The Wise Bread Rewards Maximizer Finds the Best Credit Card for You

By Amy Lu. Last updated 31 March 2015. 0 comments

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Credit cards have been around for 65 years, and the number of credit card options available to consumers today is in the hundreds. When choosing a credit card, the rates and fees are very, very important factors to think about, but they aren't the only ones. With so many rewards offers to choose from, why not pick one (or two) that gives you the most cash back, most airline miles, or the best perks?

Oh, right. There are so many rewards offers to choose from. And you can't just look at the rewards! There may be spending thresholds, redemption limitations, exclusions, and other fine print to consider. Going through it all by yourself can be dizzying.

That's why Wise Bread and Wallaby Financial have come together to create the Wise Bread Rewards Maximizer, a free tool that sorts through the offers and recommends the best one for your particular situation.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Create an Account

Enter your email address and a password. That's it!

Step 2: Set Up Your Profile

The Rewards Maximizer will choose the best credit card for you based on your spending. An easy way to provide this information is to link up your credit cards and connect your credit card issuer bank — the tool will automatically grab your spending history from the past three months. You'll need to enter your bank user ID and password, but don't worry! The Wise Bread Rewards Maximizer uses bank level security to protect your privacy.

Then again, it's totally understandable if linking your credit card account makes you nervous. That's why you also have the option later to manually enter how much you spend each month on certain categories. Just move a slider to adjust the numbers.

Aside from your spending history, the tool is also interested in your current situation, financial and otherwise. Are you a student? Do you own a small business? What is your approximate credit score? How often do you plan to travel this year? What would you like to redeem your rewards for — airfare, hotel, cash back, merchandise, or concert tickets? Your answers will give the tool a better idea of your purchasing preferences, upcoming goals, and what you look for in a credit card.

Step 3: Review Your Recommended Card

Here's the fun part. Based on your spending history and your survey answers, the Rewards Maximizer will recommend the best credit card for your situation. You have pretty much everything you need to know about the card in front of you: the offer details, rates and fees, and an estimate of how much you can earn in rewards over one year and over three years. Scroll a little lower and you'll see a nifty graph that compares the rewards offered by the cards currently in your wallet against the recommended card. A color-coded spending chart next to the graph gives you a snapshot of your spending categories in the past three months.

If, for any reason, you don't like the top recommendation, the Rewards Maximizer also provides you with a few runners-up to check out. Click on any of the other cards to instantly see how they stack up against your current cards. You can also update your profile and redo the survey to see what card will be best if your preferences and situation were slightly different.

Basically, the Wise Bread Rewards Maximizer aims to do exactly what its name suggests: help you get the most out of the rewards on your credit card.

Try the Wise Bread Rewards Maximizer and get your top credit card recommendations today!

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I signed up for this and took the "test". I think the user experience was very easy and streamlined. I got recommended a card that I don't currently have so I will definitely look into that. The tool seems to be very well done with a lot of bank integrations that will make the experience even easier.

I am the App Developer of Card Select so I am biased but I think that using this Maximizer tool first to pick out the cards that are best for you and then use the Card Select app that tells you at any given moment which of your cards is the best to use (based on how long until you have to pay your bill) could be a winning combination for a savings conscious consumer.