Wise Score FAQ


  1. What is the Top 100 PF Blogs?
  2. What is Wise Score?
  3. How can I submit a blog? What blogs are included in the list?
  4. There's a problem on the list and/or how do I contact you?


What is the Top PF Blogs?

This is a database of blogs related to personal finance and frugal living; ordered and ranked by various stats.

What is Wise Score?

Wise Score is the average rank percentile of the blog; using six third-party metrics that measure a blogger's influence and reach. You can think of Wise Score as the percent of the PF blogosphere a blog outranks.

For example, a Wise Score of 100.00 means the blog ranks #1 in all six stats. A Wise Score of 80.00 means the blog, on average, has better statistics than 80% of PF blogs.

The six metrics used are MozRank and External Links, both provided by SEOmoz, Klout Score, Twitter Followers, Alexa Rank, and Compete Rank. The six stats were chosen because they represent three major aspects of blogging.

The following table explains the three major facets and six stats used.

Social Media Influence

  • Klout Score
  • Twitter Followers

Klout Score is a 0-100 stat provided by Klout.com. Klout measures a Twitter user's social media influence; taking into account audience size, follower responsiveness to the blogger's tweets, Facebook mentions, and more.

Twitter Followers counts the number of followers the blogger has on their Twitter account. Follower counts are provided by Twitter.

Link Profile

  • MozRank
  • External Links

Link Profile is the term for the quantity and quality of other websites that link to a site.

MozRank is a 0-10 scale for a site's link authority. SEO experts use this score to get a ballpark estimate for how well content (eg., an article) would rank in search engines if placed on the site.

External Links counts the number of external juice-passing links to a domain. Search engines use the number of links as a guide for the quality of a website; so the more external links a site gets, the higher its content will rank in search results.

MozRank and External Links count are provided by SEOmoz, a leading SEO firm and community.

Traffic Rank

  • Alexa Rank
  • Compete Rank

Both Alexa and Compete provide a ranking of all websites on the 'net. Each unique domain gets a discreet rank; so if a blog has an Alexa Rank of 20,001, it means Alexa estimates there are exactly 20,000 sites that get more traffic. Because they are rankings, Alexa and Compete Ranks differ from other stats in that a lower number is better.

Alexa Rank and Compete Rank are provided by Alexa (an Amazon.com company) and Compete, respectively.

How can I submit a blog? What blogs are included in the list?

Fill out the blog submission form.

To be considered for inclusion, the blog must be primarily about personal finance.

It can be personal in nature (eg., diary of your family's finances) or a professional publication for profit. However, your blog cannot be overly commercial or "spammy". It can be written by a single or multiple authors. It should also be regularly updated and at least a few months old.

Wise Bread editors have final discretion in blogs that get included, and use the usefulness of the directory as a guide.

If your submission was successful, you will receive an auto-reply email notification. You should receive word on whether or not your blog was added to the database within a week. (The main listing is updated every Monday. We will try to get your blog in before the next Monday, if possible.)

There's a problem on the list and/or how do I contact you?

Please contact us by using the contact form or sending an email to pfblogs[at]wisebread.com.