The one site you must visit before buying anything online. Period.

By Paul Michael on 28 February 2008 23 comments

Friends, deal hounds, bargain hunters, lend me your ears; if ye don't know about the best coupon site on the web, bar none, then this will indeed be a most glorious day for thee (sorry, I'm really not Shakespeare). But in all seriousness, there is one site I have bookmarked that I visit before I buy anything online, ever. And you should, too.

The site in question is called It's brought to you by the same folks who invented (a great way to get logins for sites without having to register).


I have been using it with immense success for over a year and it's already saved me hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. I personally believe it's the ultimate coupon code site, which is saying a lot in a day and age when those sites are everywhere. is very user friendly, has a great user interface, complete with thumbnails of the sites you're looking for, and has more codes in one place than any other site I've used.


Better still, people vote on the success of the codes submitted. Some get a 100% success rate, others 60% (when you get one of those lesser codes to work, a strange sense of Mr. Burns rubbing his hands with glee comes over you). I also have a Widget installed on my Mac desktop for even quicker access to the savings. When there are deals around, there's no time to lose. Expiration dates come around all to quickly.


I would write more, but there's really no point. It's simple to use, it's essential for anyone shopping online and it's a site I visit and use daily. And before anyone asks, this is not a paid endorsement...unless you count the serious cash the site has already saved me.

Onwards people...the coupons are waiting, you will save money.

(video below courtesy of ABC 15)


NOTE: For those of you with Firefox, there is a retailmenot add-on that is invaluable. You can download it here , as always it's a free download. Gotta love Firefox.


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I love the firefox extension for retailmenot. I try to remember to go look for coupon codes before I go to buy something online but frequently forget. I bought some things at Eddie Bauer during the holidays, they already had free shipping but found a 15% coupon I could use on top of that. The pants were already buy one get on half price.

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I have been using RetailMeNot for a while now and I LOVE it! I use it to find coupon codes that I would have no idea about and have saved probably hundreds of dollars just by using this site!

I too strongly recommend it and have it as a link on my blog (very few sites get that "honor.").

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I use the brand new site: they have much newer coupons. They give you better percentages off than retailmenot. I strong recommend this site, and it will fix and bodies endless pit that they call a wallet. Make sure to check it out before making any online purchases.

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I just read your comment and had to go visit it is better than you say it is. It will save me tons of money and i will always use it now over retailmenot. i agree that this site is great, and i say that everybody should use it. Thanks

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I used RetailMeNot to find Godaddy coupons when renewing my domain names. I was surprised they had coupons for that! Goes to show, it never hurts to take a minute to check.

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I can count on one hand the number of times they didn't have a coupon for a store. And in those instances, no-one else did either.

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I love bugmenot and retailmenot a lot. On the same token you can get a disposable email address (good for 24 hr) in order to access a website that requires you to register by asking your email address. Just give them and viola you are in.

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Xin Lu

I used retailmenot to save $80 off my wedding albums from Snapfish.  I ended up paying $30 per album.  It's pretty awesome

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Karen Zukerman

I'm a big fan of online coupon web sites, and I keep a list of them in a "favorites" folder so that I can access them easily. It's definitely worth the time to take a quick look for a code. Some stores never have codes, but it's all free information. Another site that I use a lot is They have some exclusive codes, including exclusive
GoDaddy coupon codes
and an exclusive
Snapfish coupon code
(which have both been mentioned here).

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So I'm guessing that Firefox extension also tracks your browsing and shopping habits? I hate when that happens. Yes, it's a sin to buy ANYTHING online without checking for a coupon code. I've had the best luck though by googling "coupon code" and then the name of the retailer. I've found some obscure codes this way, sometimes buried on page three or four. You have to be a bit persistent sometimes and not give up right away. I routinely find codes on message boards and other places, you wouldn't think to look! Give it a try!

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I like The Bargainist too they have printable coupons for bricks and mortar shops too

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That looks pretty sweet. I love bugmenot so the fact that those are the people behind it means a lot. Otherwise it would just be "another" coupon site.

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before I wasted money on the products I just wrote about in my latest blog post, "High-quality consumer products are hard to find."

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before I wasted money on the products I just wrote about in my latest blog post, "High-quality consumer products are hard to find."

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I usually just Google 'coupon code' and the merchant name. Retailmenot is often one of the top two or three site listed, but you can sometimes find other coupon codes on other sites.

Also, the firefox plugin uses an internal database that is updated weekly, so it doesn't track your browsing habits at all.

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Guest They list coupons, web deals, and also special sales.

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Great tip. Another useful site is which has thousands or items going for half price or less.

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Until I got the link for RetailMeNot via's daily computer tips (free, of course), I googled "coupon code" and the store in question every. single. time I shopped online. I would strongly suggest that users also share coupon codes we're mailed and emailed, and use the feedback buttons, to give something back to this wonderful site. The only thing that's better is my cashback links (email me, Oh Wise Wisebreads, if you'd like them - since I earn from referrals, I don't want to post the links here and risk disobeying the Terms of Use).

Thanks, too, for the BugMeNot URL, which - seriously - I hadn't looked at, according to my stumbles, for a full eleven months.

(I'm WAY behind here, but checked my Google Reader because I'm sending some of my favorite blogs to my massage therapist, who will use your hints even more than I will!)

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Very useful tips from all the comments. I'd add that in addition to you google 'coupon code' and look up discount offers listed at RetailMeNot, does a good job of filtering out invalid expired offers. I highly suggest visiting the above sites all before making your final purchase decision. For women shoppers, make a lot of sense and is a great place not to miss. Its name is easy to remember too.

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A good, family-friendly site for saving money, getting online discounts is

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I picked up some nasty spyware on this site (
-- either as a driveby or from downloading the firefox extension mentioned above, not sure which.

It's redirecting my google searches, and so far, anti-spyware software has not detected it.

So beware.

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I have used since ages and it has been great. The, coming from them, should be even better.

Thanks for the video. Its helped a lot.

Thank you for sharing this info.

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I love RetailmeNot, but if you are looking for online coupons and fire sale deals in one place - go to
You can find coupons by store or by category (like: car rental coupons)