These 8 Everyday Buys Will Be Cheaper This Summer


Once summer is in full swing, it can feel like you're paying a lot of money for air conditioning, and other necessities. However, there are several things that are actually cheaper during the summer months. In the summer of 2015, many factors caused huge price increases in food and fuel. However, this summer, these problems seem to be lessened, and our budgets will benefit for it. (See also: 9 Dumb Ways You're Going to Waste Money This Summer)

1. Beef and Dairy

Last year's big drought did a number on beef and dairy prices. While the drought is not officially over in some places, like California, the price of beef and dairy has decreased drastically for 2016. In fact, there's actually an oversupply of dairy and cheese right now, so stock up when prices are cheap. Most grated cheeses, feta cheese, and Parmesan cheese freeze well.

While you will see a significant decrease in savings in the meat section at your local grocery store, you will also see a bigger savings at fast food restaurants. The cheaper beef prices allow some fast food chains to offer aggressive deals, such as Taco Bell's $1 Beefy Crunch Burrito and the Cheesy Double Beef Burrito.

2. Eggs

Last May, a bird flu outbreak caused egg prices to soar in the Midwest. Thankfully that crisis has passed, and egg prices are now at a record low. However, chicken prices are trending higher due to heat waves. So choose egg salad over chicken salad this summer to enjoy the savings.

3. Gas

Usually gas prices seem higher during the summer, since many people use the hotter months to travel and vacation. This year, however, gas prices will remain low. Gasbuddy reported that the average gas prices were $2.23 per gallon in May, which is almost $0.50 cheaper than it was in May 2015.

To save even more at the gas tank, try planning your road trip during the cooler part of the day to save on gas.

4. Air Travel

When gas prices are down, flight prices are also down. In February, the Department of Transportation announced that the average cost of airfare was the cheapest it has been since 2010. Now with lower fuel costs, cheaper airfare will be able to stay until the end of summer. Airfare can eat up so much of your vacation budget, so don't miss out on the opportunity to travel with the low prices this summer.

Try booking your airfare on a Tuesday morning and follow the airline's social media accounts to take advantage of the best flight prices. (See also: 10 Flight Booking Hacks to Save You Hundreds)

5. Foreign Travel

Get your passports ready. Not only is air travel cheaper, but traveling abroad might make your dollar stretch further. A recent GOBankingRates survey found that the U.S. dollar was strongest in Argentina, Australia, and Europe. If you do travel, make sure to use a credit card that does not have foreign transaction fees.

6. Whole Foods

Whether you have been to a Whole Foods store or not, you already know that their prices are generally outrageous. Many people associate this chain with overpriced and overrated items. Luckily, Whole Foods is now opening a cheaper version of itself with a store called 365. The store is targeted towards millennial shoppers, with Teabot machines and lower prices. The first 365 store opened in Los Angeles at the end of May. Two more 365 stores will open this year in Oregon and Washington.

7. Cars

Generally, cars are cheaper during the summer because it is the end of the peak selling season. Look for special promotions and score a vehicle while interest rates are still low. Many car buyers wait until Labor Day to start looking at cars, but some dealerships will offer hard-to-beat incentives to move their old inventory.

8. Winter Wear and Gear

You don't want to think about snuggling up in a jacket when it's hot and humid out, but early summer is a great time to get the lowest prices for winter gear before the store gets rid of their inventory altogether.

What deals are you taking advantage of this summer?

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