rising prices

How to Beat Grocery Price Increases

Facing grocery price increases caused by food shortages can be daunting โ€” but with these frugal techniques, you can drastically cut your bill.

Why Inflation Isn't as Bad as You Think

Worrying about something like inflation doesn't help make it better โ€” plus, there might not be as much to fret about as you thought. Learn why.

How Natural Disasters Can Change Pricing Worldwide

An earthquake can send waves through much more than water โ€” learn how various natural disasters affect prices for products around the world.

Energy Price Spikes

There are several ways to help deal with spikes in energy prices, but the main one is simple: Get used to it.

Can a Little Inflation Be Good?

Let me jump to the end and say right at the start that I don't think so. However, there's a serious argument being made right now among economists and economic policy makers that h

Sticky prices

I'm old enough to remember when a piece of bubble gum was a penny. In fact, it was a penny for most of my youth--and had been a penny for a couple decades before I was born. As i

More than just inflation

With prices up, price statistics that look preposterous to anyone who shops, and the Fed trying to thread the needle of preventing a recession without letting inflation run out of

How to live with inflation

Of the various ills the economy can face, inflation is simultaneously the worst for society as a whole, and yet the easiest for individuals to deal with successfully. The strategi