They're turning Paris Hilton's trash into cash.


There's a new website in town folks, and this one is literally scraping the bottom of the barrel. has hit upon an idea that turns dumpster diving into something quite, well, distasteful. They rummage through the garbage cans of Hollywood biggest stars and sell what they find. And as always, the infamous Paris Hilton tops the list of star junk.

What's on sale, I hear you ask? The list is quite disturbing.

For $50 (starting price) you can get yourself this used Paris Hilton deodorant. Mmmm.


For $100 (starting price) you can buy some used Paris Hilton envelopes. Great deal.


For the same $100 (starting price) you could treat yourself to some grubby make-up puffs.


And for a whopping $250 (starting price) how about Paris Hilton's drug prescription? Yes, they're serious.

SO, is all this just harmless profit?
Personally, I don't think so. Believe me, I have no love for Paris Hilton. I think certain celebrities are asking for a little punishment based on the the way they behave, and Hilton is the classic example of the 'media whore.' But to encourage digging through garbage for a soiled make-up puff or old prescription is just a sad indication of the times we live in.

Are we so desperate for fame and celebrity that we'll do anything to get close to it? Even if that means buying trash? Well, the website lists many of the items it has already sold, including empty coke cans and used q-tips. If there's an audience, our Internet culture will guarantee a supplier.

So I throw this out to you, the Wisebread readers. Would you buy trash from your favorite celebrity, or do you think it's just trash? I know one thing for sure. I wouldn't.


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Who cares?

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NO WAY ! That's disgusting, and the fact that people have money to waste on this shows what our world has come to.

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Yet another testament to the ridiculous, American Idle-addicted world we live in. I can almost hear my grandparents rolling in their graves. People, for Christ's sake - get a life.

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it's at least a talking point Dan. But thanks for the comment.

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Of course most, if not all, of us here at Wisebread wouldn't buy trash stolen(?) from celebrities' trash cans...

...but I wonder what goes through the minds of the few who actually purchase the trash.

Aside from the jokes everyone will make, what could they possibly be thinking?

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No, not even then.

Some people have weird fetishes, though, you know? And strange celebrity obsessions.

I kind of wonder how the people who do this for a living are able to sleep at night. But then again, I suppose it's not much worse than the guy in my neighborhood who digs through the garbage and sells stuff that he finds in there. His products just have less cache.

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that if you can think of it, it's already been done. Nothing shock me any more. Look out for '"celebrity used handkerchiefs" in the near future.

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uuummm gross?

people are ridculous

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wait, now that I think about it I AM low on used Paris Hilton deodorant.

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with a free underarm hair.

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Did hear a few years back something about someone pulling a wad of gum Britney Spears threw away in a trash can and putting it on E-Bay to sell and thought how gross and stupid that was, but someone making a profession out of it is just plain sick.

While I am aware once it hits the curb it is no longer your property, but going through someone's trash to try to re-sell it not only is unethical, in the case of the "used" deoderant and grubby make-up puff, it is also unsanitary and I would think would violate health codes.

Another thing for the would be fans that would clamour to buy such garbage (literally, in this case) how in the heck do you know your fav celeb used it anyway, even if the StarTrash staffers sign an affidavit saying they pulled it from the curb of the known address of the celebrity? You wouldn't.

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The "N" word is bad. But is calling someone a media whore any better? Just wondering