4 Times It's Worth It to Pay the Pink Tax

The pink tax is real, but that doesn't mean it's all marketing hype.

The 5 Best Shaving Creams

If your current shaving creams are irritating your skin, a switch is what you need. Try one of these shaving creams next time.

The 5 Best Electric Razors

Electric razors have gotten better and more affordable over the years. Get a clean shave (no shaving cream required) with these top picks.

Buy a Car With the Money You Save by Shaving Smarter

With a switch to a safety razor, most men could trim enough from their budgets to eventually buy a modestly priced car. (And look better while striking the deal.)

Save Money With a Classic Wet Shave

Old-school men's shaving doesn't just look cool โ€” it's also frugal, eco-friendly, and a great way to pamper yourself.

Want to Keep Your Disposable Razor Blades Sharp? Use Your Arm

With these two tricks, you can keep one disposable razor blade sharp and ready-to-use for five months or more.

Save Money on Shaving With These Razor Tricks

Make your razor go the extra mile โ€” and last up to a year โ€” with these money-saving (and razor-saving) tricks.

Save Over $100 a Year by Shaving with a Cutthroat Razor

I despise paying the ridiculous prices Gillette and the like charge for razor cartridges. It seems as though the prices are directly aligned with the number of extra blades they pu

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