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I’m a twenty- something (well, unfortunately now mid to late twenty something) who realized she had a steep learning curve to overcome when learning about saving money and investing… and I want to share what I have learned and am learning with y’all. The reason I wanted to start this blog is because it seemed like the average “Generation Y” guy or gal didn’t know what an RRSP is. Most of my friends tell me “it’s a mutual fund”. So that’s why i am here. To try and explain that it is not a mutual fund, but it can hold a mutual fund. And explain much much more about that elusive and tangible thing, money (and how to save it)! One of the other reasons I decided to make this website is that my sisters (er… they are 21 and 23 respectively, and yes, they are a bit sheltered), didn’t know the difference between a debit and credit card. Yes, I know that is a bit extreme, but I plan to write about the very basics to the higher level in terms of saving, investing, etc. etc. because we didn’t get taught about money in school. And our parents (bless their baby boomer hearts) worked so hard so that we could live in excess and take everything for granted and not work a day in our lives and not know “what the value of a dollar” is. I hope to talk about anything and everything minutely related to money, saving, finance, investing, and being thrifty (like cheap but good eats in Vancouver or ways to save while traveling). I hope to share with you my hopes and goals of saving enough to stop my “home envy” while at the same time attempting to suppress my addiction to traveling. I hail from the Vancouver, BC area- where, according the the report released November 27, 2009, the average person spends 67% of their income on housing (when the recommended amount is 32%. max….. ) Grrrreeat. I am off to a good start I see, in attaining my goal of being a homeowner.


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Understanding personal finance from a Generation Y perspective. Living la Frugal Vida
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