The Secret Really Does Have A Secret (or Ten Tenets for Arranging Your Rich - Part 3)

By Kate Luther on 22 June 2009 11 comments

There's been a ton of debate over whether or not The Secret is worth your time, so let's put it to rest right now: The Secret really does have a "secret", but most of us are missing it.

For those of you that aren't familiar with The Secret, its message isn't really new. In fact, there's some world-renowned self-help gurus that have been preaching about manifestation for years.

And this is where the debate begins: are we really to believe that we can simply manifest things into our lives? That if we "desire" wealth, then wealth we shall have? That everything that happens to us is the result of our own thoughts, whether conscious or otherwise?

Well, yes and no.

See, some people read this and say, "ok, so all I have to do is meditate on money and I'll get rich".

And yet others read this and say, "oh, please... I didn't ask for the flat tire. I didn't ask to have the flu and I certainly didn't ask to work a crappy job for minimum wage."

And I see your point. I wouldn't ask for those things either.

But the secret to manifesting money (or anything else for that matter) isn't some magic mojo that makes good things just "appear" in your lap.

Quite the contrary, the idea behind positive thought is that it motivates you into positive action. And with positive actions, you're much more likely to see some positive results.

Years ago, my husband and I went to the West End in downtown Dallas to enjoy a leisurely lunch and just walk around. If you've never been to the West End, it was a little self-contained area full of retail shops, bars, restaurants and even a movie theater. The roads were brick and cars weren't allowed on the main street so you could just walk up and down without worrying about getting ran over by some guy trying to make the light.

Anyway, as we were coming out of the restaurant, we noticed a large group of people standing in the street cheering and clapping. Curious, we ventured over to see what was going on.

At one end of the crowd was a stack of cardboard boxes and I mean, they were stacked - maybe 8 foot high. At the other end of the crowd was this guy - shorter than me (I'm 5'6"), hunched down like a runner might be while waiting for the race to start.

Everyone's yelling and we're standing there trying to figure out why. And then it hits me:

He's going to try and jump those boxes.

No way, I'm thinking. There's just no way.

The guy jumps up and down a few times then takes off running. About halfway, he launches into a couple of flip-flops (head over feet over head), hits the ground hard with his feet and jumps into the air, somersaulting over the boxes.

The boxes never moved.

My point? Well, besides the fact that it makes for a really good story, the only difference between me and that guy was that I looked at the boxes and said "no way". But he looked at them and said, "yeah, I can do that."

Yes, he probably had quite a bit of practice but he had to have that positive perspective in order to even attempt it. I've wanted to do an aerial (cartwheel with no hands) since I was in grade school yet I never really put any effort into making that little wish a reality for me. Obviously, visualizing myself doing such an impressive feat is nice but if I really want to add this little trick to my resume, I'll need to go outside and physical practice until I get it right.

And the same is true here.

Manifesting wealth doesn't stop with a little meditation or a money-oriented mantra. The idea of "drawing wealth to you" doesn't necessarily mean that a million bucks will just magically appear in your bank account. And if it does, you might wait on spending it... I hear the banks are pretty good about finding those kinds of errors lickity split.

What it does mean however, is that maybe you begin to attract new opportunities to increase your income and thereby grow your overall wealth. Maybe you get a new job offer. Maybe you make the leap and launch that online store you've been talking about. Or maybe you just get really committed to saving and paying off your debts. In any case, you're going to see some positive results.

Yes, to manifest wealth or anything else for that matter, you must first believe that you deserve it. Why? Because if you don't stop that nagging little voice in your head that can't stop whining about how bad everything is, you're never going to be able to approach life with a fresh perspective. This is where the meditation and positive thinking comes in. You are literally "opening" yourself up to new possibilities. You are saying to yourself and the Universe that you're ready to start living again instead of just going through the motions.

But this is where most people stop.

They've meditated. They've practiced some positive self-talk and then they wait. Anyday now... money is just going to start falling out of the sky. It will... I visualized it so it will happen.

Unfortunately, when it doesn't rain money, they get discouraged and one of two things happens: either they meditate harder (I'm just not doing it right) or they throw in the towel and come away with an even poorer outlook than they had going in (see? even the Universe is screwing me over!)

What they should do instead is start looking for ways to turn those visualizations into real actions.

This is what our greatest mentors have meant when they said "I make my own luck".

You make things happen. You look for new ways of doing things and new ideas that could put you a little further along on your metaphorical path. You open yourself up to the notion that "anything is possible" and at some point you realize that anything is.

And that is when things will start to happen.

Not because you visualized them in your head but because you put yourself in a position to take advantage of new things when they come along.

So, what does all this have to do with "living large on a small budget"?

Well, maybe the budget doesn't have to be so small after all. Maybe "living large" also includes getting the most out of life which would certainly be achieved by taking new risks and opening yourself up to new opportunities.

Or maybe, just maybe, it really is an essential step in arranging your rich. After all, how many millionaires do you know who got that way by thinking "I can't"?

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I think you've described quite clearly why "The Secret" (aka the law of attraction) is complete garbage.

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I am a avid believer in "The Secret" and there are so many that roll their eyes when I try to explain it to them. My very religious friend was told by her pastor that it was a bunch of nonsense and she promptly handed the book back to me.

Your article was right on target. It is not only to believe but to move forward with your own action as well. You cannot become a hermit and expect someone to come to your door without lifting a finger. You need to move yourself in the direction of what you want... but first you must believe that nothing can stand in your way of that goal. Once you release the mind, the body follows and your goals are attained.

Well done!

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You're right, money doesn't just appear b/c you meditate everyday and I don't think that's the core "belief" of "the Secret" anyway...but, if you keep telling yourself you can't get a better paying job, can't save money, can't get out of debt, etc. Guess what? You can't and you won't.

Sometimes, a book like "The Secret" might lead or help a person get to a book like "Your Money or Your Life." You never know!

Well put and great post. Thanks!

Kate Luther's picture

Thanks for your comment Prufock. Actually, while The Secret does introduce some principles of LOA, it doesn't go into enough detail which was the point of this post. I didn't really intend to bash The Secret or LOA - quite the contrary, I wanted to point out that "thinking" isn't enough - you have to participate in the future you want to create. I hope that clarifies things a bit more... I don't see LOA as garbage - I actually think it works but I also believe that action is a key component of effecting any kind of change.

Kate Luther's picture

I'm glad you enjoyed the post and your comment is exactly what I was saying... positive thinking is great - it puts you in the right emotional state of mind to succeed - but you have to act or you won't see any results. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!

Kate Luther's picture

Books like The Secret serve as a great introduction to the law of attraction and other books such as the one you mentioned, so I applaude thier ability to "break the metaphysical ice"... I do a lot of writing in the law of attraction community and I've found that the number one thing people want to manifest is money. I've also found that most of the people who are frustrated with LOA are those that are meditating and visualizing like crazy but ignoring the opportunities for change. And that was the point I wanted to make here.

I agree with you - attitude is everything. Thanks for reading and keep those comments coming :)

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It requires effort and more than just positive thinking or sending positive vibrations out into the world..

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I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction and I think you've hit the nail on the head here. The most important part is keeping positive and having an open mind. I think one of the hardest thing for people to get over when trying to apply the LOA is while they don't genuinely believe that they deserve what it is they're thinking on and miss the opportunities that arise. Nothing is going to fall into any one's lap, but truly believing you're deserving and keeping an open and positive mind, it's absolutely incredible what will come your way.

Great post, thank you!

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Positive thinking that leads to positive action is dramatically valuable.

Believing in vibes that you send out to the universe and receive back good or bad depending is a load of fluff of nonsense for people with nothing more to believe in, and often little desire to take positive actions, to rest their hope upon.

The Secret is a joke. The real secret is as posted by the author, to believe and let that belief move you to achieve.

Nora Dunn's picture
Nora Dunn

Thanks Kate, for this great post. What a fabulous read - great perspective.

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I have been using the law of attraction for about a year now. I was in a dead end job and had two small children to look after. My mind was so focused on the debt I had to pay and the dead end job. Then I changed all that. I have been living in a state of positive thinking for the better part of this past year. That is not to say I don't have negative thoughts ever, but that I channel my energy to be positive and I work hard to see the good in all situations. And, guess what, I have things falling in my lap left and right. I started by visualizing a white feather, that I desearved it. When I found the exact feather sitting on my car, I saved it as a reminder that I can do this. Now, I am starting a business with two other women and I am watching the universe bend over backwards to keep it coming. I am working harder now than I ever worked, the difference is, I am doing something that I want to do, not because of the money but because of my passion. I am meeting contacts from so many angles and I just keep on keeping myself open!

I think it is also important to remember to be grateful. I always say thank you when I get a green light or when I meet a new person that has something to offer. I am always givign thanks to the universe and being grateful for all it has offered me.