The Lazy Environmentalist Teaches Us to Be Green (with little to no effort)

Josh Dorfman is no doubt a friendly guy.  He also has great aspirations to make our planet a better place by practicing good stewardship and taking care of the world around us.  Josh is also no dummy.  He realizes that the top challenges we face in the battle against overconsumption and waste is time and effort.  So what if a one guy could make it easier, faster, and quicker to go green?  He has done just that. 

In his new book The Lazy Environmentalist on a Budget: Save Money, Save Time, Save the Planet, Josh goes deeper into the world of slothful conservation by focusing on those things are also affordable.  His upcoming Sundance Channel show (scheduled to debut on June 16 at 9pm) guides subjects gently into a greener lifestyle buy showing them eco-hacks that even the most time-crunched can manage.  Josh also has a conversational tone that makes interviewing him a joy.  Here’s what we recently chatted about during our pre-taped interview, scheduled to air live tonight at 8pm on Blog Talk Radio: 

  • What is your motivation to go green?  Josh openly admits that “guilting” people into adopting more eco-conscious lifestyle choices simply doesn’t work.  Rather than shaming people into bettering the world, it’s easier (and more effective) to educate and equip them with no-nonsense tools that are truly easy to employ.  The simpler, the better, he explains.
  • What products on the market today are designed to meet my needs?  Instead of reinventing the wheel, Josh stands behind the efforts of many major brands to get cleaner and more responsible with what they are already doing.  Hear his recommendations for stuff you can pick up at the store every day. (They are surprisingly not that expensive!)
  • How can I connect with others who share my interest in the environment?  Josh gives a few “social-networking” tips for addressing the needs of everyday environmentalists, including carpool connections via Facebook. 

You’ll enjoy hearing that simple living, frugality, and green choices can all co-exist (and even help to support one another!) His book is a great read, giving practical and well-explained tips for better living, but also providing hundreds of online resources to getting the job done.  Josh is all about efficiency and fun – two things I sometimes struggle with! 

Listen tonight to our interview with Josh Dorfman on Blog Talk Radio at 8pm CST (or catch the podcast subscription after the show.) Earth Day may be over, but our responsibility to keeping it clean is forever.  Learn how to do it easy and cheap with The Lazy Environmentalist!

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Andrea Karim's picture

Two of my favorite things: laziness and environmentally conscious people! Yayness!

Guest's picture

The hardest part in being environmentally conscious is truley understanding what our big businesses are providing to us. I think people forget that oil is not just used to make gas. Every bit of plastic is made from petroleum products, the resin for those containers, the cleaning solution in the plastic container, fertilizers, paints and even medicines. It is all oil. It is kinda ironic to go to the farmers market and see all these people buying organic produce and putting it into plastic bags...