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"This blog is based on my book, BARGAIN JUNKIE: LIVING THE GOOD LIFE ON THE CHEAP. The market goes up, the market goes down. We’re in a boom, we’re in a recession, we’re in a depression. We’re told to “live richly,” we’re told to “spend cautiously.” None of this economic see-saw has ever affected me, because I’ve been a thriftaholic all my life. I was brought up in a Bronx railroad flat by poor immigrants. My mother would use a tea bag, then squeeze it dry, hang it up, and use it again the next day: I hated her for this. My father was a tailor, and he would make all my clothes: I hated him for this. I wanted to live like my friends, with spacious homes, trendy outfits, and all the other trappings of middle-class American life. Most of all, I wanted fresh tea bags. I enjoy those pleasures now, but have learned to respect my parents’ frugality. I rarely buy anything that hasn’t been pre-worn, pre-used, pre-loved. I’m such a compulsive re-user that when I’m in a restaurant and see the anorexic girl at the next table leaving a pile of food on her plate I have to fight the impulse to say “Excuse me, but if you’re not going to finish that, would you mind passing it this way?” My thrifty (thrifty, not stingy – stingy is nasty.) lifestyle has allowed me to have a comfy home filled with objects of value (the most valuable object being my Danish husband, Benni, and he was also pre-loved – I would never get a husband retail.) I’ve also managed to educate my child, travel all over the world, and give the occasional dinner party. I try not to do this last one too often: if God had wanted people to cook, She wouldn’t have invented restaurants. What my bargainista philosophy has not allowed me to do is to own a $150,000 Birkin crocodile and diamond bag, or even a measly low-end $9,000 Birkin bag. Somehow, I don’t feel I’ve missed much. I’m perfectly happy with my lightweight, washable, silver Sportsac. I got it on Ebay for twelve bucks. When the economy tanked, being a cheapskate suddenly became fashionable. And I thought people might be interested in hearing all the nasty little secrets of the thriftaholic lifestyle. So here I am, ready to share stories and tips that will help you live large while spending little. "

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I act, write, nap, and - when awake - like to make people laugh.
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