Top 100 Personal Finance Blog Rankings: A New Wise Bread Feature

Looking for more great personal finance blogs? Find the best ones with our new Top 100 Personal Finance Blog Rankings!

Feature 1: Personal Finance Blogs Ranked By Popular Statistics

By default the chart will rank the blogs based on traffic. But you can click on the column headings to sort the blogs by:

  • Technorati Rank
  • RSS subscribers
  • Compete Score
  • Twitter followers
  • PageRank
  • Number of inbound links

Each of these statistical categories can tell you different things about the blogs.  For example, blogs with many Twitter followers usually interact a lot more with their readers.  On the other hand, bogs with excellent Technorati Rankings have received a lot of mentions by other top blogs, which means they are well-respected by other bloggers.



Feature 2: Profile Page For Each Blog

Each blog listed also has its own profile page, which shows more stats and background information on the people behind the blogs. To see the profile page, click on the numbers in the first column of the chart. Some of the information available in the profile include:

  • General stats overview
  • Whois data
  • Most popular posts
  • Latest posts
  • Latest Tweets

For example, here's a screenshot of Digerati Life's profile:


top pf blog rank profile

Upcoming Features

We’re just getting started. Here are features that will be released in the upcoming weeks:

  • Allow you to vote for your favorite blogs
  • Allow bloggers to edit their own profile page and add photos
  • Keyword tagging and search of blogs -- For example, you’ll be able to find blogs tagged “credit card” or “frugal eating”
  • An aggregator showing the latest headlines from the most popular blogs


Why Develop New Tools?

Mrs. Micah explained it best:

Hands-down, the best way to keep up with something is to join a group of other people doing it. Working out with my husband keeps me working out. Dieters join weight-watchers. Writers join writing groups. One of the best ways to keep up with your financial goals is by joining a personal finance forum.

We hope these tools will help you find other like-minded folks who blog about topics you care about. While the list is currently focused on popularity, eventually we want to build a rich database that will help you find the exact type of personal finance blog/community that's right for you.




We Need Your Feedback

This system is still in beta and we need your help to make it better. If you have any suggestions or comments please drop us a note in this forum thread. Feel free to suggest a blog for inclusion, especially your own. We plan on expanding this list indefinitely, so we’re not limiting ourselves to just 100 blogs.

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Guest's picture

Thanks for taking the time to do this, this is going to be a great resource for a long time to come!

You could consider adding Quancast data, since bloggers can put the tracking code on their site and get some good demographic data that may come in handy. So you could splice it further by audience (or a guess at what the audience is).

Guest's picture

Thanks so much for putting this comprehensive list together!

Guest's picture

It's nice to see a lot of the wise bread forum members' blogs on here!

Guest's picture

Wow, this is an awesome analysis; thanks for including my new blog, Darwin's Finance. I just wanted to request that my initial blog that started me off (which should have much better Alexa, more incoming links, etc. since years older) be included: Everyday Finance.

I love the list - great resource for everyone from readers to advertisers to other bloggers looking to network. This is truly a benefit to thousands of people - Thanks!

Guest's picture

I hope to break the list at some point soon! It's nice to have some rankings, however. People LOVE rankings, including myself. We're all obsessed with the BCS rankings, the NCAA basketball rankings, and the NBA power rankings.

Have a PF blog ranking system is great!

Guest's picture

Thanks so much for adding me to your list and featuring my photo in your post. It's truly an honor to be ranked with so many other blogs I've held in high esteem since I started.

Guest's picture

This is a great resource. I'm glad to see that my site is on your list, but I'm curious about the Twitter numbers. I have 774 followers on Twitter (@FrugalBabe), but the chart doesn't show any. Do I have to submit this info somewhere to get it to show up? Thanks again!

Guest's picture

My favorite finance blog (which sadly has not made the list...YET) is Squawkfox.

She's sassy AND she does these really helpful downloads, etc. She's basically my finance blog crush.

Guest's picture

This is awesome! I can't wait to see what you have in store for the PF blogging community. There are also tons of undiscovered nuggets out there, and many bloggers maintain multiple financial sites... though I can imagine just how long this list can get if we accounted for everyone out there.

Guest's picture

It's great to see some of my favorite PF bloggers getting some recognition.

I realize our PF Blog might not be included because we're a personal finance site AND a blog, which makes numbers counting a little trickier.

However, I did want to draw your attention to a PF blogger that we've started following- The Greenest Dollar

Her blog is pretty young, just a few months, I think, but I checked her alexa count which is already at 299,414. Which is pretty impressive, and not much of a surprise considering that her writing is absolute quality.

We'll keep our eye out for more great PF bloggers, because we know that ranking systems like this are a great resource for people, but that we have to keep an eye out for high quality bloggers who deserve some attention too!

Guest's picture

Thanks for pulling together these blog rankings and I appreciate your decision to include my new blog. As a newbie I am well down on your ranking but I can identify this tool as one of my top traffic generators since its launch. So a big thanks for the traffic and recognition and I look forward to working with many of these other bloggers as well as you guys to support this endeavor.

**Attn other bloggers - I don't want to spam anyone on this list but I personally welcome all emails or contacts with any of you. I'm small with little audience to offer right now, but I'm open to guest posts or link exchanges etc... just let me know.

THANKS WiseBread!


Will Chen's picture
Will Chen

Thanks for the input everyone! It means a lot to us that you took the time to check out our tool.

We'll definitely try to add all your suggestions in our next update.  I'll probably close this comment thread in a day or so, if you have further suggestions please drop by this forum thread.

@ Beating Broke @ Everyday Finance @ Hayden: I'll make sure you're considered for the next udpate.  Thank you for being patient with us.  =)

@Jim: That's a great suggestion Jim. We'll definitely consider that in our next update. I think there might be some technical reason Greg didn't use it, but we'll definitely try our best to add as many useful stat tool as we can into the chart.

@ FFB: I'm glad you found it useful!  Greg (our tech guru) worked really hard on it.

@ Amy: What great news. I love the fact that our members in the forum are helping each other reach their blogging goals.  Thank you for your support.

@ Trevor: I'm definitely a sucker for the NBA power rankings.

@ Tara: I was just talking to Linsey about you.  She had tons of nice things to say about your deal finding abilities.  =)

@ Frugal Babe: Eventually we'll allow each blog's owner to enter that information themselves.  Right now I think it is just a glitch on our end.  We'll try to fix it by the next update.

@ Digerati Life: Thanks for the mention on your blog SVB!

@ Elisa: We might create a special category for company blogs so that your blog and other great ones like the one at can also be included.  I totally agree that we shouldn't get obsessed about rankings alone.  That's why we're going to implement robust search and  voting features that will allow people to find more quality niche blogs that are not necessarily well known at this moment.

@ Dave: Our blogger forum is a great place to connect with other pf bloggers.  =)

Guest's picture

What a cool list and love the sort features. Nice to be featured. My latest post doesn't seem to be getting picked up? Any reason for this.


Greg Go's picture
Greg Go

@andy2si - There was a typo for your blog's feed.  It's fixed now and your latest post should start appearing on the top financial blogs list soon.

@everyone - Thanks for all your suggestions! Missing blogs have been added to the list.  I'm closing this comment thread to keep all the discussions in one place.  Please go here for further Feedback, Suggestions, Discussion about the Top 100+ PF Blogs list.  (You can also contact us privately.)