The World's 5 Most Posh Hostels

Hostels have long been cheap, low-frills places to rest your head when traveling the world, and popular with adventurous 20-somethings. They don't promise a lot except a clean bed and the opportunity to meet new friends.

Millennials, however, are demanding something new. Meet the "poshtel." The poshtel offers the same low price as traditional hostels, but with better design, great food options, and more.

Intrigued? Here are the top five poshtels around the world worth a look.

1. Freehand Hotel

This is the leading poshtel in the U.S. With locations in Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles set to open soon, Freehand markets themselves as a hotel chain for the "new generation of travelers." The popular Chicago location, Freehand's first stab at the poshtel world, offers a great main lounge area with a relaxed community vibe, awesome food and drinks, and of course a café with top-notch coffee concoctions. At the Freehand you can stay in a shared room, or splurge a bit for a private one.

2. Generator Hostels

Generator Hostels have 10 "design-led hostels in nine of Europe's most inspiring cities." If you are looking for a funky place to rest your head in Dublin, Berlin, Hamburg, London, Paris, Barcelona, Venice, or Copenhagen, check out the Generator. Each property is uniquely designed to take elements from the city and local atmosphere. The Paris property, for example, boasts the 10th Arrondissement, a unique rooftop terrace bar.

3. One80 Hostel Berlin

When you think Berlin, you think beer gardens, and the One80 doesn't disappoint. This budget friendly poshtel located smack dab in the center of Berlin offers all the amenities of luxury Berlin properties with a few extra perks like free Wi-Fi, luggage rooms, breakfast buffet, and of course that beer garden. Berlin is known for innovative style, and the One80 is right in line. You can choose either a dorm-style room or a double room, both equally funky and hip, and a far cry from traditional hostels.

4. Clink Hostels

If London or Amsterdam are on your travel list, then Clink is where you want to stay. Clink78 London is housed in a stunning 200-year-old courthouse that "mixes elegant Victorian architecture with modern interior design." Clink78 is a giant when it comes to poshtels, offering space for up to 500 guests, which makes it a great social hub to meet new travellers. As they say, "Clink78 offers all the magic of a smaller hostel as well as all the amenities of a bigger one!" There's an internet lounge, a TV and film lounge, of course a great bar, and also the chance to stay in a real prison cell used by actual criminals (thankfully refurbished to add warmth and humor).

5. Maverick Hostel Budapest

Maverick offers a stunning poshtel in heart of the city, set in a renovated royal mansion (come on, who wouldn't want to stay in a mansion?). Most of the city's must-see attractions are within 15 minutes of Maverick making it an easy home base. Maverick offers free Wi-Fi, fully equipped kitchens, free coffee and tea all day long, high quality private or dorm-style rooms, and a supermarket right in the building to save money on eating out. What tips the scale on Maverick are the social events they offer every Wednesday and Saturday where you can sip special Hungarian beverages for free.

Have you overnighted at any of these poshtels? How was it?

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