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Wickedly Prime Matcha Green Tea Powder, Melon Flavored $5

This delectable pair inspires endless possibilities for lattes, smoothies and baking. Our matcha comes from lush green tea leaves grown in the favorable climate of Japan's Shizuoka Prefecture. After harvest, the leaves are ground into a fine, silken powder and combined with melon flavor.

POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice, 8oz (Pack of 8) $23

POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice is a little sweet, a little tart, and always refreshing. Mix it with sparkling water and a lime to create a unique beverage. Known for its free-radical-fighting antioxidants, POM Wonderful 100% Juice is a healthy way to get antioxidants.

Marley Mixer Single Serve RealCup Organic Coffee, 36 Count $20

Marley Coffee is a gourmet coffee company sourcing beans from around the world, including central and South America, Africa, Asia Pacific and Jamaica. Marley Coffee strives to support communities and the environment through organic, sustainable and ethical practices.

Wickedly Prime Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder $14

For a refreshing take on how you take your green tea, whisk up a cup--or pour a latte--made with our Organic Matcha. This green tea powder has a rich, earthy flavor and a smooth, creamy texture that mixes brilliantly into your favorite drinks and desserts.

Wickedly Prime Trail Mix, Cherry Fest, 8 Ounce (Pack of 3) $9

You're cordially invited to experience this tasty trail mix chock-full of chocolate-covered cherry bits, dried cherries and chocolate chunks. Throw in a variety of crunchy peanuts, yogurt-flavored peanuts and cashews and you got yourself a cherry pie party!

Wolfgang Puck Coffee Capsules, Jamaican Me Crazy, 18 Count $9

18 Single-Serve Recyclable Capsules Wolfgang Puck brings you coffee that perfectly pairs delicious taste and bold aroma. Cups have the Flavor Max Filter which uses non-woven fibers to make sure all the rich flavors, colors and aromas end up inside every cup.

Bold Blueberry Organic Mixed Fruit Pouch, 3.5oz (Pack of 10) $11

The PAWfect mix of yummy mixed fruit. 100% USDA Certified Organic. BPA-free squeezable pouches. Great for snack time. The ideal size for bags or lunchboxes.

Mad Monkey Coffee Capsules, Swingin Bold, 48 Count $15

Only RealCup single serve cups have the flavor max filter, to give you maximum flavor in a single serve coffee; the flavor max filter uses non-woven fibers to make sure all the rich flavors, colors and aromas end up in your mug, every time.

PERRIER Lime Flavored Sparkling Mineral Water, (Pack of 30) $14

Stylish. Bold. Daring. PERRIER Lime Flavored Sparkling Mineral Water inspires the imagination and stimulates the senses with its subtle, citrusy lime flavor. A sparkling fusion of air and water, PERRIER has been bottled in the South of France since 1863.

Viva Naturals Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Raw $9

Made from certified organic, USA-grown apples, our premium, unfiltered apple cider vinegar (ACV) has lots of “the Mother” so many look for. This cloudy combo of bacterial cultures and dietary fiber shows that it’s unpasteurized, raw and ultra-pure.

Gee Di Moda Cloth Napkins - 17 x 17" Inch 12 Pack $12

Gee Di Moda Cloth Napkins - 17 x 17" Inch Baby Blue Solid Washable Polyester Dinner Napkins - Set of 12 Napkins with Hemmed Edges - Great for Weddings, Restaurant, Banquet, Parties, Holiday Dinner & More.

International Suisse Mocha Cafe Sugar Free, 20 Servings $21

Inspired by some of your favorite international coffee drinks, these flavored coffee drink mixes make it easy to take a moment for yourself. Simply stir into hot water or milk and enjoy an instant latte, mocha or other coffeehouse favorite.

Suja Juice, Organic, Cold Pressed 3 Day Fresh Start, 18 Count $68

Kick off your day with some spicy maple syrup lemonade boosted with cayenne pepper to help jump start your metabolism! Celery juice aids in digestion and will keep your tummy and your taste buds happy! The key ingredient in this juice is beets!

Happy Belly Organic Onion Powder, 18-Ounce $5

Cultivated around the world and known for its versatility, onions have been a staple in culinary dishes for centuries. Happy Belly Onion Powder is perfect for adding the pure, pungent, savory flavor of onion to your favorite dishes without the prep work (and tears).

Trimino protein infused water, Variety, 16 Ounce (Pack of 12) $20

This low calorie protein drink maintains and replenishes muscle, increases energy & endurance, curbs appetite, and provides hydration. It contains 7 grams of protein, essential amino acids, and B-Complex Vitamins. Protein isn’t just for athletes! It’s for everyone!

Tea Forté Warming Joy Presentation Box $20

A luxurious collection of festive teas. Classic white with metallic gold to celebrate the spirit and joy of the season. Perfect for entertaining, or as a hostess gift. The open lid reveals a collection of handcrafted, pyramid tea infusers and detailed tea menu for easy blend selection.

Tea Forté Loose Tea Starter Set, Holiday Gift Set $27

The perfect measure for the perfect cup™. Loose tea is in pre-measured pouches that steep 12 oz. Includes Kati Cup Tea Brewing System, plus two of each blend: Ginger Snap, Raspberry Ganache, Rum Raisin Biscotti, Spiced Ginger Plum, and Winter Chai.

DRY Sparkling Vanilla Cucumber & Ginger Pack, 12 Count $14

This DRY Sparkling Variety 12pk includes four 12 oz. cans each of Vanilla, Cucumber and Ginger DRY Sparkling DRY Sparkling is a lightly sweet, culinary-inspired soda 1/3 the sugar of a typical soda or juice per serving. No added colors or artificial sweeteners.

Marché aux Delices Gourmet Grilling Butters 4-Pack $35

Use these earthy, garlicky, herbal, or spicy butters to punch up such classics as barbecued chicken and ribs. Dude up juicy grilled meats, sizzling hot fish, fire-seared vegetables, and grilled bread. Once you get started, there’s no stopping.

Stemless Wine Glass by Royal Set, 4-Pack, 15oz Wine Set $14

Made of high-quality, durable, shatter-resistant glass. Easy to clean without breaking and top rack dishwasher save. Designed to fit comfortably in your hand and holds up to 15 ounces of wine or your favorite beverage.