Trailers for Ths American Life

By webmaster on 24 February 2007 comments

"We wanted to make a TV show that feels like the radio show, but isn't just the radio show on TV."

Can This American Life successfully transfer its intimate and quirky storytelling style onto cable TV? Find out March 22nd when it debuts on Showtime!

"In episode 1, host Ira Glass tells three stories of people who set out to make their dreams come true, but were snapped back to reality by unpleasant outcomes: an elementary school student tries to solve a common childhood problem; a rancher resuscitates a beloved pet, which later turns on him; people team to give an unknown rock band the greatest night of its life."

I think the trailers show a lot of promise. Teenagers, Jesus, and falling in love with a pig? I'm going to love this show.

Trailer one:

Trailer Two, the Joe Trailer:


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