Top 10 "Unusual" Uses For Duct Tape

I once opened a tool box at a friend’s house and inside was a roll of duct tape and a box cutter. He said that it was all he needed. It was clearly tongue-in-cheek, but I always have a roll or two of duct tape in my garage. It’s versatile, it’s cheap, it comes in a variety of colors and it’s as tough as old boots.

As some of you may already know, there are several sites and books devoted to this miracle of modern science. One in particular that I like is called The Duct Tape Guys. If there’s a creative way to use Duct Tape, these guys have done it. Another great site is Duct Tape Fashion, which is also worth checking out.

So, after these various inspirations I thought I’d put together a top ten videos list of my favorite uses for this marvelous invention. Some are easy, others require a little more dexterity, but at the end of the day it's just a few rolls of cheap Duct Tape that you’re experimenting with. Have fun! And if you have a great, weird and wonderful use for DT, let us know in the comments.

1. The Infamous Duct Tape Wallet

In Two Minutes:

In Seven Minutes:

2. Duct Tape Flowers

(direct link)

3. Duct Tape Book Bag

(direct link)

4. Duct Tape Emergency Sunglasses!

(direct link)

5. Duct Tape Belt (my personal favorite)

(direct link)

6. Duct Tape Purse

(direct link)

7. Duct Tape Cell Phone Case

(direct link)

8. The Duct Tape Christmas Tree (everything is duct tape, including every needle)

(direct link)

9. Duct Tape Slippers

(direct link)

10. Duct Tape Boat (how many rolls of tape?)

(direct link)

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Note: This was easier to make than it was to explain how. Feel free to change any of the wording.

If I have a notebook without a pocket page, I use light weight cardboard and DT to make one.

Cut the cardboard to desired height of pocket (I find that 1/4 height of the notebook is best), and cut width to about an inch thiner than the width of the notebook. Lay the prepared cardboard against the sturdy front or back cover of the notebook. Place the bottom edge about 1/2 inch away from the bottom edge of the cover, and center the width. Cut 3 strips of DT -sized to match the bottom and each of the 2 sides of the prepared cardboard. While holding the cardboard inplace, neatly and carefully stick the tape-edge along the edges of the sides and bottom of notebook. Then press the other edge of the tape onto the cardboard. You may want to re-inforce each side of the pocket opening with a small piece of DT placed diagonally.

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My Dad is the Duct Tape King! He has been using Duct Tape for as long as I can remember. He would patch anything with it and still does. But the one thing I remember him using it for the most, were for holes in his pockets. My mother didn't darn anything and my dad wouldn't throw away a perfectly good pair of pants just because the pockets had holes in them so he would use the grey duct tape (that was the only color then) and patch up his holes.

It wasn't just my dad, I remember his brother using the same thing for his pocket holes and he lived 1500 miles from my dad. It was scarey back then.