This Is How You Get a New Job This Year


Whether you're unemployed or looking to take your career to the next level, there are ways to snag a new job before the end of this year. Yes — given the stubbornly high unemployment rate, and the fact that many employers are bombarded with resumes and applications, getting noticed isn't without its challenges. But don't let this discourage you. Here's a look at 10 ways to get a new job this year.

1. Gain New Experience

Sharpening your existing skills and gaining new ones can put you ahead of the competition. For example, have you mastered the latest software programs for your industry? In addition, if companies in your industry can benefit from bilingual employers, learning another language might impress hiring managers and increase your chances of getting an interview, and maybe a job offer. Take a class at a local community college, attend a workshop or seminar, or volunteer for hands-on experience.

2. Make Your Resume ROAR

Even with the skills and experience needed for a particular job, a boring resume can reduce the likelihood of an interview. To make your resume ROAR, it needs to be Results Oriented And Relevant. In other words, when listing your duties, your resume should not sound like a cookie-cutter job description. Rather than focus on what you were told to do, your resume should focus on how you can benefit the company and highlight past accomplishments or achievements.

3. Get LinkedIn

Don't rely on your resume and application to get noticed by employers. Many corporations have taken the job search online and use various online sites, such as LinkedIn, to locate suitable candidates.

After updating your resume, give your LinkedIn profile some attention. Similar to a resume, your profile should state your objective and list your education, skills, and experience. And if possible, include links to an online portfolio to highlight your work

Since this is your online resume, the more people you connect with in your industry, the more opportunities to put your best foot forward.

4. Use Your Connections

The people in your circle can be a valuable resource when looking for a new job. Put out feelers to individuals you know in the industry — maybe your former boss, colleagues, friends, and family members. Also, don't be afraid to network outside your immediate circle. Attend industry events, such as meetups or alumni mixers.

5. Rock Your Interview

Your resume gets your foot in the door, but it's the interview that gets you hired. And unfortunately, if you bomb the interview, the employer may move to the next applicant.

How can you shine on your interview?

Arrive on time — at least 10 minutes early. Dress professionally and practice responses for common interview questions. You need to impress and wow employers, thus demonstrating that you're the best person for the job. The employer shouldn't forget your name and face as soon as you walk out the office.

6. Get a Grown Up Email Address

This might seem like a minor thing, but if your virtual life comes off as a bit childish, some employers may conclude that you're not mature enough to handle certain positions. There are several ways an employer can assess your character and personality. He or she may check your social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, to see what you're posting. Also, your email address can be a tell-tale sign of a "too-young" attitude. And when the employer calls to schedule an interview, if your voicemail isn't professional, he might decide not to leave a message and move to the next applicant on the list.

7. Fix Your Attitude

No job prospects can leave you sad, angry, and desperate. However, your mood has a tremendous impact on the job search. If you're not motivated, you may spend the majority of your days lying in bed, rather than looking for a job. And if you go into an interview without confidence, the employer will detect this and conclude that you don't have what it takes to handle a particular job. Be positive, and you'll get better results. Get plenty of sleep, eat a balanced diet, and exercise for 30 to 60 minutes most days of the week.

8. Be Flexible

You may desire a particular schedule and salary, but unfortunately, getting a new job this year may require relaxing your standards. This is especially true if you've been out of work for a while and desperately need a job.

Take a look at your budget and determine the least amount you can accept for a position. Also, can you take a job with a flexible schedule, or perhaps a job that requires weekend work?

9. Spellcheck

Careless typos and grammatical errors do not leave a good impression. And if an employer receives countless applications from qualified job seekers, mistakes can push your application to the bottom of the pile.

10. Follow Up

Some job ads specifically ask applicants "not" to contact the company — make sure you adhere to the rules. However, if the ad doesn't specify follow-up guidelines, contact the company in 7 to 10 days to confirm receipt of your application or resume. And if you interview with the company, it's okay to send a "thank you" note or email within 24 hours. This tactic can keep your name on the interviewer's mind as the company makes a decision.

What are you doing to boost your job search this year? Please share in comments!

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