Top 5 Online Resources for the Design Impaired

By Linsey Knerl on 28 October 2010 0 comments
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If the pages of home design magazines leave you drooling — and frustrated about your own lack of skill — there’s no need to give up on your dreams of having a chic, modern, or even award-winning look to your home. At our newest My Life Scoop article, we gathered the top websites to help you become more skilled in your design efforts, and we're previewing two of them here!

Green Your Décor

With an eye for trends that are easy on our environment, Jennae Peterson of Green Your Decor gives her picks for the best new eco-friendly design products while sharing her own DIY projects. In addition to cheeky commentary via her Drab or Fab reviews and putting step-by-step “green” tutorials right into your hands, she shares practical advice for those who are looking to cut costs by thinking outside the design box. Her bed bug prevention piece is perfect for new and used furniture connoisseurs, while the guide for curating quality pieces over time is priceless. If your love for Mother Earth runs deep and the time to design something different is now, this is the blog for you.


You’re probably already familiar with the print magazine from the same people. ReadyMade has been bringing unique and trendy DIY projects to a culture of inner artists for years. While their site is mostly focused on afternoon projects (bookshelves, planters, and even chicken coops), they do have some very well done whole-room plans to harvest ideas from. Perhaps the most valuable feature of the ReadyMade site is its collection of blogs and community posts. Why leave notions of ways to use up paint chips to just one sole author, when an entire audience can give their two cents?

Are you overwhelmed by all of the online design resources? We’ve got a few helpful places to start with. These projects are 101-level and approved by professionals!

Do you have a design nut living inside you that needs to be set free? Read the complete list of Wise Bread approved resources at the original My Life Scoop article!

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