The hidden beauty secrets of the stars.


So, why is a bald guy with no use for hair products and make-up writing about beauty secrets? Good question, right? But as an ad man, it's extremely helpful to know Hollywood secrets that I can use in the low-budget shoots I often attend. If we can get our actors, actresses and models to look like a million buck while spending just a few of our own, well, that means a lower budget for the client. And that is always important.

I have spent a while collecting little tips and tricks that are based around health and beauty. And I figured the good readers of Wisebread deserve to know them, too. So here they are, in all their glory. Enjoy.

1 - The secret hair tonic of Paris Hilton and other big stars.

2 - Shiny hair from a jar of mayo - from Rachel Ray.

3 - A M.A.C. pro shows you the secret of a Smokey Eye

4 - A Ford model's secret facial scrub

5 - Home-made anti-aging face mask.

6 - Style guru shows you how to get effective hair lift.

7 - The art of the pageant make-over.

Fabulous photo by Strochka . Thanks.

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And here I was thinking it was Photoshop...

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good post, but pageant "beauty" is always scary!

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This post is regarding the beauty secrets and here it explained very excellently all about the new trend, I hope this post brings very good shine over many people.

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None of the videos are viewable.

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I love YouTube makeup and beauty tutorials.
One of my favourite celeb tips is false eyelashes to make your eyes "pop".

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Oh for ****'s sake, I want to read a concise list with further reading as an option, not be forced to watch TV for ages just to get a few facts in an inefficient manner! Why does EVERYTHING have to be in video format? Is it for illiterate people?

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