The Magic Marker Money Safe


I've never tried a money-belt. I've nevr had enough cash to put in one to be honest. But when I lived in London I was mugged three times, and this little beauty would have saved me a stack of cash.

It's a great idea. The video shows you everything you need to do, and trust me, it's not a lot. All you need is...

  • 1 magic marker or dry erase pen
  • 1 flat-tipped screwdriver
  • 1 pair of needlenose pliers
  • 1 stack of cash
  • About 90 seconds of your time

That's it! When you're done, you'll have a great place to hide your dough and I doubt anyone would be petty enough to steal your marker pen. It still works like a marker pen too. This tip was brought to you by Paul Michael Security Corp. (alas, I don't know the author of the original clip, he has chosen to remain all true fighters of crime).

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Little tricks like this pop-up on the net regularly. Although I love the ingenuity of the creator of some of these, I can't help but admit that if I were to ever utilize these security tips to safe-store my valuables or money, I would no longer need to be weary of thieves. The thing I would need to worry about is me forgetting what is stored where.