The Inanity of my Humanity (and why I choose to share it on Wisebread)

I was researching and writing a "serious" post over the weekend when I read some interesting links that immediately made me think "Wise Bread." Though the connection between them and chic, frugal living wasn't clear from the get-go, I was able to figure it out enough to share with the class. Please save all comments about my craziness until the end of the post.

1. David Beckham

Now, David Beckham doesn't usually remind me of Wise Bread-ish themes. He tends to live lavishly, and he's very metro in his dress and demeanour that I wouldn't generally like him at all. However, a little reflection helped me realize that he's also one of the reasons I think we should all be frugal with our talents and abilities. He's an amazing footballer and, unlike many amazing footballers, is also fun to watch. But he didn't get there overnight. He invested time, energy and money well, and his ability to "bend it" is the reward we all get from that investment. Whether you like soccer or not, this seems like a case where investing deeply, intentionally, and seriously in something really paid off.

2."Correct Me if I'm Wrong"

One jerk phoned in his critical opinion on an article for The Chronicle. Note: After I wrote this, it came to my attention that there's some skepticism regarding the legitimacy of this call. I share anyway because the point still stands, and because, if it isn't legitimate, it's darn funny!

While this caller is funny in that "annoying as hell" sort of way, he also demonstrates why we should all strive to be healthy, whole people through a frugality of our words and actions. As I've written about before, frugality has to do with more than how we spend our money — it's an attitude, a lifestyle, something that pervades how we live. If this caller is serious, then he seriously needs to learn frugality of speech, so he can stop spewing his words all over the place, say what he means to say, and get out of there.

Now you can tell me I'm crazy.

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Will Chen's picture

I generally put down football every chance I get (it's the American thing to do) but I have to admit I really enjoyed that highlight clip. 

If you are a Beckham fan you might want to check out his interview on the Ali G show (warning, a bit offensive).  =)