The most important FREE piece of paper you'll ever receive.

By Paul Michael on 22 September 2008 19 comments
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It is the foundation for the way the United States Government is organized. It is the supreme law of the U.S. And It was adopted on September 17th, 1787 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It’s the United States Constitution, and you can get your hands on a free copy with free shipping .

I don’t need to tell you why this document is so important. The Constitution has held up for over two centuries and is the defining document of the U.S. Government. Right now, as both the Democrats and Republicans spar over the Presidency, one thing should never change…and that is the President’s duty to uphold the Constitution.

In recent times, many people have become concerned about the violation of the Constitution. Usually, the arguments surround The Patriot Act.  But you cannot defend the Constitution unless you know what is in it. And it’s up to us to arm ourselves with that knowledge. I’m ashamed to say that I have been living in the United States for almost eight years and have never read the Constitution. Well, I’m changing that right now.


I have just ordered a copy of the Constitution of the United States, combined with The Declaration of Independence, FREE from The Heritage Foundation . You don’t pay shipping either. So, you really have no excuse not to pick up a copy. The Heritage Foundation will send you multiple copies if you need them, which is especially useful for teachers and scout leaders. If you’re ordering just one, simply put your name in the Organization/Group box.

Grab a copy, keep it handy. Whatever happens in the upcoming election, we cannot allow any administration to find ways around the document that makes the United States a bastion of freedom.

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I thought non-partisan meant unbiased... not "makes up things."

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The Heritage Foundation is a conservative think tank. I don't want my name on their mailing list. I'll be fine Googling the Constitution and printing it out on my own.

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the Bush quote? Well, it was reported in more than just one place. I linked to the most non-partisan site I could find. As I repeated several times in the article, this is not about supporting a party. This is about knowing the content of this crucial U.S. document. But, I'll remove it in the interests of keeping this article focused on the main point...knowing the Constitution. And I really don't care who is giving it away, I'll take a copy thanks.

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Thanks for the post..

One nit to pick.. Check your facts; raise your credibility. Bloggers have a responsibility too. Once you put something in writing and it makes it's way out into the 'inkernet', you perpetuate misinformation. Even though you retracted it, the original text is still in many newsreaders (it was in mine :).

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Has a free app of the Constitution - works great.

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There are so many places you can get a free copy of both these documents. Why get it from an ultra-conservative right wing group like the Heritage Foundation? A group that has supported Bush/Cheney in every thing they do and claim that Democrats hate America? They are a diseased group of people, I wouldn't be surprised if they edit out all the sections on civil liberties, process of going to war, and due process but bold the second amendment on the right to bear arms (though edit out the part that says its in order to keep a well regulated militia). Why on earth would you want to be on their mailing list? Expect a lot of right-wing propaganda junk mail.

I didn't realize you'd be pushing right-wing propaganda on this site, I am done with it and it is off my RSS feed.

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In fact, quite the opposite, I am very left-wing. But if a right-wing organization wants to spend their money educating us on this important document, isn't that a good thing? It's not a right-wing spin on it, it's simply a pocket-sized reprint of the document. If you know of another place to get a free copy of the Constitution, with free shipping, let me know. I think it's a little silly to dump a whole blog based on one article that was not trying to push any agenda. But, it's your call.

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Paul, you are right on the mark with the last two sentences.

It's not a matter of right or left, it's about right and wrong. I don't care if it was the Communist Party giving away free copies of the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration, so long as its contents are identical to that of the actual documents.

I feel that we as Americans have lost touch with what are rights and responsibilities are as citizens. With everything going on in the world, I want to be armed with knowledge to fight off potential threats of removing my freedoms.

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Paul, its a good thing you've done here. Don't let the close-minded spoil it for you. I'm very liberal but I'm also smart enough to use a disposable email addy and a po box for such things. LOL if they want to pay postage, let them! I full intend on making good use of the pocket sized versions and not going to fuss about the who/what/why of it. Just take them for what they're worth for heavens sake. Geez people.

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Wait, wait... name a liberal group that will send out a free copy postage paid.

Thought so...

There isn't one.

The constitution is absolute genius created by genius. It created a limited constitutional government bound by laws. Unfortunately, it's been gutted by both the Dems & Repubs.

Everyone should read it and understand it. Who cares who sends it out?

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You know as someone who spent years in the classroom, I was often limited not only on my ordering budget, but on my photocopying budget as well.

If someone is willing to mail me multiple copies so I can have a classroom set of such a relevant document for classroom study, I say: Ya. Hoo. And so, I'm sure will many other classroom teachers. It's tough to find 25 (or more) copies of something to use for a group study. And to have a preserved photocopied set would require sheet protectors and binders. Not exactly free, at least from a teacher's perspective.

If there are other sources, I would think people would feel free to post those in their comments, but I haven't seen that. Paul hasn't asked anybody to agree with any type of agenda. He's simply pointed out a freebie. If others know of other sources, than I would hope they would just let the rest of know rather than accusing someone of something that they haven't done.

By this reasoning, any non-republican would not order even a free government copy of anything they are entitled to, right? Since that's the party that's been in office for the past eight years? I'm not seeing the reasoning behind the attacks on Paul, here. And I'm not saying anything anti-Repbublican. Just pointing out what I see as flawed logic.

Why can't we all just be grateful he pointed out a great freebie? If the agenda from this source isn't something you agree with, fine. And if folks really have issues with being on that particular mailing list, fine. There are really much better ways to point that out, and as I've stated already, provide a link to another source if you really have an issue.

Sorry to sound like such an irate mother hen, but we all work hard here, guys. You're all free to disagree, certainly. We support free speech here, even when comments might be a bit hurtful at the end of a long, exhausting day. Since everyone here supports the rights and feelings of our valued readers, let's all try to give Paul the respect he deserves. Not trying to speak for everyone, just putting out a request for manners and moderation.

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Thanks, Paul. I am a retired classroom teacher and appreciate the opportunity to get a free copy of the Constitution. I ordered 5 copies so that I can give them to family members.

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You can a free copy off of the internet! :)

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Thanks for the link. I can't believe all the hate you're getting in the comments.

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Funny how the hate emanates from so-called Liberals.

The liberal prizes emotion. The conservative prizes logic. Neither is right or wrong but, if too far to one side or another, unbalanced.

So many minds closed to alternatives.

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...You have to respect that they are doing a good deed.
Thanks for this post, I'm sending in for my copy of the Constitution.

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We should send a copy to the White House. I don't think they're familiar with such a document....

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I second that motion

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Eh, the Heritage Foundation can have me on their mailing list if they want. What's that going to do to me? It's not like any conservative propaganda they send is going to cause any issues. I'm going to order some and be grateful for the opportunity to hand them out to family members who THINK they know what the Constitution says.