from a tax geek financial perspective!

Guest's picture

OK, I don't think my link above to Women, men and money took, so here it is:



Guest's picture

I agree with Meredith here. Crystal from "Money Saving Mom" maintains a really fabulous blog. You can't miss her on this list.

Also among the ones that I keep going to is freebies4mom.com maintained by heather, she does a great job of listing all the freebies and samples for her readers, I don't know whether it's a fit for this list, but its a great blog to check out.

Lynn Truong's picture

Thank you so much for your generous responses. You guys have made some great suggestions. Please keep them coming! I'll be going over them this weekend and add them to the list.

I apologize again for unintentionally leaving off anyone. But the great thing about this list and ongoing discussion is that it is designed to grow bigger and better. With your help we can make sure every blogger out there gets the recognition they deserve. :)

Guest's picture

Very cool list! I've learned a lot from these ladies over the last few months and I hope to be included in this group next time around.

Guest's picture

I'm so flattered to be included on the list! Tax is an area that's often dominated by male bloggers - so it's nice to be recognized in this way.

I think it's so important for women to be involved in finance. I can't tell you how many times women have sat in my office in tax trouble uttering, "I had no idea" over and over...

I would encourage all women to be proactive and to learn as much as possible about personal finances, including taxes. It doesn't have to be scary or boring. You just need the right resources: this list of blogs and the forums are great places to start.

(PS - a Math Question for CAPTCHA, how fitting - except for the part where it told me that 10+8 did not equal 18. Is this new math?)

Guest's picture

I read a lot of these femme finance bloggers. I'm looking forward to reading those I haven't seen.

I agree that many times women PF bloggers feel compelled to be "mommy bloggers" as well, and that can, at times trump other aspects of female blogging.

At any rate, I am excited to go to BlogWorld this year, and hope to be able to hit BlogHer next year.

Guest's picture

Thanks for posting this list! BTW digerati life's avatar rawks!

Guest's picture
Debbie M

You have most of my favorites, but not 20 Year Challenge.

Here is her family's mission: "By August of 2027 we will achieve total financial freedom via savings and responsible investments. We will accomplish this while living in an ecologically sound and socially conscious manner. We will have bought land, built a home, and have children. If we ever own a vehicle, it will be the most environmentally friendly model available on the market. Most importantly, we will NEVER employ the credit industry to accomplish our goals."

It's not an easy or ordinary mission and makes for some very interesting reading.

Guest's picture

Thank you for including me in the list :)

Guest's picture

My fascination with personal finance started with my friend Stacy, who writes Birds and Bills. Coincidentally, just as I was getting into reading about personal finance, I accepted a job in the financial industry. Through both avenues I picked up a pretty solid personal-finance education.

After a couple of years, I realized I'd begun to have ideas that I wasn't seeing elsewhere, and Pocketmint was born!

Guest's picture

Thank you for including my blog on your list. Unfortunately, you called it Things you may want to know instead of Things you may want to know.

Guest's picture

When I put the word not in bold it disappeared from my comment for some reason. So, we will try this again.

You have my blog listed as Things you may *not* want to know, it is actually called Things you may want to know.

Thank you

Guest's picture

Thanks so much for including me on this list! I love being a part of the women's personal finance blogging community -- we are a fabulous bunch of ladies! :)

Guest's picture

Thanks for including me on this great list!

Guest's picture

Honored to be included! Thank you!

Guest's picture

... women personal finance bloggers!!! Thanks for the extensive list! I don't have much time these days to keep up with the blogging world, but I *know* I will keep returning to this list as time permits to check out some of these sites! Thanks for your effort in consolidating them in one place!

Guest's picture

O wow! I'm really honored to be included. I really should check my logs more often. I'll stop by the forums later tonight or tomorrow.

Guest's picture

Any way to get my site, PoorerThanYou.com, added to this list? It's a great list and I would love to be included!

Guest's picture

Thanks so much for including me on the list! I'm honored!

Guest's picture

Thanks for including me on the list. BlogHer was far away, and I think a lot of PF women bloggers are pretty frugal (at least the ones I read are). I would really like to meet some of the others though, maybe we could do a more regional meet up or workshop in the Midwest? I'm still trying to figure out how we fit within BlogHer and learn how to benefit from the network... this is a great push in that direction!

The Budgeting Babe

Guest's picture

Wow. I know I'm late but thank you so much for including me on the list. There's not many of us Brits, but you all make us feel very welcome.

Guest's picture

Wow, what an extensive list! Thanks for including me, and I can't wait to start perusing all of these blogs. What a great feature !

Guest's picture

Can’t state enough how important the sacrifices that go into wealth creation are.

Curious if anyone has caught this book yet? “The Richest Man in Town” by W Randall Jones. I’ve read half of it so far and let me tell you it is well worth it. Would like to hear what everyone else thought of it?


Guest's picture

Thanks for the exhaustive list. Will check them out. It's great to see so many women taking the lead on personal finance.

Guest's picture

Thanks so much for including my blog! I know I'm not nearly as PF savvy as the majority of the ladies on this list...but I don't count myself as a 'mommy' blogger either. We're just trying to get rid of our debt!!

What a fabulous list - can't wait to check out the ones I haven't read yet!

Guest's picture

That is a big event for women.

Guest's picture

Thanks for this!  What about Erin Lozano at GreenSherpa?



Guest's picture

Great list of female bloggers! I read a lot of them but there were many news ones on there that I haven't seen. Thanks for sharing!

Guest's picture

Thanks for putting this list of bloggers together! The world of finance absorbs my thoughts and time - specifically, discussions on companies/stock worth purchasing. Although, alot of these links sound interesting would still like to focus current attention on where to invest a little extra money.

It would be great, if a quick summary could be posted along with the link!
Again, thank you so much for putting this together in the first place! Am looking forward to reviewing the many links!!!