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171 personal finance blogger-twitterers are classified as Specialist.
“You may not be a celebrity, but within your area of expertise your opinion is second to none. Your content is likely focused around a specific topic or industry with a focused, highly-engaged audience.”
#Blog / TwitterKlout ScoreNetwork ScoreAmpli-
True ReachFollowersFollowingTweetsInfluential Topics
1The College Investor
58.0821.596.008293,0272,0035,772Carnival, Mutual Funds, Accounting Software, Personal Finance, Apps
2Coupon Cravings
57.6422.1110.0031515,5886,26311,251Snapfish, Vistaprint, Personal Finance, Magazines, Facebook
3Grocery Alerts Canada
57.3333.796.001,8617,1234,20911,934Canadian, Personal Finance, Cookbooks, Vancouver, Facebook
4Faithful With A Few
57.2026.9612.006301,6841,2726,406Carnival, Cablevision, Personal Finance, Religion & Spirituality, New Jersey
5The Millionaire Nurse Blog
57.1727.6111.0072717,45518,55210,574Personal Finance, Health Care, Doctors, Carnival, Customer Service
6Go Gingham
57.0915.277.003483,8123,6895,371Mothers Day, Magazines, Kitchen, Baking, Ecosystems
7Miss Thrifty
56.8114.656.003434,2659392,206Carnival, Personal Finance, Outdoors, Facebook, Baking
8Money Under Thirty
56.7022.949.006446,8604041,740Unemployment, Mutual Funds, Fox Business Network, Credit Unions, Personal Finance
9Financial Highway
56.6423.399.007664,40647415,526Personal Finance, Banking, Income Tax, Life Insurance, Mothers Day
10Graduated Learning
56.5820.085.007202,6132,74918,755Personal Finance, Facebook, New Jersey, Shoes, Massachusetts
11Bargain Babe
56.5717.076.003268,3213005,412Coupons, Deals, Money, Shopping, Amazon
12Ask Liz Weston
56.4230.6120.001,3897,9743474,282Personal Finance, Finance, Money, Investing, Debt
13Shopping Detox
56.3417.056.004804,7871,9804,596Personal Finance, Life Insurance, Apps, Social Media, Podcasts
15Boomer and Echo
56.3429.2315.001,1353,1631,1968,288Banking, Personal Finance, Money, Stock Market, IKEA
16Yes, I Am Cheap
56.3223.1011.007922,5226728,863Personal Finance, Carnival, Leonardo Dicaprio, Recessions, Military
17My Next Buck
56.2623.9315.003481,5105451,080Personal Finance, Internet Startups, Finance, Blogging, Travel and Tourism
18Tackling Our Debt
56.2618.147.005614,2843,44910,445Carnival, Shopping, Health, Health Food, Money
19Deal Seeking Mom
56.2323.626.00839124,39864,65526,918IKEA, Kmart, Snapfish, Rachael Ray, Aldi
20Financial Freedom Inspiration
@usiere, Business
56.0424.0413.007885,7814,4625,083Money, Finance, Insurance Companies, Craigslist, Moms
22My Wife Quit Her Job
56.0127.6312.001,0282,5927316,355Online Store, Personal Finance, Facebook, Sales, Ecosystems
23Everything Finance
24Money to the Masses
55.8314.296.002171,0545487,123Unemployment, Income Tax, Recessions, Magazines, Apps
25Two Savvy Sisters
55.7412.763.004754,1272,3469,455Margaritas, Moms, Movies, iTunes, Cosmetics
26Frugal Upstate
55.6935.6426.008546,3864,51438,104Social Media, Moms, Microsoft Kinect, Crayola, Gatorade
27Girls Just Wanna Have Funds
55.6234.4615.002,2406,9134,38439,982Personal Finance, Blogging, College, Money, Finance
28Sweating The Big Stuff
55.4427.0612.007791,6343985,948Personal Finance, Blogging, Insurance, Finance, Money
29The Chicago Financial Planner
55.2833.4816.001,6835,3611,72531,167Personal Finance, Life Insurance, Peyton Manning, Facebook, Chicago
30Retire By 40
55.1027.2116.007333,1262964,141Personal Finance, Money, Unemployment, Carnival, P2p
31The Free Financial Advisor
54.9722.4913.008012,5391,0586,518Money, Blogging, Business, Podcasts, Dale Carnegie
32The Free Financial Advisor
54.9722.4913.008012,5391,0586,518Money, Blogging, Business, Podcasts, Dale Carnegie
33Well Kept Wallet
54.8926.5611.008391,9669302,684Personal Finance, Money, TED Conference, Movies, College
34Enemy of Debt
54.8742.9348.002,0163,6851,5549,238Personal Finance, Unemployment, Saving, Community, Banking
35Smart Step
54.769.845.001303,3881,9168,637Personal Finance, Facebook, Chicago, Graphics, Shopping
36Mummy Deals
54.6717.108.004497,5834,71718,683Moms, Blogging, Deals, Coupons, Chicago
37Today's economy blog
54.6325.5616.003491,4781,1374,356Unemployment, Recessions, Personal Finance, Masters Golf Tournament, Management
38Thirty Six Months
54.5524.538.001,1886,0728007,154Personal Finance, Carnival, Credit Unions, Sales, TED Conference
39The Incidental Economist
54.5421.499.007313,39806,578Health, Health Care, Economics, Politics, Personal Finance
40Eventual Millionaire
54.5320.4911.005934,1592,0594,623Bronchitis, Personal Finance, Customer Service, Apps, Facebook
41Couple Money
54.4923.6311.007023,11153711,291Carnival, Credit Unions, Life Insurance, Craigslist, Personal Finance
54.4819.747.005565,6792125,995Money, Personal Finance, Finance, Shopping, Books
43Afford Anything
54.4017.398.004523,4802553,677Personal Finance, Blogging, Money, Finance, Business
44Financial Samurai
54.3026.7714.001,0004,65548310,375Money, Personal Finance, Business, Finance, Taxes
45The Frugal Toad
54.1724.8512.007372,6771,46416,195Snapfish, Saving, Blockbuster, Personal Finance, Magazines
47Zero Passive Income
54.1325.4011.0045615,14016,3551,141Kmart, Kiva, Facebook, Religion & Spirituality, Social Marketing
48This That And The MBA
@thsthtandthemba,0407,7441,279Money, Carnival, Clubs, Hong Kong, Capitalism
49Beating Broke
54.0419.818.005523,2375827,839Personal Finance, Carnival, Usda, Pizza, Facebook
50Generation X Finance
53.7331.8517.009634,0241096,416Unemployment, About.Com, Recessions, Personal Finance, Customer Service
51How's Married Life?
53.5335.2718.002,137000Carnival, Personal Finance, Facebook, Community, Religion & Spirituality
52Len Penzo
53.2816.657.004303,2583251,954Personal Finance, Seth Godin, Life Insurance, Pizza, Facebook
53RTW Expenses
53.0115.747.003292,2865115,480Books, Business, Luggage, Blogging, Seattle
54Prairie Eco-Thrifter
52.9723.0910.008242,03989115,718Personal Finance, Unemployment, Carnival, Vegetables, Buddhism
55Investor Junkie
52.8527.6619.001,0642,3394098,939Unemployment, Recessions, Personal Finance, Facebook, Community
56Making Sense of Cents
52.6927.0111.001,4083,9431,39611,696Money, Vancouver, Television, Shopping, Starbucks
57Coupons For Your Family
52.571.822.00151,9922,07313,495Coupons, Deals, Blogging, Magazines, Sales
58the jemstep blog
59The Penny Hoarder
52.504.222.00768,214211556Billboards, Carnival, Apps, Pizza, Facebook
60Mighty Bargain Hunter
52.3717.689.001962,9886971,968Personal Finance, Blogging, Finance, Money, Business
52.3415.695.003832,94011612,307Personal Finance, Finance, Economics, Business, Politics
62Sound Mind Investing
52.277.654.00802,2718445,445IKEA, Personal Finance, Dayton, Christianity, Stock Market
63Three Thrifty Guys
52.2513.637.002022,4941,5274,857Personal Finance, Money, Business, Deals, Debt
64Square Pennies
@SquarePennies,61917,07324,616Personal Finance, Carnival, IKEA, Outdoors, Kitchen
65The Debt Princess
52.2215.516.004242,1071,94624,022Disqus, Personal Finance, Facebook, Veganism, Vampires
66Monroe on a Budget
52.0416.228.002375,5085,88913,026Personal Finance, Michigan, Facebook, Community, Social Media
67Frugal Dad
68Automatic Finances
51.9130.5229.00751529782,988Personal Finance, Intel, Social Media, Management, Apple
51.760.000.000765249881Money, Business
70Balance Junkie
51.746.533.00916,8647,4957,162Money, Unemployment, Carnival, Recessions, Chicago Bulls
71Saving Advice
72See It Market
51.6920.2013.003582,2128173,169Markets, Investing, Trading, Stock Market, Apple
51.6823.5418.007163,0848502,006Retirement, Medicare, Social Security, Personal Finance, Taxes
74Darwin’s Finance
51.5917.438.004506,73344316,831Finance, Personal Finance, Money, Business, Investing
75Darwin's Money
51.5917.438.004506,73344316,831Finance, Personal Finance, Money, Business, Investing
76Stupid Cents
77Bitter Wallet
51.4513.745.004013,4992959,549Money, Deals, Shopping, Technology, Britain
7820's Finances
51.4427.0211.001,3591,7354874,684Personal Finance, Blogging, Money, Finance, Business
79Barefoot Investor
51.2922.537.0056412,4613,3122,143Business, Money, Australia, Debt, Investing
80Living Richly on a Budget
51.228.583.001458,6516,7544,221Money, Management, Smartphones, Debt
81Personal Dividends
51.096.303.00976,7196,7821,402Yoga, Social Media, Health, Money, Finance
82Earn What You Spend
51.0525.7016.007521,4587341,775Personal Finance, Internet Startups, Poverty, Apple, Money
83The Soul of a Shark
50.9227.3416.0044955222110Science & Technology, Money, Games, Entrepreneurship, Sports
84My Personal Finance Journey
50.739.762.00313000Personal Finance, Money, Investing, Finance, Business
85Man vs Debt
50.6817.485.004711,7641241,211Kickstarter, Community, TED Conference, Health, Podcasts
86Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance
50.5321.7410.006532,0171,7057,896Personal Finance, Finance, Money, Blogging, Investing
87For The Mommas
50.4544.4840.002,283218268Snapfish, Kohl's, Magazines, Philosophy, Apps
88Fat Guy Skinny Wallet
50.4410.895.002091,1051,0782,343Klout, Health, Money, Blogging, Cars
89Fiscally Chic
50.4026.6322.005082552591,065Chicago, Sales, Environment, Apple, Money
90Walking to Wealth
50.1818.7311.001501,0061182,754Alexandria, Health, Money, Blogging, Journalism
91Well-Heeled Blog
50.005.823.001023,0163557,913Carnival, American Express, Card Games, Personal Finance, Amex
92Financial Uproar
49.8218.9110.004657882429,116Personal Finance, Money, Carnival, Pizza, Vancouver
93Bargainmoose Canada
49.8020.347.003524,2584,13616,109Vistaprint, Hasbro, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Air Canada, Blockbuster
94The Budgeting Babe
49.7619.5614.003791,3466255,223Personal Finance, Facebook, Chicago, France, Turbotax
49.7420.558.003151,2651,2296,271Personal Finance, Social Media, Forums, Kansas, Politics
96The Simple Dollar
49.5113.096.0019813,566661,699Personal Finance, Finance, Money, Blogging, Debt
97Young and Thrifty
49.4918.397.005244,20388610,746Personal Finance, Finance, Money, Blogging, Business
98One Cent At A Time
49.4919.817.006174,6743,3616,316Carnival, Personal Finance, Facebook, Trading, Ecosystems
99Humble Savers
49.418.054.001259799703,815Personal Finance, Finance, Money, Blogging, Investing
100Lazy Man and Money
49.3225.9420.004423,0442741,856Personal Finance, Trading, Multi-level Marketing, Lawyers, Money
101Finance Fox
49.2215.147.003459363878,092Dining, Personal Finance, Apps, Vancouver, Facebook
102Social Lending Network
49.1918.509.00313000P2p, Personal Finance, Finance, Business, Blogging
103Financially Digital
49.188.935.00821,5201,9608,469Carnival, Personal Finance, Kitchen, Massachusetts, Social Media
104Debt Free Squad
@DebtFreeSquad,5691,3514,797Personal Finance, Debt, Money, Business, Video
105Money Girl
49.1514.975.002613,2231,2435,193Medical School, Personal Finance, Apps, Facebook, Security
106Money Infant
10720s Money
48.9029.5917.002,206000Sports, Personal Finance, Politics, College, Football
48.8912.216.001832,4211012,120Charlie Brooker, George Osborne, Personal Finance, Stanford University, Stock Market
10927 and Frugal
48.8822.3513.00586000Books, Personal Finance, Money, Brooklyn, Writing
110Free Money Finance
48.8712.615.002564,0361846,963Personal Finance, Finance, Money, Business, Retirement
111Daily Dollar Newsletter
48.8515.128.001391,0149392,447Personal Finance, Money, Olympics, Real Estate, Cars
112On Target Coaching
113So Over This
48.6938.5127.003,877000Blogging, Facebook, Paypal, iPhone, Laptops
114Ajay Shah's blog
48.637.994.001192,1180452World Bank, Gujarat, Trading, Security, Cnbc
115Wall Street Oasis
48.6326.0015.009273,5871,9639,583Harvard Business School, Facebook, Trading, Sales, Consulting
116Invest With Passion
48.575.714.00275082174,242Personal Finance, Health, Money, Small Business, Real Estate
117Smart401k Blog
48.5617.4411.002981,6993653,598Enron, Personal Finance, Security, Health, Stock Market
118Celebrating Financial Freedom
48.5217.588.002841,1841,64510,650Personal Finance, Money, Blogging, Cars, Investing
119See Debt Run
48.5025.7911.001,1384,3633,5432,412Personal Finance, Finance, Blogging, Money, Debt
120See Debt Run
48.5025.7911.001,1384,3633,5432,412Personal Finance, Finance, Blogging, Money, Debt
121Cheap Scholar
48.4411.255.001606,3281,0141,373College, Education, Scholarships, Money, Dave Matthews
122Money and Risk
48.397.823.0016413,26012,1603,166Unemployment, Online Presence, Personal Finance, Apps, Facebook
123Young Finances
48.3921.0012.006531,4475184,463Carnival, Personal Finance, Trading, Klout, Health
124My Money Blog
48.358.134.001243,6922581,785Mutual Funds, Personal Finance, App Store, Shopping, Movies
125Don't Quit Your Day Job
48.2915.6810.003285343493,930Personal Finance, Money, Economics, Government, Markets
126Read to Awake
@ReadToAwake,5147,2371,657Business, Personal Finance, Money, Poverty, Economics
48.1515.977.003872,5535743,116Personal Finance, Bloggers, Finance, Money, Business
48.1521.6015.006331,3115566,893Finance, Personal Finance, Customer Service, Facebook, Television
129Oblivious Investor
48.0714.928.002842,4803433,224Carnival, Personal Finance, Magazines, Facebook, TED Conference
130Cash Money Life
47.9916.8310.003482,9451844,611Carnival, Life Insurance, Recessions, Personal Finance, Amex
131The Military Wallet
47.9916.8310.003482,9451844,611Carnival, Life Insurance, Recessions, Personal Finance, Amex
132Centsable Lady
47.9830.3926.005321,6571,6491,301Saving, Amazon, Coupons, Texas, Deals
133Finance Jock
47.9711.812.0045824,62926,8866,865Business, Finance, Economics, Personal Finance, Politics
134Centsable Momma
47.9629.5117.004566,7861,58412,404Linksys, Snapfish, Diet Pepsi, Vistaprint, Cheesecake Factory
47.787.044.001141,2061,9961,692Personal Finance, Health, Money, Gaming, Amazon Kindle
136Dual Income No Kids
47.6914.088.002738,3543692,526Finance, Personal Finance, Business, Money, Debt
137Joe Taxpayer
47.6917.8610.003852,3836085,719Personal Finance, Chicago, Security, Philadelphia Phillies, Stock Market
138Our Journey To Zero
47.6523.7713.008981,57048513,855Blogging, Personal Finance, Kitchen, Community, Television
139Baby Cheapskate
47.636.373.00926,77952311,127Deals, Parenting, Coupons, Atlanta, Business
140Wealth Pilgrim
47.6327.9917.005813,4732,5435,116Carnival, Personal Finance, Moms, Movies, Stock Market
141Money Watch
47.619.383.001895,7442,6729,116Money, Personal Finance, Social Media, Banking, Finance
142My Journey to Millions
47.5723.3515.008842,1806939,916Personal Finance, Giants, Pizza, Facebook, New Jersey
143Common Sense With Money
47.5316.966.0034817,0397,93929,610Saving, Snapfish, Office Depot, Aldi, Personal Finance
144The Wisdom Journal
47.486.573.0012330,1355816,458Personal Finance, Finance, Money, Retirement, Debt
145AllAboutAlpha: Hedge Fund Trends & Alternative Investment Analysis
47.4513.317.001462,4031501,013Finance, Markets, Trading, Investing, Business
146Dividend Ninja
47.4112.557.001631,7412181,188Personal Finance, Vancouver, Facebook, Stock Market, Apple
148Frugal Living NW
47.396.323.00872,9958728,510IKEA, Domino's Pizza, Clint Eastwood, Kohl's, Magazines
149Rick Ferri
47.3417.1113.003015,00223199Investing, Marine, Yale University, Management, Apple
150Being Frugal
47.153.343.00386454781,267Money, Debt, Shopping, Deals, Furniture
151Stumble Forward
@StumbleForward,111Carnival, Personal Finance, Money, Blogging, Retirement
152Wealth Note
47.0427.0120.00295253600245Internet Marketing, Science & Technology, Money, Entrepreneurship, Marketing
153The Dough Roller
47.0312.476.001522,183165879Carnival, Mutual Funds, Personal Finance, Apps, Facebook
154Money Help For Christians
46.9919.8611.00174131Personal Finance, Religion & Spirituality, Christianity, Stock Market, Money
155Money Talks
46.9014.888.002999484548,442Carnival, Life Insurance, Craigslist, Personal Finance, Kitchen
156Our Personal Finances -
46.850.522.0022,1041,7554,774Personal Finance, Money, Finance
157Smart on Money
46.796.734.001053,0725342,082Money, Personal Finance, Debt, Business, Taxes
158Five Cent Nickel
46.7523.4611.007685,02614612,378Tribune, Kickstarter, Personal Finance, Apps, Vampires
159American Debt Project
46.7318.269.005071,7251,1644,568Carnival, Personal Finance, Facebook, Big Bang Theory, Television
160American Debt Project
46.7318.269.005071,7251,1644,568Carnival, Personal Finance, Facebook, Big Bang Theory, Television
16120 Something Finance
46.727.994.001242,0713741,108Personal Finance, Ge, Finance, Debt, Coupons
162Debt Free Adventure
46.724.633.00633,2561349,547Income Tax, Carnival, Cable Television, Amish, Personal Finance
163Poorer Than You
46.7128.3631.008001,4148526,495Fundraisers, Personal Finance, Customer Service, Rochester, Pizza
164Young Cheap Living
46.6712.937.0019077844460Cable Television, Personal Finance, Money, Blogging, Debt
165Money Mamba
46.6321.1715.005418785059,149Personal Finance, Kentucky, Facebook, Shoes, Dave Ramsey
166Smart Money Chicks
167Fabulously Broke in the City
46.617.974.001284,0322521,148Finance, Money, Personal Finance, Debt, Retirement
168Springs Bargains
46.604.023.00513,4771,11019,415Colorado Springs, Bloggers, Colorado, Saving, Deals
169The Empowered Dollar
46.5819.278.005697704171,184Personal Finance, Marriage, Money, Economics, Parenting
170Your Money Relationship
21.6510.0010.09290000Google, Digg, Facebook
171Manageme7 Blog
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165 personal finance blogger-twitterers are classified as Networker.
“You know how to connect to the right people and share what's important to your audience. You generously share your network to help your followers. You have a high level of engagement and an influential audience.”
#Blog / TwitterKlout ScoreNetwork ScoreAmpli-
True ReachFollowersFollowingTweetsInfluential Topics
1Control Your Cash
46.3813.239.002219094891,576Carnival, Common Cold, Fox Business Network, Personal Finance, Kitchen
2Best Rates In
46.359.686.001499507853,229Personal Finance, Business, Money, Investing, Life Insurance
46.328.956.00944,0955355,251Dining, Kohl's, Kitchen, Community, Chicago
46.3023.6916.007641,4503314,573Income Tax, Personal Finance, Facebook, Religion & Spirituality, France
5Budgeting in the Fun Stuff
46.2915.088.003792,2241,9922,868Personal Finance, Blogging, Finance, Money, Television
6The Debt Myth
46.207.864.001321,818773743Personal Finance, Debt, Money, Dave Ramsey, Cosmetics
7Money Counselor
46.129.495.001605635602,173Money, Retirement, Debt, Carnival, Movies
8Amateur Asset Allocator
46.0921.9713.006347563612,937Personal Finance, Atlanta Braves, Jamaica, Dentistry, Money
45.9715.768.003491,549764,532Personal Finance, Finance, Money, Debt, Business
10The Wandering Tax Pro
45.926.994.0061559875,201Taxes, Accounting, Personal Finance, Finance, Business
11Master the Art of Saving
45.8618.285.006228973272,404Personal Finance, Carnival, Saving, Management, Money
12The Happy Homeowner
45.863.413.00431,7929642,956Customer Service, Facebook, Harvard University, Training, Movies
13Punch Debt In The Face
45.8419.228.005353,0461114,348Whitney Houston, Saving, Banana Bread, Personal Finance, Facebook
14Frugal Law Student
45.8314.717.00683,0034394,266Blogging, Entrepreneurship, Business, Finance, College
15PF Firewall
45.7813.408.002742,7502,9239,857Personal Finance, Finance, Blogging, Money, Debt
16Wholesome Mommy
45.778.444.001566,4742,3626,459Crayola, Cookbooks, Personal Finance, Facebook, Myrtle Beach
45.5714.199.002751,2743472,521Money, Debt, Retirement, Government, Video
18Wealthy Turtle
19The Lean Times
45.4515.208.003251,2013645,661Personal Finance, Blogging, Finance, Money, Business
20Personal Finance Journey
21Personal Finance Journey
22Million Dollar Journey
45.359.785.001273,5601591,561Personal Finance, Finance, Money, Investing, Blogging
23The Finance Buff
45.319.936.001262,2902071,734Personal Finance, Finance, Blogging, Money, Business
24Mom's Plans
45.3010.776.001331,8851751,939Personal Finance, Blogging, Parenting, Food, Moms
25Buy Like Buffett
45.2914.415.0026413,41311,9981,274General Electric, Personal Finance, Internet Marketing, Social Media, Shopping
26The Digerati Life
45.2714.337.001153,5624812,895Unemployment, Life Insurance, Personal Finance, Poverty, Turbotax
27Free Money Wisdom
45.213.953.00502,5322,1282,597Personal Finance, Finance, Debt, Money, Cnbc
@investoralist,5323936,681Facebook, Community, Social Media, Community Management, Politics
29Edward Antrobus
45.1519.6012.002641,0403905,650Fort Collins, Sales, Social Media, Money, Politics
30The Freebie Blogger
45.105.533.00482,00613513,476Deals, Coupons, Personal Finance, Finance, Money
31The Financial Blogger
44.9912.066.002303,2181912,715Carnival, Personal Finance, Klout, Social Media, Football
32Money Cactus
44.9225.6113.001301,2759831,685Carnival, Personal Finance, Sales, Australia, Money
33Out of Debt Again
44.874.713.00542,1538082,955Carnival, Personal Finance, Shopping, Psychology, Money
34Bucksome Boomer
44.8418.4210.001254,8383,8144,272Unemployment, Carnival, Personal Finance, LGBT Issues, Sales
35Frugal Confessions
44.8411.417.001921,1896301,527Carnival, Craigslist, Recessions, Klout, Television
36Saving Without A Budget
44.807.212.0024521,59113,23816,320Recessions, Personal Finance, Facebook, Religion & Spirituality, Shoes
44.7715.929.00125000Carnival, Personal Finance
38Evolving Personal Finance
39Live Real, Now
44.6215.048.002241,3744755,343Carnival, Gmail, Personal Finance, Sales, Big Bang Theory
44.580.000.0009321,1466,669Contests, Canada
41Money Beagle
44.549.154.001691,8525082,230Carnival, Bronchitis, Personal Finance, Michigan, Klout
42My University Money
44.5312.746.002063,1745761,990Finance, Blogging, Business, Money, College
43Chief Family Officer
44.527.802.002501,2461223,301Personal Finance, Finance, Deals, Coupons, Gift Cards
44Help My Budget
44.466.444.00972,9941855,392Customer Service, Magazines, Apps, Community, Lady Gaga
45Sustainable Life Blog
44.3622.1516.006431,3271058,672Personal Finance, Finance, Debt, Blogging, Sustainability
46Andrew Hallam
44.356.974.008612,99614,2154,605Blogging, Investing, Money, Books, Stock Market
47Miss Money Bee
44.347.414.00903,2402,1925,907IKEA, Mothers Day, Recessions, Personal Finance, Trading
48Money Is Not Important
44.3112.315.001869872422,281Facebook, Comics, Psychology, Apple, Money
49Women's Money Week
44.1213.709.00230215173233Personal Finance, Money, Trading, Entrepreneurship, Freelancing
50The Family CEO
44.1011.396.002161,0422701,800Personal Finance, Blogging, Money, Finance, College
51Newlyweds on a Budget
52The First Million is the Hardest
44.065.683.00864431572,558Money, Investing, Finance, Wall Street, Retirement
53The First Million is the Hardest
44.065.683.00864431572,558Money, Investing, Finance, Wall Street, Retirement
54Learn Bonds
44.0011.116.001707902041,730Chicago, Stock Market, Money, Literacy, Investing
44.006.694.00705449042,677Turbotax, Cars, Amazon, Southwest, Taxes
56American Banking News
43.985.773.00633,7462,38370,539Banking, Ati, Nyse, Citigroup, CRM
43.895.814.0033000Personal Finance, Religion & Spirituality, Denver, Snowboarding, Money
58Fiscally Responsible
43.880.000.000000Travel, Culture
59Luv a Bargain
43.8532.6026.004878,1996,21425,302Snapfish, Vistaprint, Macy, Magazines, Pizza
60No Credit Needed
43.824.913.00442,3543412,412Personal Finance, ESPN, Money, Politics, Finance
61Speak of Money
43.822.332.00191,9291,918714Finance, Personal Finance, Business, Money, Retirement
62Little People Wealth
43.732.492.00417,5245,56312,681Blogging, Money, Social Media, Business, Coupons
63Wealth Informatics
43.706.464.00991,3385591,166Personal Finance, Magazines, Turbotax, Beauty, Shopping
64Nickel By Nickel
43.6712.887.002549447034,527Feedburner, Personal Finance, LGBT Issues, Vancouver, Shoes
65Free at 33
43.620.000.0003571723,324Finance, Blogging
66Sterling Effort
43.5724.0612.002407757761,128Personal Finance, Money, Economics, Finance, Writing
67Sterling Effort
43.5724.0612.002407757761,128Personal Finance, Money, Economics, Finance, Writing
68Denise Richardson, consumer protection
69You Have More Than You Think
70My Money Design
43.488.425.001361,6761,116308Sales, Marriage, Coffee, College, England
71Passive Panda
43.4323.018.004133,1190799Shorty Award, Personal Finance, Facebook, Jamaica, Trading
72Financially Poor
43.373.262.00566,0872,10711,700Finance, Personal Finance, Money, Blogging, Business
43.356.944.001031,3193652,033Carnival, Personal Finance, Christianity, Private School, Shopping
74Discount Queens
43.347.053.0013610,4499,51813,160Coupons, Business, Deals, Shopping, Kmart
75Redeeming Riches
43.331.292.00104,6413,1775,898Personal Finance, Business, Retirement, Planning, Finance
76Serendipity's Guide To Saving
43.2630.7229.001,795000Facebook, Religion & Spirituality, Alcohol, Social Media, Television
77Financial Mentor
43.2211.404.002148905256,127Sales, Health, Management, Fraud, Money
78Her Every Cent Counts
43.197.464.0092,5292,3281,051Personal Finance, Blogging, Money, Debt, Deals
79Realm of Prosperity
43.1510.496.00811,2904682,732Fdic, Personal Finance, Finance, Blogging, Smartphones
@LAMFinances,3841,9861,135Personal Finance, Blogging, Money, Business, Debt
811099 Mom
@1099Mom,6032801,432Blogging, Moms, Business, Money, Carnival
82Keeping the Kingdom First
43.084.643.004810,9367,06014,689Blogging, Moms, Deals, Personal Finance, Coupons
83Not Made of Money
84Little House in the Valley
42.978.915.001299338224,641Carnival, Life Insurance, Personal Finance, Klout, Ecosystems
42.903.993.00424562401,033Personal Finance, Money, Sales
86Invest It Wisely
42.844.773.00662,0121,1321,419Carnival, Personal Finance, Apps, Ecosystems, Stock Market
87The Frugal Girl
42.6912.256.001831,444795,390Saving, Aldi, Cookbooks, Kitchen, Pizza
88My Broken Coin
42.6217.239.003381,0423903,590Unemployment, Personal Finance, Philosophy, Pizza, Community
89Narrow Bridge
90Blonde and Balanced
42.506.534.0033000Openid, Hootsuite, Gmail, Personal Finance, Kitchen
91Maximizing Money
42.483.753.00249,35310,2615,964Personal Finance, Finance, Money, Marketing, Blogging
92You Could Save
93The Financialite
42.3914.079.001241,0191,4721,749Personal Finance, Shopping, Dentistry, Addiction, Money
94Green Panda Treehouse
42.373.643.00484,2052976,447Personal Finance, Finance, Money, Debt, Blogging
95Objective Wealth
42.377.965.00854558072,107Money, Olympics, Robot, Lotteries, Blogging
96My Pretty Pennies
42.3611.537.001606443431,635Finance, Baking, Blogging, Money, Cookies
97Money Hacker Blog
42.368.164.00608,8459,39941,442Money, Personal Finance, Finance, Business, Australia
99Fiscal Fizzle
42.183.723.00383,1821,7033,837Unemployment, Personal Finance, American Idol, Security, Television
100Fiscal Fizzle
42.183.723.0038001Unemployment, Personal Finance, American Idol, Security, Television
101One Frugal Girl
42.093.862.00529935051,520Personal Finance, Saving, Money, Blogher, Books
10250 Plus Finance
41.8612.326.001273,1993,51621,561Online Education, Medical School, Personal Finance, Toyota, Security
103My Financial Reviews
41.782.383.0016245384425Personal Finance, Money, Entrepreneurship, Reviews, Marketing
104Tight Fisted Miser
41.718.856.00631,141620532Personal Finance, Money, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Blogging
105Save With Sarah
41.711.022.00101813088Sky, Facebook, Social Media, Shopping, Moms
106Frugal Zeitgeist
41.4618.029.002201,8794656,305Personal Finance, Carnival, Amy Adams, Matthew Mcconaughey, Gillette
107Watson Inc
41.4210.766.001946,0425,8096,978Carnival, Recessions, Personal Finance, Security, Health
108Millionaire Acts
41.398.515.0010463244789Personal Finance, Finance
109The Passive Income Earner
41.313.683.0039801455440Recessions, Personal Finance, Stock Market, Money, Blogging
110Cents To Save
41.260.912.0091,3207981,882Personal Finance, Movies, Money, Amazon, Mars
111Financially Consumed
41.251.332.00101,8221,5241,691Carnival, Chevrolet Volt, Personal Finance, Facebook, Military
112Mortgage Refinance Advisor
41.2310.316.0033256204,802Religion & Spirituality, Tennis, Finance, Real Estate, Blogging
113Financial Tales
41.220.322.0042,6602,738207Personal Finance, Law, Money, Finance, Blogging Financial Blog
41.184.593.0093,7404,113696Business, Money, Personal Finance, Amex, Facebook
115Almost Frugal
@AlmostFrugal,6552,7451,826Personal Finance, Money, Debt, Gifts, Children
116My Dollar Plan
41.1619.289.001462,445160451Saving, Personal Finance, Apps, Shopping, Health
117Saving Money Plan
41.150.862.0093,6363815,349Deals, Money, Coupons, Personal Finance, Shopping
41.111.812.004000Finance, Personal Finance, Debt, Software, Blogging
119The Sun's Financial Diary
40.977.355.00483,2638346,261Personal Finance, Finance, Money, Investing, Journalism
120Your Life, Their Life
40.936.704.00803474351,187Nola, Family, Games, Hornets, Dogs
121Simple Financial Lifestyle
40.9210.475.002072,6221,4454,921Personal Finance, Finance, Money, Debt, Investing
122American Consumer News
40.841.272.00123,9752,9121,615Business, Finance, Personal Finance, Journalism, Retail
123The Dividend Guy
40.797.264.00232,381316856Personal Finance, Finance, Investing, Money, Blogging
1242 Minute Finance
40.764.123.0044405175737Credit Unions, Personal Finance, Money, San Francisco, Video
125Stretching the One Income Dollar
40.680.942.0072,2022,1943,201Moms, Blogging, Kohl's, Klout, Cookies
126A Rich Life
40.684.403.00589762355,398Personal Finance, Finance, Economics, Money, Stock Market
127Always the Planner
40.686.534.00823983622,173Money, Boot Camp
128Stretching the One Income Dollar
40.680.942.0072,2022,1943,201Moms, Blogging, Kohl's, Klout, Cookies
129Family Balance Sheet
40.602.172.00201,8411,8811,915Vistaprint, Cookbooks, Personal Finance, Kitchen, Marriage
130Financially Fit After 40
40.571.602.008290200274Finance, Planning, Retirement, Personal Finance, Money
131Dividend Growth Investor
40.531.052.0061,329651,119Personal Finance, Finance, Investing, Stock Market, Berkshire
132Early Retirement Extreme
40.523.053.00372,1093907,351Personal Finance, Finance, Money, Business, Retirement
40.460.422.00425,61026,6069,877Social Media, Personal Finance, Business, Finance, Blogging
134Need Money Tips
40.390.622.00328,17419,9625,219Money, Business, Marketing, Personal Finance, Saving
135Sustainable Personal Finance
40.3230.348.004622,0056204,717personal finance, carnival, money, texas, business
136Personal Finance Mastery
40.172.422.00392,6092,5117,164Business, Money, Healthcare Reform, Reuters, Job Search
137Canadian Dream: Free at 45
40.166.704.0087578471,019Finance, Personal Finance, Money, Blogging, Cbc
40.104.644.0035601317900Personal Finance, Finance, Money, Debt, Insurance
139Brip Blap
40.0834.7057.009431,4671812,858Personal Finance, Klout, Football, Money, Media
141College Students Are Poor!
@poorstudents,6072851,648Money, College, Family, Academics, Technology
142Money Reasons
40.0711.026.00872,0455642,142Carnival, Personal Finance, Community, Internet Startups, Security
143Frugal NYC
40.050.632.0092,7921,4965,148Personal Finance, Deals, New York City, Business, Finance
144Car Negotiation Coach
40.055.343.00711,0901,6741,251Personal Finance, Money, Auto Industry, Cars, Debt
145ABDPBT Personal Finance
40.005.974.00242,9041,1637,035Blogging, Moms, Blogher, Business, Television
146The Christian Dollar
39.994.953.0031218241,184Personal Finance, Finance, Money, Debt, Coupons
147Budget For Wealth
39.6012.027.002122841831,021Apps, Military, Denver, Health, Moms
148Debt Kid
39.550.192.0012,1451621,036Personal Finance, Debt, Finance, Money, Blogging
149Novel Investor
39.558.396.0086195269522Finance, Investing, Money, Stock Market, Books
150Christian Common Cents
39.463.403.00239,6369,7591,875Personal Finance, App Store, Science & Technology, Python, Money
151Fiscal Literacy
39.430.712.0075,1113,3781,525Income Tax, Fdic, Girl Scouts, Personal Finance, Chicago
152Fiscal Geek
39.300.422.0051,3118381,638Personal Finance, Finance, Blogging, Money, Deals
153The Modern Financial
39.2623.2317.001617265282,122Personal Finance, Shopping, Health, Starbucks, Japan
154Faith and Finance
39.257.634.001141,1675592,288Personal Finance, Finance, Money, Business, Debt
@MoneyEnergy,57491211,361Personal Finance, Finance, Money, Markets, Stock Market
156Personal Finance By The Book
@PFbythebook,271137744Personal Finance, Debt, Finance, Retirement, Money
157Gen Y Wealth
38.991.232.00132,180743,377Personal Finance, Finance, Business, Investing, Digital Cameras
158Cooking Manager
38.930.952.00114904531,899Food, Cooking, Money, Kitchen, Blogging
159The Penny Frugalista
160Help Me To Save
38.7516.928.0040375924111,587Carnival, Personal Finance, Customer Service, Cyprus, Halifax
161Frugal Bon Vivant
38.710.402.0041,2813961,663Shopping, Economics, Finance, Blogging, Super Bowl
38.701.732.00151,4978432,537Personal Finance, Finance, Politics, Cars, Investing
163Living Well on Less
38.619.846.00166834636,824Personal Finance, Golden Globe Awards, Starbucks, Columbus, Wilmington
164Frugal Babe
38.592.593.00192,2804463,488Personal Finance, Finance, Moms, Outdoors, Recipes
165Call Me What You Want, Even Cheap
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93 personal finance blogger-twitterers are classified as Socializer.
“You are the hub of social scenes and people count on you to find out what's happening. You are quick to connect people and readily share your social savvy. Your followers appreciate your network and generosity.”
#Blog / TwitterKlout ScoreNetwork ScoreAmpli-
True ReachFollowersFollowingTweetsInfluential Topics
1The Wealth Artisan
38.476.524.00851,0772402,724Carnival, Saving, Enron, Personal Finance, Ecosystems
2Mainstream Mom
38.4124.0015.001405,7915,8644,124Personal Finance, Kitchen, Facebook, Poverty, Security
3Money Blue Book
4Married with Debt
38.3418.248.005351,0275102,913Finance, Blogging, Money, Debt, Retirement
5Single Guy Money
@singleguymoney Finance, Blogging, Finance, Money, Debt
6Canadian Personal Finance
@Canadian_PF,067Carnival, Kickstarter, Facebook, Star Wars, Movies
7Stop Buying Crap
38.045.905.005577987431Personal Finance, Finance, Blogging, Bloggers
8What Is Money
37.858.315.001279791,8151,694Money, England, Style, Deals, Insurance
9The Writer's Coin
37.792.092.0061,0041431,060Personal Finance, Internet Marketing, Science & Technology, Paypal, Money
10No More Spending
37.782.773.00317462831,916Personal Finance, Money
11Credit Card News
12How I Save Money
37.604.043.00351,3491,0421,440Debt, Personal Finance, Money, Blogging, Finance
13Brain Dead Simple! Financial Organizing
37.591.412.0011000Personal Finance, Shoes, Jewelry, Finance, Weddings
37.480.952.0081,4691,072914Mutual Funds, Personal Finance, Klout, Turbotax, Moms
15Money Funk
37.460.222.0031,9611,9356,593Personal Finance, Finance, Money, Blogging
16Frugal Playground
37.318.817.00931,4411,9973,602Des Moines, Iowa, Coupons, Bloggers, Business
17The Finance Wand
37.291.562.00161,7261,5302,933Money, Finance, Recessions, Cars, Investing
18Matt About Money
@MattAboutMoney,6395572,460Carnival, Recessions, Personal Finance, Amex, Apps
19Money Fox
@thefinancialfox,273Football, Money, Government, England, Ireland
20Clever Dude
36.821.822.00111,519871,483Personal Finance, Finance, Money, Cars, Blogging
21Rich Credit Debt Loan
36.770.092.0017,1795,00636,814Personal Finance, Finance, Business
22Financial Nut
23I Am 1 Percent
36.583.453.0049593850641Personal Finance, Money, Finance, Education, iPad
24Saving to Invest
36.551.542.00119962031,434Personal Finance, Finance, Milton Keynes, Apple, Cars
25My Life ROI
36.550.122.002000Personal Finance, Money, Finance, Blogging, Debt
26My Two Dollars
36.360.392.0031,7663291,039Personal Finance, Blogging, Finance, Money, Government
27Money Estate
36.267.305.0026598822741Debt, Money, Business, Investing, Personal Finance
28Own The Dollar
@ownthedollar,3835861,102Investing, Blogging, Business, Finance, Personal Finance
29My Investing Blog
36.083.513.00434,0852,43232,926Personal Finance, Finance, Clinical Trials, Poverty, Beauty
30Broke Professionals
36.011.572.0015895424579Personal Finance, Debt, Blogging, Finance, Money
31Out of Debt Christian
35.950.000.0005,9134,902816Personal Finance, Christianity, Law, Finance, Relationships
32Marotta On Money
35.892.873.0029650428Financial Services, Boston
33Surly Trader
35.831.042.00555718765Trading, Blogging, Barack Obama, Markets, Debt
34Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck
35.800.122.002615170921Finance, Money, Personal Finance, About.Com, Blogging
35Suburban Dollar
35.430.312.0031,1954814,692Personal Finance, Finance, Bloggers, Blogging, College
37Rock Star Banks
38Surviving and Thriving
39Rich Christian Poor Christian
35.170.522.004000Personal Finance, Finance, Religion & Spirituality, Politics
40My Financial Life Coach
35.152.492.00416311,0911,048Coaching, Money
41No Debt Plan
35.070.532.0061,7562594,456Personal Finance, Debt, Finance, Money, Television
42Consumer Boommer
43Funny About Money
34.941.972.0014787133951Finance, Blogging, Technology, Festival
44Single Mom Rich Mom
34.850.532.003579189121Personal Finance, Money, Debt, twitter, Bloggers
45The Happy Rock
34.787.234.00151,2722883,570Personal Finance, Finance, Marketing, Internet Startups, Movies
46Military Money Manual
34.670.000.0004031196Personal Finance, Military
34.563.263.00302,1762,0621,181College, Money, Education, Shopping, Debt
48So You Think You Can Save
34.410.592.00443429642Personal Finance, Bloggers, Money
49Money Smart Students
34.387.885.00941,2481,892663Niagara Falls, Personal Finance, Apps, Money, Coffee
@thefinance_sg,788Finance, Bloggers, Singapore, Trading
51Passive Family Income
@pfincome,0463,2721,170Personal Finance, Finance, Debt, Family, Blogging
52The Single Saver
34.100.492.00582283368Personal Finance, Money, Debt, Blogging, Deals
53Beating The Index
34.052.833.00212456636Stock Market, Money, Energy, Sustainability, Investing
54Evolution of Wealth
34.004.413.00254675221,649Finance, Personal Finance, Investing, Markets, Money
56Money Matters with Rose Greene, CFP
33.960.000.000415254243twitter, Planning, Finance, Investing
33.920.292.0011,182778587Money, Personal Finance, Saving, Finance
58My Open Wallet
33.761.000.001927242289Saving, Personal Finance, Finance
59Cool to be Frugal
33.741.082.00969679377Personal Finance, Money, Business, Blogging, Retirement
60My Money Shrugged
33.730.352.0028543381,397Personal Finance, Finance, Politics, Liberty, Libertarianism
61Making Cents Out of LIfe
33.701.432.0036431,30016,395Bloggers, twitter, Kroger
62Make Love, Not Debt
33.6310.226.001604411511,176Chicago, Security, Harry Potter, Moms, Money
63Make Love, Not Debt
33.6310.226.001604411511,176Chicago, Security, Harry Potter, Moms, Money
64Gold Bullion Investing
33.591.682.00151,2561,66224,531Smartphones, Software, Health, Environment, Lawyers
65The Zen Capitalist
33.530.432.0021,9191,929186Personal Finance, Finance, Social Media, Financial Services
66Rainy-Day Saver
33.510.342.0041,6092794,712Personal Finance, Finance, Business, Money, Blogging
67I've Paid For This Twice Already
33.470.712.0059422181,333Personal Finance, Finance, Debt, Saving
682million's Personal Finance Blog
33.373.133.00251,5698604,208Personal Finance, Business, Finance, Money, Debt
70RateNerd - Unadvertised deals from banks
33.291.352.0045,8594336,015Personal Finance, Business, Blogging, Investing, Real Estate
71Sense to Save
@sensetosave Finance, Money, Finance, Blogging, Debt
72Planting Dollars
33.070.822.00355247151Personal Finance, Finance, Money, Bloggers, Reviews
73Debt Free Hispanic
33.042.473.00171,097260351Personal Finance, Blogging, Finance, Debt, Amazon
74Plugged in Finance
@pluggednfinance, Personal Finance, Bloggers, Saving, Money
75Engineer Your Finances
32.991.302.0010803364777Personal Finance, Finance, Blogging, Energy, Careers
76Living In Financial Excellence
32.991.232.00135785742,180Recessions, Military, Ecosystems, Podcasts, Money
77Ultimate Money Blog- Save Green and Live Green!
32.831.332.0091,463921,127Personal Finance, Ecosystems, Social Media, Money, Recipes
78Debt Sucks
32.795.744.00626501572,912Shoes, Spirituality, Moms, Helmets, Movies
79Provident Planning
32.613.933.0043527215487Personal Finance, Debt, Religion & Spirituality, Christianity, Gospels
80Budget Snob
32.420.182.0022,9723,1112,972Business, Money, Jewelry, Internet Marketing, Home Business
81Shared Financial Success
32.390.512.0041,6691,428107Personal Finance, Money, eBooks, Business, Entertainment
82Frugal For Life
32.220.392.0049131311,085Personal Finance, Finance, Blogging, Politics
83Step Away from the Mall
32.204.583.00715386021,302Carnival, Girl Scouts, Recessions, Personal Finance, Shopping
84Step Away from the Mall
32.204.583.00715386021,302Carnival, Girl Scouts, Recessions, Personal Finance, Shopping
31.880.462.0037373011,905Personal Finance, Finance, twitter, Bloggers
87Hijack Your Future
88Financial Clarity
31.734.883.00137201,998743eBay, Beauty, Makeup, Soap, Internet Marketing
89Broke Grad Student
31.691.732.007605118216Personal Finance, Finance, Bloggers, Money, Social Media
90Spilling Buckets
31.590.802.003593406613Personal Finance, Finance, Sustainability
91Money Green Life
31.580.662.006779307413Personal Finance, Money, Debt, Energy, Cars
92Penny Jobs
31.570.902.0085691,653227Personal Finance, Finance, Money, Bloggers
93Personal Finance Ninja
31.550.072.00150529165Personal Finance, Entrepreneurship
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86 personal finance blogger-twitterers are classified as Conversationalist.
“You love to connect and always have the inside scoop. Good conversation is not just a skill, it's an art. You might not know it, but when you are witty, your followers hang on every word.”
#Blog / TwitterKlout ScoreNetwork ScoreAmpli-
True ReachFollowersFollowingTweetsInfluential Topics
1What Mommy Does
31.460.000.000770515166Money, Politics, Entrepreneurship, Blogging, Family
2Saving Money Today
31.362.863.00311,309696984Carnival, Personal Finance, Simpsons, Money, Gardening
3Caveat Emptor
4Freedom 48
31.161.682.00186111,915157Personal Finance, Money, Blogging, Investing, Retirement
5The Angry Millionaire
31.092.512.00304954895,300Personal Finance, Customer Service, Vancouver, Facebook, Klout
6Saving Cents in the City
31.070.392.0036292891,813Personal Finance, Finance, Bloggers, twitter, Blogher
7Sophisticated Spender
@crystalh8725,427Blogher, Business, Money, Deals, Blogging
8Save The Bills
30.840.042.0012,57469116Personal Finance, Saving, Debt, Hootsuite
9Saving Freak
10Domestic Cents
30.711.002.0067576411,746Personal Finance, Saving, Money
11Credit Card Forum [the blog]
30.612.953.00191,0906190Personal Finance, Social Media, Australia, Perth, Colorado
30.571.172.00346357808Finance, LGBT, Personal Finance, Politics, Yeehaw
13She Thinks I'm Cheap!
30.560.000.000115115216Money, Business, Blogging, Technology
14Frugal Cents
30.502.402.00166958608,174Finance, Money
30.477.104.00101,9091,9581,139Coupons, Deals, Children, Gifts, Amazon
16Credit Cards Canada
30.461.522.00251,0676659,603Carnival, P2p, Recessions, Personal Finance, Customer Service
17How to make $7 million in 7 years
30.413.423.0084582211,117Personal Finance, Retirement, Money, Video, iPad
18Frugal Fairhope
30.331.472.00121,1413469,763Coupons, Money, Blogging, iPad, Walmart
19Brave New Life
20FIRE Finance
30.273.353.00576524791Personal Finance, Finance, Money, Carnival, Creativity
21Money Is The Root
30.261.572.0011921393323Blogging, Finance, Super Bowl
22Simple Rules Books
23Rabbit Funds
@rabbitfunds,631Personal Finance, Utah, Money, Finance, Mormonism
24Think Your Way To Wealth
30.160.332.001914262666Personal Finance, Debt, Blogging, Finance, Money
@FinanceMoz,7613,88345,472Business, Marketing, Multi-level Marketing, Entrepreneurship
26Debt and Buried
@debtandburied Finance, Money, Debt
27365 Days on a Budget
29.998.124.00920571940Personal Finance, Finance, College, Blogging, Business
28Move To Portugal
29.890.862.00112131863,120Blogging, Movies, Reading, Travel and Tourism, Portugal
29How To Manage Money Tips
29.770.032.0014,3594,7021,278Personal Finance, Money, Law, Markets
30Leave Debt Behind
29.740.562.002308474612Money, Debt
31Financial Planning Tips
29.601.142.007276767227Finance, Personal Finance, Money, Debt, Health Care
32Living Almost Large
29.540.000.00042561,599Personal Finance, Finance, Blogging
33All About Living With Life
29.4826.2012.003401,3471,7514,977Blogging, Carnival, Moms, Brand Management, Online Banking
34Your Money Mentor
29.412.423.0015279391561Bloggers, Personal Finance
35The ibanker
36Frugal Fun and Financial Fitness
29.300.000.000639948674Forex, Business, Finance
29.106.955.0087447226553Carnival, Personal Finance, Television, Shopping, Money
39Happy Healthy Successful
28.972.422.00213631,97610,035Health, Nonprofits, Pinterest
40Road Out of Debt Blog
28.860.422.00120,862317261Personal Finance, Brian Tracy, Authors, Music, Ray J
41Everyday Tips and Thoughts
42Last Budget
28.831.572.0056047380EMILY's List, Congo
43Secrets to Improve Your Credit
28.630.000.0007911,6081,199Mortgages, Healing, Design
44You Want to Be Rich
28.621.042.0041,5131,9542,067Business, Blogging
45Debt Free By Thirty
28.587.924.00138000Shih Tzu, Disqus, Kitchen, Beauty, Moms
46Financial Methods
28.490.042.00152474932Personal Finance, Finance, Blogging
47Plonkee Money
28.420.000.0003352744Personal Finance, Bloggers, Finance
48Owl Invest
28.353.663.007115151325Mark Cuban, Finance, Blogging
49Milk Your Money
@MilkYourMoney Finance, Finance, Money
50Smarter Spend
@SmarterSpend Finance, Finance, Careers
@myMoneyPower Finance, Fitness, Money, Blogging, Insurance
52Five Pence Piece
@FivePencePiece, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Blogging, Education
53Five Pence Piece
@FivePencePiece, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Blogging, Education
54Kick Debt Off
28.070.362.002341261547Debt, Personal Finance, Web 2.0, Money, Saving
28.029.733.002131,019372913Craigslist, Personal Finance, Apps, Facebook, Shopping
@HedgeAnalyst,548Libya, Tennis, Bahrain, Stock Market, Japan
57Finance Care Guide
58Moola Days
59Tightwad: A Girl's Guide to Living on Less
60The Saved Quarter
27.740.022.001655194565Blogging, Personal Finance, Money, Carnival, Life Insurance
61Super Frugalette
27.710.882.0081,0226045,460Shopping, Money, Sephora, Klout, Ecosystems
62Finance Gourmet
27.540.232.0013047466Money, Business
63Kathryn's Conversations
27.357.274.0098000iphone, europe, starbucks, santa monica, reading pennsylvania
64Me Without Debt
65Financial Money Tips
27.281.332.0085636721,073Personal Finance, Finance, Money, Retirement, Taxes
66Save Your Money Save Your Family
@zippey802, Parenting
67Cash The Checks
27.051.622.00101,727105172Revenue Models, Personal Finance, Internet Marketing, Money, Entrepreneurship
68Cash The Checks
27.051.622.00101,727105172Revenue Models, Personal Finance, Internet Marketing, Money, Entrepreneurship
69The Wealthy Canadian
26.911.242.0021,374381,066Personal Finance, Investing, Blogging, Money, Stock Market
70One Solution
26.897.785.002453113839Health, Money, Cars
71Money and Matrimony
26.381.082.0031,2401,473304Networking, Coaching, Marriage, Money, Facebook
72Your Teen's Money Skills
26.301.000.0013076731,159Personal Finance, Health, Money, Entrepreneurship, Coffee
74Money Hacker
75The $60K Project
26.1210.603.0026539671675Carnival, Money, Blogging, Investing, Insurance
77Aaron Hung
26.1210.603.0026539671675Carnival, Money, Blogging, Investing, Insurance
@financedadblog, Personal Finance
26.016.385.00569355103iPhone, Family
80First Gen American
25.931.762.0014460690226Retirement, Money, Canoeing, Feminism, Coffee
81Cheap Like Me
25.850.062.0014673241,061Ecology, Personal Finance
82Canadian Tax Resource
25.816.944.0065000finance, personal finance, financial services, taxes, business
83Girl with the Red Balloon
25.681.000.0014296214,652Kohl's, Firewall, Pizza, Facebook, Religion & Spirituality
84Novel Financial Literacy
85Modern Tightwad
25.650.982.002197105802Personal Finance, Family
86Plan Your Investment
25.591.692.00221629426Investing, Personal Finance
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71 personal finance blogger-twitterers are classified as Explorer.
“You actively engage in the social web, constantly trying out new ways to interact and network. You're exploring the ecosystem and making it work for you. Your level of activity and engagement shows that you "get it", we predict you'll be moving up.”
#Blog / TwitterKlout ScoreNetwork ScoreAmpli-
True ReachFollowersFollowingTweetsInfluential Topics
44.6432.8923.87376000Digg, Arizona, social media
2Aspiring Millionaire
3Homemaker Hand Guide
25.450.262.00178240318Coupons, Saving, Super Bowl, Books
4Invest in the Markets
25.331.000.001247471,341Trading, Stock Market, Money, Investing, Amazon
5Cult Of Money
25.301.342.0012207137150P2p, Venture Capital, Money, Government, Entrepreneurship
6Realized Returns
25.140.882.00224767142Investing, Personal Finance, Blogging, Amazon Kindle
7Spruce Up Your Finances
@spruceupfinance Finance, Business, Finance, Debt, Money
8Our Coupon Home
25.050.742.00250932917,461Coupons, Deals, Magazines, Tylenol, Money
9Pocket Change
24.990.612.003221198280Finance, Debt
10Hope to Prosper
24.993.763.0028298258100Personal Finance, Blogging, Debt, Bloggers, Toys
11Grad Money Matters
24.936.804.001412711545Money, Blogging, Bloggers, Writing
12Doable Finance
13Finance Yoga
24.860.992.0065381,1861,332Money, Debt, Feedburner, Craigslist, Apps
14Practical Housewives
24.830.000.0001,3141,980628Gift Cards
15The Truth About Credit Cards
24.811.222.0097939247Credit Cards, Mastercard
17Smart Family Finance
24.650.302.001391563662Carnival, Personal Finance, Klout, Internet Explorer, Money
24.240.672.0031,0411,4521,348Affiliate Marketing
19Savings Journey
24.043.463.002740253106Republican Party, Mitt Romney
21The Textbook Guru
24.001.322.00816997215Community, College, Education, Video Games, Books
22Make Money Make Cents
24.001.322.0018101,052551Carnival, Saving, Personal Finance, Klout, Moms
23Rich Money Habits
24Bob's Occasional Musings
23.840.000.00012336331Crossfit, Bachmann
25151 Days Off
23.630.000.0001499259Personal Finance, Debt
26Personal Finance Whiz
23.451.000.001173111216Recessions, Personal Finance, Moms, Coffee, Cars
27The Debt Darling
23.417.453.0026079134Deals, Banking, Money, Debt
28Personal Finance World
23.390.000.000571567329Debt, Internet
29Financial Knowledge Online
23.340.212.001178117763Personal Finance, Debt, Amazon
31Earth and Money
32The Wise Buck
@thewisebuck Finance, Internet Marketing, Entrepreneurship
33Momma's Blog
34Journey to Become Financially Independent
23.198.796.0060135302,241Samsung, Technology, Singapore, Malaysia, iPad
35Daily Money Tips
36Savings Scoop
@savingsscoop,733Business, Money, Coupons, Saving, Personal Finance
37Money Infographics
@PFinfographics Finance, Infographics, Economics
38Wealth Creating Site
@wealthyliving Finance, Finance, Money, World News, Newspapers
39Diva In Debt
22.941.000.00127643951Carnival, Personal Finance
40ITA Wealth Management
41Mzansi Finance
22.835.903.00544088711,001Personal Finance, Money, Photography
42My Dolr
43How Important Is Your Finance
44New Jersey Life and Health Insurance
22.750.412.0024011,068133Health Insurance, Insurance, Life Insurance
45No Debt MBA
46Young and Pennywise
22.3814.836.00129187951,995Blogging, Social Media, Health, Movies, Money
47Money In The 20s
22.350.102.001000Blogging, Money, Master of Business Administration, College, LinkedIn
48Get Financial Freedom Tips
22.340.732.002259252899Debt, Retirement, Finance, Money, Cars
49Personal Finance Opinions
22.340.732.002259252899Debt, Retirement, Finance, Money, Cars
@emortgagetalk, Money, Finance, Parenting, Video
51Save Money Hound
@SaveMoneyHound Finance, Money
52Penny Pinching Professional
21.870.052.001144134140Personal Finance, Money, Blogging
53Money at the Speed of Life
54Best Finance Network
21.501.342.0023021,134260Finance, Markets, Investing, Marketing, Social Marketing
55Financial Planning InfoGuide's Blog
21.481.912.0012148131,676Personal Finance
56Hustler Money Blog
57Personal Finance and Money
21.430.102.001233461,749Blogging, Google
58Bride and Groom Money Talk
21.360.202.002218386653Health, Marriage, Money, Finance, Weddings
59Beyond Dave
@CassieFeath Finance, Churches
60Fiscally Sound
20.740.272.004258372326Business, Retirement, Politics, Multi-level Marketing, Money
61The Six Figure Diploma Payoff
62Managing Money God's Way
63Finance For Youth: The Blog
64Your Personal Finance 101
20.440.000.000292539166Business, Finance, Investing, Markets, Money
20.260.442.002214505360Personal Finance, Hiking, Camping, Cooking, Money
66Life and Times Living with In-laws
67Duck Blog
68Recession Proof Living
19.630.282.00215590112Coupons, Saving
69Wide Open Wallet
70Beating Debt News
71Stay at Home Mom CFO
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65 personal finance blogger-twitterers are classified as Observer.
“You don't share very much, but you follow the social web more than you let on. You may just enjoy observing more than sharing or you're checking this stuff out before jumping in full-force.”
#Blog / TwitterKlout ScoreNetwork ScoreAmpli-
True ReachFollowersFollowingTweetsInfluential Topics
1Waist & Wallet
15.360.142.001172962Debt, Personal Finance
14.990.822.0011543179Deals, Shopping
3The Smart Nickel
4Taxes and Stuff
6Finance And Investments
14.480.112.0011042812,827Business, Unemployment, China, GDP
7Saving is Sexy
@SavingisSexy, Evolution, Finance, Blogging
8Green Leaf Coupons
9Square Peg Finance
13.750.322.00347118225Buffalo Bills, Trading, Stock Market, Investing, Football
10The Patient Fisherman
11Blog to a Million
13.501.000.001366540Personal Finance, Investing
13.190.622.0042221104Gossip Girl
14Frugal Pig
15Investing Thesis
12.911.872.006335471,530personal finance, money
16Marriage on a Budget
12.680.000.000163158Personal Finance, Money
17Everett's Financial Blog
18Financial Advice
12.620.000.000143082Finance, Money
19Steadfast Finances
20Kids and Bills
22Real Man Money
11.740.112.0011016170Speakers, Faith
23Real Man Money
11.740.112.0011016170Speakers, Faith
24The Broken Penny
11.560.042.0014314Banking, Financial Services
25Smart Debt Solution
26Binks and Budgets
27One Caveman's Financial Journey
11.551.542.002398180469personal finance, finance
28Millionaire Mommy Next Door
11.351.002.004000personal finance, finance, moms, entrepreneurship
29Everyday Money Info
31Pokjat Personal Finance and make money
32Parenting and Money
33Personal Family Money
34Planning Makes Cents
35Financial Alex
10.670.000.000000Personal Finance, Careers
36Every Peso Counts
10.630.972.001262651185finance, personal finance
37Richly Reasonable
38My Deal Review
39The Broke M.B.A.
@thebrokemba finance, finance
40Borrow From None
41Wealth Savant
42The Finance Journey
@FinanceJourney finance
43Financially S.M.A.R.T. Advice
44Saving My Cents
45Finance for a Freelance Life
@mrsmicah,65527525,119personal finance, finance, blogging
46Banker Girl
47The Greenest Dollar
@GreenestDollar,9002,015451finance, personal finance, blogging
48Goliath Debt, David Income
@GoliathDebt finance, finance
49Economy online
@sayeconomy, investing
50Eliminate The Muda
@LeanLifeCoach finance, business
51Make Money In Stocks
52Saving 4 R Babies
53New Money Well
54Heartland Living on a Budget
55Money Boxer
56Zoe Debt Story
@zoedebtstory Science, Elizabeth Warren
57Getting Finances Done
@Finances101, personal finance
58The Simple Tax
59Finance and Budgeting in Todays Climate
60Frugal Catholic Mommy
@frugalcatholic,884catholic, blogging
61The Money Bees
63Wall Street Ben
64FOREX Later
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59 personal finance blogger-twitterers are classified as Broadcaster.
“You broadcast great content that spreads like wildfire. You are an essential information source in your industry. You have a large and diverse audience that values your content.”
#Blog / TwitterKlout ScoreNetwork ScoreAmpli-
True ReachFollowersFollowingTweetsInfluential Topics
1Budgets Are Sexy
65.4133.7813.002,80113,78634722,846Personal Finance, Money, Economics, Carnival, Girl Scouts
2Dealicious Mom
65.4027.768.001,51234,99126,88020,226Kleenex, Beauty, Health, Blogging, Moms
3Saving Dollars and Sense
4Sample Stuff
5Planting Money Seeds
64.6233.6319.001,3648,2688,83421,461Personal Finance, Blogging, Social Media, Investing, Money
6Upperline Financial Planning
64.3439.2223.002,2763,0322,26912,777Personal Finance, DVD, Magazines, Apps, Pizza
7Money Saving Mom
64.2934.649.002,767104,4985,34132,668Deals, Cinnabon, Personal Finance, Magazines, Kitchen
8And Then We Saved
64.2917.037.004693,1381,7668,212Personal Finance, Shoes, Denver, Social Media, Shopping
9Hey, It's Free!
64.2521.006.0039543,308645,943Deals, Coupons, Shopping, Free Stuff, Business
64.2231.066.001,84813,0513753,772Unemployment, Recessions, Personal Finance, Apps, Community
11The Conscious Spender
64.0841.1740.002,4478236984,006Personal Finance, Apps, Facebook, Community, Television
12Money Talks News
63.9630.078.001,4997,742825,509Cable Television, Cookbooks, Recessions, Personal Finance, Baking
13Free From Broke
63.7934.9419.001,3775,4213,86118,611Personal Finance, Money, Turbotax, Unemployment, CES2012
14GoGirl Finance
63.7426.8110.001,3045,6491,86411,136Personal Finance, Facebook, Community, Health, Moms
15Magical Penny
63.2632.2818.001,2896,5835396,625Personal Finance, Matt Damon, Trading, Sales, Turbotax
17How to Get Out of Debt
63.2224.978.0053219,9745247,646Personal Finance, Recessions, Federal Trade Commission, Fraud, Money
18Bargains to Bounty
63.1610.405.00931,6975289,114Michigan, Plymouth, Facebook, Community, Klout
19Rhonda Sherwood - Helping to make sense of your money
63.1530.2321.003952,8473,13715,599Vancouver, Business, Finance, Money, Molson
20Don't Mess With Taxes
63.1228.7212.001,4975,8445,03626,852Personal Finance, Sales, Security, Carnival, Stephen Colbert
21Don't Mess With Taxes
63.1228.7212.001,4975,8445,03626,852Personal Finance, Sales, Security, Carnival, Stephen Colbert
23Money Spruce
62.8530.5319.001,0203,2072,4063,243Meetup Groups, Personal Finance, Apps, Chicago, Internet Startups
24Give Me Back My Five Bucks
62.7726.0711.009933,47430720,211Personal Finance, Finance, Social Media, Vancouver, Facebook
25The Cash Flow Lifestyle
62.575.594.0059000Facebook, Religion & Spirituality, Klout, Kobe Bryant, NFL Draft
26Retire Happy Blog
62.3426.2011.005007,4736,5424,946Personal Finance, Money, Banking, Social Media, Sales
27Moms Need To Know
61.9741.1937.002,0165,4481,63426,729Kohl's, Kmart, Keurig, Hootsuite, Cookbooks
28Money Smart Life
61.9319.748.006066,7701,6119,425Personal Finance, Unemployment, Kiva, Craigslist, Apps
29Mr. Money Mustache
30Money Ning
61.5630.308.001,8757,81838710,929Personal Finance, Money, Finance, Business, Blogging
31Bible Money Matters
61.5333.9115.001,64012,2282,14321,302Personal Finance, Money, Satellite Tv, Life Insurance, Amex
32Canadian Finance Blog
61.5222.708.0051211,46310,2216,339Personal Finance, Money, Carnival, Live Sports, Klondike Bar
33A Frugal Friend
61.5134.9218.001,54411,1372,84322,548Hasbro, Camcorder, Mothers Day, Magazines, Apps
34PT Money
61.4829.8313.001,7736,8136895,982Personal Finance, Banking, Income Tax, Cable Television, Life Insurance
35Modest Money
61.3033.3816.002,21612,30810,51314,250Personal Finance, Money, Carnival, Shopping, Dave Ramsey
36Ask The Money Coach
61.1123.727.006807,8221,1108,289Unemployment, Personal Finance, Facebook, New Jersey, Social Media
37Christian Personal Finance
60.9423.737.006287,3631,8053,811Whitney Houston, Cable Television, Credit Unions, Personal Finance, Community
38Frugal Beautiful
60.7842.0019.004,8698,0872,78017,049Social Media, Personal Finance, Shoes, Beauty, Apple
39Money Q&A
60.7216.517.003669,6097,6134,667Personal Finance, Carnival, Mutual Funds, Online Store, Health
40Free Snatcher
60.688.144.00855,0484,29122,218Snapfish, Saving, Vistaprint, Blockbuster, Personal Finance
41Your Smart Money Moves - oXYGenFinancial
60.6121.3210.0030210,7331,6427,463Carnival, Life Insurance, Personal Finance, Community, Chicago Bears
42Penny Pinchin' Mom
60.4440.8625.002,4759,2562,50228,643Money, Kohl's, Customer Service, Magazines, Facebook
43The Krazy Coupon Lady
60.3534.849.001,67035,7321,80831,494Coupons, Kmart, Lip Gloss, Saving, Kohl's
44Northern Cheapskate
60.2520.6114.003817,4157,6297,756Snapfish, Directv, Personal Finance, Facebook, Shoes
45Consumerism Commentary
60.1628.3613.001,4536,2001,31115,209Personal Finance, Income Tax, Michael Vick, Carnival, Amazon Prime
46Coupons and Freebies Mom
60.1021.646.0047625,33710,19121,695Coupons, Deals, Shopping, Personal Finance, Moms
47THE Canadian Personal Finance Site
60.0224.7315.007321,50390116,466Personal Finance, Unemployment, Turbotax, Autism, Security
48Kylie Ofiu
49Living Financially Aware
59.9030.2925.006091,52193812,147Personal Finance, Income Tax, Life Insurance, Apps, Pizza
50One Smart Dollar
59.8722.6711.008134,1513,7655,292Personal Finance, Carnival, Mothers Day, Facebook, Shopping
51Living Rich With Coupons
59.6712.425.001846,3112,34131,445Snapfish, Rachael Ray, Kohl's, Blockbuster, Magazines
52Money Crashers
59.6132.4615.002,1669,75642721,968Personal Finance, Amazon Prime, Apps, Facebook, Security
53$5 Dinners
59.6127.358.0094219,1822,66524,015Food, Coupons, Cooking, Blogging, Deals
54Jan Leasure's, $uper $aver, Extreme Couponing Tips
59.3535.2519.001,0773,6381,9797,573Coupons, Deals, Shopping, Social Media, Recipes
55All Financial Matters
56Senior Money Memos
59.2327.0218.004943,7834,0187,792Apps, Vancouver, Sales, Internet Marketing, Social Media
57The Jenny Pincher
59.1132.8317.001,0569,68110,1129,905Carnival, Dallas (TV Show), Life Insurance, Craigslist, Personal Finance
58Faithful Provisions - Showing you how to save money!
58.7523.389.007366,9924,16022,496Coupons, Deals, Moms, Money, Shopping
59Your Finances Simplified
58.6324.7110.009637,9244,53720,082Personal Finance, Money, Real Estate, Banking, Poverty
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40 personal finance blogger-twitterers are classified as Dabbler.
“You might just be starting out with the social web or maybe you're not that into it. If you want to grow your influence, try engaging with your audience and sharing more content.”
#Blog / TwitterKlout ScoreNetwork ScoreAmpli-
True ReachFollowersFollowingTweetsInfluential Topics
1The Exchange Times
2Financial Advice and Money Managment
3Ultra High Net Worth
4James Petzke
@jamespetzke, Personal Finance, College, Freelancing
@knudgeme, Personal Finance, Entrepreneurship, Internet Startups, Super Bowl
6First Generation White Collar
@moneymonk 2.0, Hootsuite
7Millionaire or Bust
@MOB_David Beach
8Money and Such
9Your Finance Formulas
18.990.462.0035991,002342Finance, Entrepreneurship
10Finance Ideas 4U
18.990.462.0035991,002342Finance, Entrepreneurship
11Our First Million
12Change Jar Savings
13Your Money, Your Politics
18.791.972.00773228416Cnbc, Liberty, Activision
14Essential Finances
18.690.000.000122634Business, Finance, Stock Market, Markets, Money
15The Bargain Junkie
16 Smart Debt Solutions
18.510.000.000222283Personal Finance, Feminism
17Women's Saving Club
18.322.263.0011609829Money, Saving, Cars
18Trading Diary
18.300.322.002298302104Authors, Forex
19The Money Paradise
@themoneyparadiz Finance, Saving
20Live Well Simply
@livewellsimply, Creativity, Debt
21Investors Life
@tglenrundell, Google, Markets, Mainstream Media, Stock Market
22The Truth About Insurance
@Insuranceterms, Insurance Industry
23Debt Broke
24Get Rich on Purpose
25Hundred Thousandaire Boys Club
17.9512.542.0041000personal finance, social media, video, ipad, itunes
26Alex Facts
17.731.872.00326829016Personal Finance, Computer Science
17.700.752.0038737794Faith, Jesus
28Me Save Money
17.662.053.0095325106Personal Finance, Money, Saving
29Get Rich, Slowly!
30Cents of Freedom
31Ace of Wealth
32Business Financial Plan
33We Wear Khakis
34The Financial Times
35Financial Advice Simplified Learn Invest Prosper
16.340.000.0005139Business, Innovation
36Freestyle Living
16.120.342.002815716Personal Finance, Debt
37Career Insider
38Ruby Blues
15.960.132.00172153206Australia, Casinos, Money, Ruby on Rails, New Kids on the Block
10.1010.202.00114429160finance, personal finance
40A Frugal Living Blog
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14 personal finance blogger-twitterers are classified as Feeder.
“Your audience relies on you for a steady flow of information about your industry or topic. Your audience is hooked on your updates and secretly can't live without them.”
#Blog / TwitterKlout ScoreNetwork ScoreAmpli-
True ReachFollowersFollowingTweetsInfluential Topics
1Minting Nickels
31.6721.135.00164000money, jewelry, hudson, festival, mad men
2Gather Little By Little
10.3310.0010.00177401personal finance
3Foreigner's Finances
10.1510.0010.00113540138371personal finance, finance, japan
4Sensible Steward
5Credit Card Blog
@likessnk, personal finance
6Obsessed Analytic
7The Savvy Money
8Rate Rush Financial
10Fairmark Press Tax Guide for Investors
11Our Take On Freedom
12Ruling at Life
13Jeffrey Trades "Technically"
14Common Cents Saving
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8 personal finance blogger-twitterers are classified as Pundit.
“You don't just share news, you create the news. As a pundit, your opinions are wide-spread and highly trusted. You're regularly recognized as a leader in your industry. When you speak, people listen.”
#Blog / TwitterKlout ScoreNetwork ScoreAmpli-
True ReachFollowersFollowingTweetsInfluential Topics
1Bargain Briana
70.5625.365.001,25565,7406,61133,524Coupons, Blogging, Personal Finance, Deals, Shopping
2Ready to be Rich
3Wise Bread
70.1940.1119.006,40429,78515,50823,099Personal Finance, Kitchen, Apps, Sales, Casinos
4Mom Advice
69.6626.878.0096812,8371,75318,683Kitchen, Facebook, Aldi, Cracker Barrel, Personal Finance
68.4839.557.007,22838,4368926,663Business, Personal Finance, Finance, Money, Shopping
6Consumer Queen
7Where Does All My Money Go
66.4234.6620.001,5985,2484695,520Personal Finance, Blogging, Finance, Money, Trading
8Chatty Women
65.8543.2446.002,6684,2365926,152Affiliate Marketing, Trident, Online Shopping, Snapfish, Facebook
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Thought Leader

4 personal finance blogger-twitterers are classified as Thought Leader.
“You are a thought leader in your industry. Your followers rely on you, not only to share the relevant news, but to give your opinion on the issues. People look to you to help them understand the day's developments. You understand what's important and what your audience values.”
#Blog / TwitterKlout ScoreNetwork ScoreAmpli-
True ReachFollowersFollowingTweetsInfluential Topics
1Get Rich Slowly
2Good Financial Cents
71.9143.3023.004,9998,5162,2719,210Personal Finance, Blogging, Finance, Unemployment, Cleveland
3Soldier of Finance
71.9143.3023.004,9998,5162,2719,210Personal Finance, Blogging, Finance, Unemployment, Cleveland
4Kitten a Go-Go
71.7047.7248.007,1165,2674,42111,504Blogging, Cats, Bloggers, Social Media, Health
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Taste Maker

2 personal finance blogger-twitterers are classified as Taste Maker.
“You know what you like and your audience likes it too. You know what's trending, but you do more than just follow the crowd. You have your own opinion that earns respect from your network.”
#Blog / TwitterKlout ScoreNetwork ScoreAmpli-
True ReachFollowersFollowingTweetsInfluential Topics
1Gail Vaz-Oxlade
2I Will Teach You To Be Rich
80.2346.1714.009,80350,014986,048Finance, Money, Psychology, Kmart, Judge Judy
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1 personal finance blogger-twitterers are classified as Curator.
“You highlight the most interesting people and find the best content on the web and share it to a wide audience. You are a critical information source to your network. You have an amazing ability to filter massive amounts of content to surface the nuggets that your audience truly care about. Your hard work is very much appreciated.”
#Blog / TwitterKlout ScoreNetwork ScoreAmpli-
True ReachFollowersFollowingTweetsInfluential Topics
1Pop Economics
@PopEconomics finance, finance, economics