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XXX-Large Heating Pad with Auto Off for Back Pain $25

FDA Registered XXXL Pad with Moist Heat: Wider 33.46" x 17.72" heating pad for full body relief; moist heat therapy option is less dehydrating to the skin, allows heat to absorb better, and relieves pain faster. Registered With the FDA As A Class 2 Medical Device.

Botanic Hearth Muscle Jelly Hot Cream 8.8 fl. oz. $14

Botanic Hearth Anti Cellulite Hot Cream is extremely effective at firming and toning skin; Made in USA, cruelty free, 100% Natural, 87% organic. Cellulite remover cream helps reduce appearance of cellulite on the abdomen, thighs, hips, and buttocks skin; great fat burner.

Best Pain Relief Adhesive for Muscles, Shin Splints $20

WHILE OTHER KINESIOLOGY TAPES have “rolly” edges loose fabrics difficult to cut or simply stay on for only a few hours your New FDA CE approved Physix KTape Stays put even during that hot sweaty Yoga Classes.

Extra Strength Saw Palmetto & Prostate Health $14

Is your sleep and quality of life disrupted because of the constant need to use the bathroom? Havasu Nutrition's PREMIUM SAW PALMETTO is the solution you've been looking for for your prostate and putting an end to frequent trips to the bathroom!

Fractionated Coconut Carrier Oil - Beauty in a Bottle $10

Help Heal Sore Muscles and joints while providing arthritis relief. Works for intimate massage and as a personal lubricant. Is odorless and will not stain clothes or fabrics. Perfect Carrier and Base Oil for diluting essential oils.

Majestic Pure Aloe Vera Gel, 100% Pure and Natural Organic $17

Majestic Pure Aloe Vera Gel; made with certified organic Aloe Vera; WATERY consistency as 99.7% ingredient is Aloe Vera (Aloe natural state is very runny and watery); no harmful chemicals; no added color, fragrance or alcohol; not tested on animals; vegan.

Viva Naturals MCT Oil Powder (16 oz) $20

Blends beautifully into coffee, smoothies and snacks. Get the rich, smooth texture of cream, with no oily film or grittiness. MCTs fill & fuel you without being stored as fat. Plus, they can give your metabolism a boost. Going for ketosis? They may just be the support you need.

23andMe DNA Test - Health + Ancestry Genetic Service $160

Understand what your DNA says about your health, traits and ancestry Provide a saliva sample using our at-home kit and send it back. No additional lab fee required. Results ready in about 6-8 weeks.

23andMe DNA Test Ancestry Personal Genetic Service $69

Get a detailed breakdown of your ancestry from 150+ populations‡ worldwide, see if some of your DNA comes from Neanderthals. Find and connect with new DNA relatives from around the world. Provide a saliva sample using our at-home kit and send it back.

QVC Beauty Men's 6-piece Sampling Collection $15

Help the man in your life face the day with this QVC Beauty six-piece sampling collection.

Bluestone Automatic Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor $21

Ideal for at-home or on-the-go blood pressure monitoring, the Bluestone Automatic Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is an accurate, easy-to-read device. Allows up to 120 readings for up to 4 people on its LCD display.

12-Pack Vega Protein Nutrition Shake, Ready to Drink, Vegan $22

Ready on-the- go, Vega Protein Nutrition Shake has the nutritional building blocks to help you start your day strong with ingredients made from real, plant-based foods. Every serving has 20 grams of plant-based protein, veggies, and greens, vitamins and minerals.

Magnetic Eyelashes Dual Magnet Glue-free 3D $15

Designed by cosmetics experts for everyday users who need to revamp their facial look, these lashes are a must-have cosmetic accessory for the modern lady. Made of premium synthetic fibers that provide luscious eyelashes.

Tension Relief Neck and Shoulder Heating Wrap $30

The Renue Heat Therapy Wrap provides relaxing, therapeutic heat directly to areas of stress and strain, soothing away neck, back, and shoulder tension. The unique shape and upper flap allow for treatment of the whole area.

Travel Makeup Bag Leather Waterproof Cosmetic Case $20

Main compartment includes 6 adjustable EVA dividers, DIY your needed slots; Makeup brushes holder with plastic cover, give your brushes a safe 'home', & it is easy to wipe clean; Hidden zipper pocket for privacy items.

Black Mask, Blackhead Peel Off Mask $11

Do you want to have a Clean and Soft Face Skin? Then you must get the MagiForet Blackhead Remover Mask which will remove your blackheads and whiteheads in a few minutes, leaving you face soft, clean and beautiful.

Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel 16oz – Rose Petal & Aloe Vera $12

Quinn's Alcohol-Free Rose Petal & Aloe Vera Witch Hazel Toner is designed to invigorate, tone and clean your skin. Watch your skin blossom with our unique formula combining the sweetness of Rose Water with the natural goodness of Aloe Vera.

Gel Nail Polish, 12 Pcs, Soak Off Nail Art $17

Tiny Bottle: 8ml cute bottle, portable and slightly. You can take it everywhere you want. Cure under LED/UV nail lamp. Cure time: Average for LED lamp 30-60 secs, UV lamp 1-2 mins. Occasion: Suitable for daily working and date.

Makartt Nail Polish Remover Soak Off Gel Foils $10

Top Notch Soak Offs- Comes with cotton pads(Sized 1.23 x 1.23 inch), these foils wraps (Sized 3.5 x 2.5 inch) are great soaks off for removing polish. The foils are thick and long to fit on toes and fingers, and the pad is large enough. They hold the polish remover well.

Wax Warmer, Hair Removal Waxing Kit $23

Salon-Worthy Smoothness: Say goodbye to razor bumps and remove hair in large areas or in trickier places. Four Scents Wax Bean: Made from natural ingredients like rosin and beeswax; feature 4 different scents, including lavender, aloe, sea mud, and chamomile.